Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Rajjo practicing dancing. Vimlesh comes to her and argues with her. She asks why did you stamp your foot on me? Rajjo says I didn’t do. She says she was dancing.

Vimlesh says I will become heroine. Rajjo says I didn’t see such girl like you and insults her. Vimlesh says you have 9 kids, will get mother’s role. They argue. Rajjo asks her to beat her today. Happu and Beni stop them.

Amma comes there and slaps Happu for seeing the fight. She scolds Vimlesh and Rajjo. Rajjo says Vimlesh started the fight. Vimlesh says Rajjo started. Amma says she is practicing to become heroine, which is my childhood dream. Rajjo and Vimlesh fight again. Beni and Happu take them from there.

Rajjo says you are lappu jharna Singh. Happu says you hurt me. Rajjo says I am hurt since I got married to you. Vimlesh tells Beni that she thought that he will not get her insulted, but all her dreams are flushed. Rajjo calls Happu as a coward. Vimlesh says the fire will not set off soon. Beni hopes he don’t get burnt in the fire.

Beni asks if she wants him to fight with Happu and says he is his childhood friend. Rajjo tells Happu that Manohar will become Inspector. She says Vimlesh insulted me, and asks him to prove that he has the courage. Vimlesh provokes Beni to reply to Happu and Rajjo. Beni says he is not a coward, but a lawyer.

Vimlesh asks him to take revenge for her. Beni says ok. Happu comes to the Paan shop and scolds the paan seller. Beni comes out of his house and asks him to make Paan for him first. Happu says make my Paan first. Beni asks the paan seller to make his paan and says he is lawyer and will help him in his case.

He taunts Happu and threatens him indirectly. Happu asks him to tell straight. Beni says I will bury you in the wall and will keep your head out. Happu says I will get you hang with nails, in my lawn. Beni says nobody has the courage to touch by collar.

Rajjo and Vimlesh look at them. Happu says he will hold the collar. Beni says I am respecting your uniform. Happu asks him to remove his moustache. Happu removes his uniform shirt, while Beni removes his suit. They hold each other’s hand to start fighting.

Kat poses for the pics. Kamlesh says what a pose. The director says it is good. Kat says she is nervous. Director asks why are you nervous? Kat says if I act in this film, then the film will drown. The director says you are very beautiful and attractive, will lift the film. Kamlesh says you will set the screen on fire. Director says when the film release, everyone will take your name. Kat thanks him.

Rajjo and Vimlesh try to make unconscious Happu and Beni get up. The paan seller is sitting down and his paan shop is messed up by them. Amma comes there and asks what happened to them. Vimlesh says they have beaten each other. Amma says call that Dr. Udhas. Happu and Beni get up.

They have injuries on their faces and body. Dr. Udhas check Happu and says their bones are not broken, and asks how the body will destroy now? Happu says why you want my body to destroy. Rajjo asks when he will get fine?

Dr. udhas says even if he gets fine, we can’t guarantee how many days he will live. He tells poetry. Kat comes there and shows her photoshoot photos. She asks what happened to you. Rajjo says Beni made him omelette. Kamlesh asks why both of them fought. Rajjo says they fought due to Vimlesh and me.

Kat asks what happened? Rajjo says Vimlesh said that I am aged and can’t become heroine. Kamlesh asks why did Happu and Beni fight? Rajjo says he had gone to break Beni’s face. Dr. Udhas says he got his mouth broken. Rajjo asks him to go. Kat asks Kamlesh to come with her. Rajjo asks Happu, how is he feeling? He says nothing. She says she is angry on Beni.


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The director tells that he has made changes in the script and now both can work in the film. Rajjo says only one will work, and proposes fight with Vimlesh.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2022
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