Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th October 2021  episode starts with Ranbir discussing with his siblings that mummy cannot murder anyone. Hrithik says she may murder papa or Daadi. Chamchi says she wil murder daadi as they don’t get along well. Rajesh brings milk for them holding knife. They get afraid and rush to bed.

She asks if they are afraid of her so much. Hrithik says obviously when she is holding such a big knife. Rajesh says she was cutting dry fruits for them and asks to finish milk soon. They say they will. She asks to finish homework. They say they will and ask her to go. She walks away confused. After sometime, Happu returns to his room and tells Rajesh that he is sober today. She gets romantic and asks him to come near her, slipping her hand in a pillow. Happu gets afraid and think sif she is hiding a knife.

Children peep in and rush in thinking of protecting papa. Rajesh asks why did they come here. They sing Sabse Pyara Kaun Hai, Mere Papa.. song and insist to sleep with papa. Rajesh tries her best to send them away, but fails and goes to give milk to Amma. Children insist Happu to tell them a story. Happu checks pillow and finds a rose instead.

Next morning, Hrithik, Ranbir, and Chamchi dig a ground and hide all sharp objects which can be used for murder. Hrithink then asks how will mummy cut vegetables withhout knife. Ranbir and Chamchi ask him to dig ground again and take out knife and walk away silently. Rajesh searches knife in kitchen. Amma enters and talks sweetly to her. Rajesh asks if she is drunk during day. Amma controls her anger and says she drinks only at night.

Rajesh asks not to irritate her more as she is already irritated with knife gone missing. Amma says she hid knife as pandit revealed not to give her a knife as she may murder somone. Rajesh asks whom she will murder. Amma says she can murder even vegetables. Rajesjh warns that she will use sword if she doesn’t get knife. Amma stands afraid.

At night Happu walks to Amma and tells her that he thought Rajesh was hiding a knife under pillow, but she had hidden a rose. Amma slaps him and says he is supporting his wife unnecessarily, pandit’s prediction can never go wrong and she is sure Rajehs will murder him. Happu says pandit’s prediction cannot be true, even if it is, Rajesh may murder Amma instead. Amma slaps him again.

Rajesh sees Happu leaivng his revolver at home and plays with it. Amma notices her holding revolver and gets afraid thinking she will shoot Happu today. Happu at tea shop hopes he should be alive for his 9 children. Rajesh walks in pointing gun at him and says he forgot it at home. He runs away afraid and reaching police station requests commissioner to grant him warrant against Rajesh. Rajesh walks and points gun at them. They all 3 get afraid and try to hide. Rajesh says she came to return Happu’s gun.

Happu acts brave. Rajesh says Happu is acting weird after pandit’s false prediction and walks away keeping gun. Commissioner says Happu is cheap to allege his innocent wife. Happu says she will shoot him at home. Commissioner says if he wants warrant against Rajesh, he should get proof first.


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Telecast Date:20th October 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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