Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Amma telling Dada ji that Happu used to be so understanding even in childhood and was knowing that failing in exam is not a big matter. Dada ji says you are saying this after many years and had beaten him badly that day. Amma says I was happy from inside that day and beaten him from outside. Dada ji asks her not to lie and call her selfish. Amma says I want to do puja and send you far away. She says today she us sure that her lalla will do something for her and will bring some jewellery for her. Dada ji looks on.

Kat tells Kamlesh that he is looking good in his watchman uniform. Happu comes home and calls him to open the gate. Kamlesh says he had just taken 5 mins break. Happu says if you take break then your life will end. Kat says he is shouting at Kamlesh a lot. Malaika says it is good. Happu takes out necklace box from the scooter. The kids ask if he brought sweets etc. Malaika says he brought it home and will show. Happu says he brought it for their mummy.

Amma tells Dada ji that mother’s heart never lies and tells that Happu will bring something for her today. Happu hears her. Dada ji says Happu doesn’t know that you are expecting him to bring something. Amma says my son knows me well and I am lucky to have such a son. Happu gets emotional and tells Amma that he brought something for her. Amma opens the box and is shocked to see a big necklace. Dada ji says he loves you more than me. Amma says such big costly necklace. Happu says it is worth 2.5 lakhs, but I brought it for Rs. 1.5 lakhs. He asks Amma to wear it.

The kids get tensed and say mahabharat will happen today. Amma says she can’t wear and asks him to make her wear it. Rajjo comes out of kitchen and thanks her friends for coming. She calls watchman (Kamlesh) and asks where is your boss? Kamlesh says he came. Rajjo tells that Happu brought necklace for her worth 3.5 lakhs. Rajjo, Karishma and others come inside. They see happu making Amma wear it. Amma asks Rajjo to see the necklace. Rajjo says your son loves you a lot and necklace is looking good on you. She tells Happu that she is proud of him. Amma tells happu that the earrings are big for her.

In the room, Rajjo fights with Happu for not bringing necklace for her. Happu tells that if she had seen and heard Amma’s words then her heart would have melted. Rajjo says you have put my heart in dustbin. She says you have humiliated me infront of my friends. Happu says I brought it for you, but Amma saw it and hugged me. Rajjo says now she is humiliated. Happu says the necklace is in the house still. Rajjo asks him to sleep on terrace and says she will think that he is in house. She pushes him down the bed and warns him not to come on the bed. Happu sits on the floor.

Kat comes to Kamlesh. Kamlesh says thief thief. He sees Kat and says Kat. Kat gives him food to eat. Kamlesh says how sweet, tells that he can eat poison from her hand. Kat says she is also hungry. They eat from one plate. Kamlesh tells that he will bring AC for her in kitchen. She says you will make food in kitchen. Malaika comes out and asks Kat to come inside and have food. Kat asks Kamlesh to eat food and be strong. Kamlesh says I will not let anyone enter the house. Malaika asks him to check the back gate also.

Happu comes to Beni’s house and sleeps beside him on the bed. Beni kisses him calling him Vimlesh in sleep. Happu gets up and scolds him. Beni says I was dreaming and asks what you were doing here like thief? Happu asks if thief sleeps with you. beni asks what did you do at house? Happu tells that he brought necklace for Rajjo, but he gave to Amma so Rajjo got angry. Beni asks how you got the money? Happu tells about winning the case. Beni says I am feeling bad now and tells that I am a lawyer, but you got the case fought by another lawyer. Happu says it was an old case, when you haven’t become a lawyer. Beni says this shall happen with you. They sleep on the bed.

Hritik says Papais trapped badly. Chamchi says Papa should have given necklace to Dadi directly. Hritik says you said wrong. He says if Papa brings dress for you and gives it to me seeing my emotion then how you will feel. Chamchi says it will look strange on you. hritik says I will tell Dadi that Papa had brought necklace for Mummy. Chamchi warns him not to say anything to Dadi.

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