Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd October 2020 Episode starts with Beni asking Happu why did he call him? He says my 35 mins will be wasted to come here and return. Happu tells that he is overburdened with work and tells that although he asked Rajjo to sing, but this is getting too much. Beni says I will practice less with Rajjo and promise three times. Happu asks him to go. Ranbir asks Chamchi and hritik, what they have to say about mummy’s singing. Hritik says it is dadi and Papa’s mistake. Chamchi says they didn’t ask her to practice more, so that we don’t get food. Ranbir thinks we shall stop Beni uncle. They plan how to stop Beni from singing. Ranbir asks them to think what they think to do when he sings? Hritik says we want to suffocate your neck. Ranbir says what to do with Beni uncle as he plays music. He asks what to do with his fingers. Beni comes there and tells the kids that he will not practice with Rajjo. Kamlesh comes there and tells that they got contract from London. Beni tells that they shall give good news to Rajjo. He calls her. Chamchi asks Hritik and Ranbir to handle Beni’s fingers.

Later Rajjo comes to Happu and asks if he slept? Happu says no and asks for milk. She says she brought hot water for her throat. Happu says you didn’t bring even water for me. Rajjo tells that she came to practice and tells that Beni and I are going to London. Happu says I know and says you have already practiced with Beni. Rajjo says still she has to practice and says if any London guy asked her to sing something then she shall sing that. Happu says why London guy will wish you to sing? He says I am going to Beni’s house. He leaves. Rajjo thinks he don’t value her.

Happu comes to beni’s house. Beni is playing music and sings song. Happu says he wants to sleep. Beni says ok and asks him to sleep. He goes to sleep in other room. Hritik and Ranbir come there and hits on Happu’s hands thinking him to be Beni. Happu says aye dada. They realize and get shocked.

Next morning, Amma tells that kids took this step as they are hungry. She asks Rajjo to practice during the free time and tells that kids’ hunger died till; she made food for them. Rajjo realizes her mistake and says sorry to Happu. Chamchi says it was my idea. Rajjo says it is my mistake that my kids do this and cries. Happu say he don’t want her to leave singing. Beni says we will fix the time and practice. Kamlesh comes there. Rajjo asks him to cancel the contract and tells that she can’t go, and asks him to take beni. Amma and Happu ask Rajjo to go and fulfill her dream. Rajjo gets happy. Kamlesh talks to David, organizer and caught by Police at the airport for having black money. He says our show is canceled. Rajjo says it is good and goes to make food.

Happu comes to the PS and thinks Manohar might have gone out. Resham Pal comes there and asks what happened? Happu tells that because of his bad idea, he had lost controlled on his wife, but now somehow he managed to control her. Resham Pal tells that now he diverted his wife towards social work. Manohar comes there and says madam asked for 2 lakhs to feed milk to orphan kids.

Happu comes home and asks Rajjo why is she upset? Rajjo says she couldn’t go to London. Happu asks her to go to Zee5 Hippi star hunt contest. He asks her to upload her video there and become star and popular. Rajjo asks him to record her song fast. He asks her to wear saree in the morning and record her song.

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Telecast Date:23rd October 2020
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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