Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th June 2021 Episode starts with Happu waiting for Rusha. Rusha comes there and tells that she slept while watching movie. Happu says this is not the time to sleep, but time to romance. Rusha asks if he don’t feel shame to talk such things with her and says Commissioner Saheb was right about you. Happu says I was talking about Praful and your setting. Rusha says you are very excited to set us. Happu says he is doing this for his job and promotion. He tells that he will fix her marriage with Praful. He rings Praful’s bell. Praful says Happu Singh and Rusha came. He asks what is the matter? Happu asks him to concentrate on Rusha. Praful says if Kat returns then? Happu says Kat slept, I made her drink milk and she slept. He asks Rusha to go to Praful’s room and talk to him. Praful gets happy. Rusha refuses to go in his room. Someone asks them not to disturb others. Happu asks Praful and Rusha to go to garden area and talk.

Zameen Chandani is about to say poetry. Happu comes there. Zameen does poetry. Resham Pal likes his poetry. Zameen tells more poetry lines. Happu says Praful and Rusha’s alliance will be set, 200 percent. Zameen asks what do you mean? Happu says 100 percent from Rusha’s side and 100 percent from Praful’s side. Manohar asks what did you do? Happu says I made both of them understood and sent them out. He says they will talk and their chemistry will set. Resham Pal says you might be bad, but you are good human being. Happu thanks him and tells Zameen that he wants to say some poetry. Manohar says you can say. Praful asks Rusha if you are upset with me. Rusha says no. She says she thought to talk like him. He says I will teach you Sindhi after marriage. Rusha says I will teach you Hindi. Praful says your smile is so beautiful, I wrote something for you. He tells poetry. Rusha says poetry is not good. Praful says I wrote something else too. Rusha thinks Kat shall come and save her. Praful tells another poetry. Kat comes there, acting as the ghost. Kahin diya jale ya dil……Rusha asks Praful to see what happened to kat? Praful says last time she had slapped me. Rusha says you are brave. Kat acts and sings the song…Praful walks towards her and calls her Kat sister. Kat scratches on his face. He runs from there. Rusha comes to Kat. Kat hugs her.

Happu tells poetry. Praful comes there and tells that Kat scratched my face. Resham Pal tells Happu, what Kat was doing between Rusha and Praful. Praful says we were talking something exciting. Manohar asks didn’t you know romantic talks? Happu asks Resham Pal to send Manohar from there. Chandani tries to leave with Praful, but Resham Pal apologizes to him and says give me 1 min. He asks Manohar not to let them go and make peg for them. He asks Happu to come with him and says your daughter have scratched my would be brother in law and that’s why you are suspended. Happu asks him not to do this? Resham Pal says you will understand what is life, when you are thrown out of job. Happu and Manohar come there and see Kat standing like a ghost. Resham Pal and Chandani also come there. Rusha says I was calling her, but she is not listening to me. Happu asks Kat, what happened to you. Kat says I am not Kat. Happu says you are Kat and have many siblings. She says I don’t have. Resham Pal asks who is she? Kat says she is Kalpana Shaitani. Resham Pal says Kalpana Shaitani’s soul got in Kat’s body. Kat runs to Beni and hugs him, calling him Papa. Happu asks who are you? Kat says I will lock you in rat catcher. Beni asks where did you go? Kat says she went missing for sometime. Kamlesh comes there as Sunny. Kat hugs him. Beni says if you would have been alive then I would have get you married to him. Beni asks why are you roaming like soul? Kat pretends to faint. Happu asks Beni to move. Praful gets scared. Resham Pal says soul got in Kat. Chandani gets angry.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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