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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st August 2020 Episode starts with Malaika playing the game on her mobile. Kamlesh comes there to meet Kat and asks how is she? Kat says she is fine and tells that their plan got successful. Kamlesh asks really, it means we will go for outing. Malaika says she is talking about our plan. Kat tells that Happu’s transfer is stopped. Kamlesh gets happy. Malaika slaps him and asks him to leave. Kamlesh leaves. Kat asks why did you beat him always, asks her not to show violence everytime. Happu and Resham Pal is sleeping in the lawn of the house. Happu thinks Resham Pal is snoring like a devil. Kamlesh comes down from the stairs. Resham Pal gets up and catches Kamlesh. He beats him up and asks why did he go there? Kamlesh says he came to talk to Kat. Resham Pal calls Happu and asks how he can tolerate him. Happu says I told Kamlesh many times not to come in night. Resham Pal says Kamlesh shall not come in day time too. Kat comes down through the stairs. Resham Pal scolds Kat for wearing modern clothes and scolds Rajjo for letting her wear such clothes. Kat says she feels comfortable in these clothes. Resham Pal asks her to obey to his sayings and scolds Happu for not handling his kids well.

At the Police station, Makwana sits on the chair. Manohar calls him by his name. Makwana tells that Happu is transferred and I will sit on this chair. He asks him to call him Makwana ji as he is senior. Manohar tells that Happu called him and tells that his transfer is cancelled. Makwana is shocked. Happu comes to the Police station and tells them that Resham Pal is his brother Pappu. He takes his tea and drinks. Resham Pal comes there and scolds Happu for drinking his tea. Happu calls him pappu bhaiyya. Resham pal tells that he is Pappu in house and not here. Makwana goes to bring tea for him. Happu goes to bring the file. Beni comes to Happu’s house secretly and tells that your elder son has troubled me a lot and threatening me. Kat says he is forcing me to wear salwar kameez and not letting my friend Kamlesh come to my room. Rajjo says she is fed up of making tea 50 times. Ranbir says he don’t let me sing. Malaika tells that he has made her assistant and is asking her to do work. Beni asks Amma to do something. Amma tells that he is helpless and tells that her foot is damaged. Beni says I will use all my power and will beat him. Amma asks him not to do this, else he will land in jail. Rajjo says Happu has to sleep outside in the lawn. Kat says only you can squeeze his lemons. Beni tells that he will get him suspended. Amma slaps him and calls him candle. She says if you had given me this idea before then I wouldn’t have let him come to my room. Beni asks Rajjo to make tea. Hritik asks her to make tea for them also. Amma says they have to do something.

Kamlesh asks Kat if she has seen his friend Kat and calls her Didi. Kat turns towards him and tells that his family is didi, but not her. Kat tells that she is forced to wear this dress. Kamlesh says I will break his kidney and tells that this is chachi type of clothes. Kat says she is helpless and tells that this is the matter of few days. Kamlesh tells that his friend who looks like Katrina, is looking like Pudina today. He cries. Kat asks him not to cry. Kamlesh asks him to come to Pandey sir’s class. Kat goes.

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Telecast Date:21st August 2020
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