Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd September 2021 episode starts with Beni discussing his problem with Happu during daily drinking session. Happu suggests him to go on honeymoon if he doesn’t want to be alone again in life. Beni says he has taken loan from a dangerous goon and if he finds out that he went for honeymoon without paying his loan, he will punish him. Happu asks him to call goon and let him handle the issue.

Beni calls goon who asks why did he call. Happu says its daroga Happu Singh. Goon says he gave his bribe 2 days ago. Happy says he just called to say hi. Beni says he got married and wants to go on honeymoon to London with his wife. Goon says he will have honeymoon with him once he returns if he doesn’t pay his loan. Beni gets afraid. Happu suggests him to act as having back sprain to escape honeymoon trip.

Happu returns to his room coughing. Rajesh asks where should Vimlesh go to honeymoon. He gives local destinations. She says Vimlesh has visited all the places. He asks whom she went on honeymoon. She says who else than her husband and says as she remembers, he didn’t take her on honeymoon and insists to take her now. He says not in this age. Their nok jhok starts. He agrees.

Beni asks Vimlesh where she wants to go for honeymoon. She says wherever he takes her. He insists to lift her. She acts as shy. He stops her. She gets romantic and says she wants someone to lift her. He romantically says only he will lift her and lifts, but then his back cracks and he drops her on floor. She shouts if he has gone mad. He says his back broke. Doctor comes and checks him and asks Vimlesh if he forced Beni to lift Govardhan mountain. Beni says he lifted a beautiful flower.

Doctor looking at Vimlesh says looks like flower is very heavy, tells Beni that he got a back hairline fracture and shouldn’t travel. Beni says he is planning for a Switzerland trip. Doctor frightens that he may not be able to sit again and may have to visit London for treatment. Vimlesh says she will sacrifice her honeymoon trip. Beni acts as feeling guilty. Doctor says he can visit nearby pan and tea shop and lawn, but not travel outside the city. Vimlesh goes in to get doctor’s fees. Beni tells doctor that he will transfer his fees online and asks him to leave. Doctor says he was pressurized by Happu or else he wouldn’t have come.

Vimlesh sadly informs Rajesh that Beni fractured his back, so her honeymoon dream is shattered. Rajesh says Happu agreed to take her on honeymoon to Switzerland. Vimlesh gets angry and walks away. Happu at police station informs Manohar about his honeymoon trip. Manohar jokes that he should have waited till his teeth fall down. Happu scolds him. Manohar asks who gave this honeymoon idea.

He says his lonely SIL Vimlesh. Manohar says hot Vimlesh. Happu scolds him again. Manohar says he was dating Vimlesh before. Happu jokes. Reshampal walks in talking to his senior. Happu requests him for a leave as he wants to go on a honeymoon trip with his wife. Commissioner says he can think of honeymoon after retirement. Happy says it would be too late and says he knows how wives are. Reshampal says even his wife insists for honeymoon trip daily and punishes him, he leaves without sanctioning leave. Happu calls Vimlesh and informs situation. Vimlesh asks him to stop Reshampal till she comes there. Happu asks Manohar to stop Reshampal.


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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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