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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Beni and Vimlesh standing outside Happu’s room window. She says it doesn’t look like that he has demonic power inside him, he is sleeping peacefully. Beni says tonight is the difficult night for Rajjo, she is sleeping beside him being his wife. Rajjo gets up and tells that she is scared.

Happu burps. Rajjo gets scared. Vimlesh says anyone can get scared with wife. Rajjo says you are building my confidence. Happu burps and asks where is she going? Rajjo says she got indigestion. Happu says beni. Beni says why he is taking my name? Vimlesh prays to God to protect her sister. Rajjo gets up from the bed.

Malaika asks if Kamlesh came? Ranbir says not yet, he must be coming. Chamchi asks what is in it? Malaika says rat khoorma. Chamchi drops the tiffin on the floor. Ranbir says it is chicken khoorma. Kamlesh comes to kat’s room indisguise of a vampire and calls her. Kat wakes up shouting.

Everyone comes there. Kat asks how his skin is bright and flawless. Chamchi says vampires gets pigeon potty facewash, for the glow. Ranbir says they brought something for Kamlesh. Kat asks what did you bring? Chamchi says rat khoorma.

Kamlesh says no. Hritik says it is good for Vampires and asks him to try it. Malaika says it is specially made for you. Kamlesh says he is fasting to become vampire for forever. They hold Kamlesh and try to feed him. They feed him. Kat smiles.

Rajjo comes to the baba with beni and Vimlesh, and tells that his black chair brought Amavas in her life. Vimlesh changes place with Beni as Baba’s assistant looks at him. Beni tells that they had played the game and got the winner. Rajjo says my husband is the winner.

The baba tells that even husbands shall get a chance to scare their wives. He says it was a bad joke. I will check in my laptop, how to exit black power from the body. He says it is very powerful.

Rajjo says my husband is like a donkey and can’t fight with evil power. He gives powder to them and asks them to give 15000 for the same. Beni gives money and goes. The lady asks if they will not say anything, if powder doesn’t show effect. The fake baba tells that Happu will get heavy burps with this powder, and they will again come back to me for the solution.

Happu burps and asks Amma if kada is made. Amma says she is making it and it will be ready in 15 mins. Happu asks did you make kada in life. Amma says no. He burps. Amma asks him to turn and burps as it is stinking. Happu says kada might be heavy. Amma says everything will be fine and asks him not to worry. He burps and goes.

Rajjo comes to the kitchen and asks what you are making? Vimlesh asks what is this bad smell. Amma says this is the remedy of my Dadi, it is smelling good. Vimlesh says if I make fun of yours, then you will scold me. She hugs amma. Amma smiles. Rajjo says it seems to be easy.

Amma says it is my Dadi’s remedy and very difficult. She shows the book. Vimlesh pours the powder which tantrik baba gave her. Vimlesh asks Rajjo to give her something to eat. Happu comes there and burps. Amma asks him to drink kada, says she can’t bear his burps. Happu drinks. Rajjo asks how are you feeling? He says I will go to PS and will give you news from there. Amma says I will keep some for you to drink in evening.

Manohar asks the thief to tell about his partners. Resham Pal says we have to give him third degree. Manohar brings small sticks and makes the thief laugh with the tickling. Happu comes there.

Resham Pal tells that the thief is not telling them anything. Happu asks him to go to side. Resham Pal says he will go out and have something. They leave. Happu asks the thief if he has curd in his mouth and asks him to say straight, and burps. The thief gets scared. Happu says he will beat him and burps again and again. The thief gets afraid. Happu says he has no sympathy for him.

The thief asks him to stop it and show some pity on him. He tells that he has 12 places from where they operate. Resham Pal and Manohar come there and hear him. Resham Pal says you made the thief said everything. He asks how did you do this? Happu says if I say then what will be my importance? He goes. Resham Pal asks thief, what Happu has done. The thief says he got afraid of his burps. Manohar says we can use his burps for giving third degree.

In the night, Kamlesh is walking and sees someone sitting. He shouts seeing Malaika as Vampire. He reads hanuman chalisa. Malaika stops him and says she is Malaika. He turns to her and says you are looking very scary. She says I am also a vampire, our Jodi will look good. She says our Jodi will be set with each other. Kamlesh says I am not a vampire, but a human and asks her to forgive him.


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo tells Vimlesh that they shall go and tell Amma everything. Amma is shocked and says you have done black magic on my Happu. Vimlesh says you can take us out from this problem. Light flickers. Amma says devil powers troubling Happu. Happu burps and shouts Amma. Amma, Rajjo, Vimlesh and Beni get scared.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
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