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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Malaika saying how can Kamlesh do this drama? Chamchi says Kat did will become fool by this drama. She says I will tell Kat didi. Malaika asks if anyone has plan against Kamlesh.

Hritik says he has a plan and tells her. She says sometimes your mind thinks something good, idea is good. Happu is getting burps and tells Amma that air is coming out of mouth. Amma says this is ancestral illness. Happu asks what you would have done in such a situation.

Amma says she used to drink in the night. Happu says even he take it, but it didn’t work. Amma says then my Dadi Amma used to help me. Happu says she was dead, then how did you take her help. Amma says she read in her Dadi’s home remedy book. Happu asks if there is something for my problem.

Amma says she wants some ingredients to make kada for him. Happu says he will ask rajjo to bring. Amma says don’t know where Rajjo is, and tells that she is missing since morning. happu says she has gone to market with Beni and Vimlesh and asks her not to worry. Amma says she is my only bahu, why not to get worried. He asks her to go and make kada for him, and continues to burp.

Kamlesh asks Kat, if she believes him now. Kat says yes and asks if he drank blood. He says yes. Malaika, Hritik and Ranbir hear them. Hritik says we are ahead of him. Kat asks why nothing is happening to you, in sunlight. Kamlesh says I am using high quality sunscreen and that’s why skin is not burning.

Kat asks about his teeth. Kamlesh says it goes inside his jaw and comes out after 12. Malaika comes there and says hi. She says we came to know about your secret that you are a vampire. Hritik says I started crying seeing you. Chamchi says I got bad dreams. Ranbir says I was thinking if your sharp teeth is on my neck.

Malaika says he came near me and drank my blood, but I have beaten him with my chappals. Hritik asks him to drink it. Chamchi says it is crow blood. Kat says I don’t know you love Kamlesh. Chamchi asks him to try. Kamlesh says no and goes.

Amma and happu see the chairs in the lawn. Amma asks about black chair among white chairs. Rajjo says it is sent by papa. Amma taunts her. hritik asks why are we playing this musical chair game now. Rajjo says we thought to play.

Beni says I came from court to see this game. Happu asks Beni to play this game, being part of the family. beni says I am injured and can’t pay the game. Happu says since you got married, you are always hurt. Beni asks him to ask Vimlesh. Kat says start the game.

Vimlesh plays the music, everyone walks around the chair. Hritik is out first. Vimlesh says don’t know who is the person. Rajjo says we will lose, whoever is the one. Next Chamchi is out. Malaika says I think Dadi will win. Music stops. Dadi is out. She says it is a strange game. Rajjo says Amma is out.

Amma says it would have been fun if you had played with us. Rajjo gets worried. Kat tells Rajjo that she will win and sit. She is out next. Happu says three of us are left. Malaika says she will win. Rajjo is worried. Vimlesh says once we find out the evil power, Baba will handle. Malaika is out next. Kat laughs.

Ranbir tells Happu that it seems like I will win. Happu says your father is govt employee and will not leave the chair easily. Music plays…They walk around the chair. Music stops. Just then light goes off, Hritik says what happened to the light. Happu sits on the chair and makes sound. Light comes back. Happu laughs aloud. Hritik says Papa. Rajjo is shocked.

Amma searches for Dadi’s home remedy book. She tells Dada ji about it. Dada ji asks her to see if there is some remedy to return to her. Amma says when did you go, you don’t leave me even for a moment. Dada ji asks if she wants to become hakeem. Amma says she wants to make kada for Happu and her. Dada ji says this book is useful. Amma scolds him for running away hearing her burping.

Rajjo is worried and tells Beni and Vimlesh that they don’t care about her. Beni says you have involved in the vidhi for Happu’s betterment, but it backfired. Vimlesh says we are not pro in this black magic. Rajjo says I didn’t know that it will troublesome for us. Beni says we shall go to baba ji for the solution.

Rajjo says if Amma comes to know then she will suffocate my neck. Beni says we can’t leave Happu like this. Rajjo says I am scared, if he kills me in night. Vimlesh says sleep with him, we will stand outside the window all night. She says if you sense something wrong then tell us. Beni says if you don’t sleep, then he might drink our blood. Rajjo asks will you save me? Beni says yes. Vimlesh says we will be awake all night. Rajjo says ok come, and goes.

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Telecast Date:20th July 2022
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