Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th July 2022 Episode starts with Happu coming to the room and asks what happened? Rajjo says my body is paining. Happu asks shall I relieve you. She says SRK in you comes out when I am tired.

Happy says my tiredness goes seeing you. Rajjo asks what happened, why he is showering so much love. She says kids are sleeping. They dance sitting on the bed and sleep. He burps. She hits him and asks what is this way?

He says sorry and says he had overdose of Samosa. Rajjo says you have spoiled my mood. Happu asks don’t you trust me, I will set your mood again. She says she is going to sleep. He says he will feel bad if she goes out to sleep with kids. Rajjo says you are going out to sleep. Happu is shocked.

Dada ji tells Amma that a couple came to the heaven who died together and is enjoying much there. Amma tells about a couple whose husband died and the wife remarried. She says I remember all my boyfriends seeing them. Dada ji says what are you saying? Amma says I am still with you.

Dada says I am living my days seeing you. Amma says I can’t tell you, that I desperately wait for you, and when you praise my beauty, I feel like I am a new bride. He says you look like a new bride. Amma plays the song and feels shy seeing him.

Dada ji forwards his cheek towards her for a kiss. Amma burps and says she had rajma chawal. Dada ji says we didn’t have any children after Happu due to this and goes. Amma is upset. Happu comes there and asks Amma if he can sleep here. Amma asks if your wife has thrown you out.

happu says he is burping much and that’s why she sent him out. Amma burps. He asks do you have Hing? Amma says she tried everything and tells that your father went away hearing me burping. She says we have food all the day and that’s why gets indigestion. She says we shall go to walk. Happu says from tomorrow. Amma burps again. He says we shall go for a walk today itself.

Vimlesh tells Beni that they are not going out to romance. He says we can romance in our house. Vimlesh gets upset with him. beni says he has no case and asks what to do. He sees a tantrik pamphlet.

Kamlesh tells Kat that he became papad, waiting for her. Kat says she was watching vampire movie and says then she fell in love with Vampire. Kamlesh says all wives suck their husband’s blood. Kat says I am in love with Vampire, they have a big teeth. Kamlesh is shocked. Kat goes.

Happu comes to the PS and calls Manohar. Manohar says Jai hind sir. Happu burps. Manohar hides his face and says you are bad for my health.

Happu asks if there is any remedy to get rid of the burp. Manohar says I have a remedy which is risky for my health, but I am ready to take up the risk. Manohar lifts him and presses his stomach and he falls down. Happu says he is feeling relieved. Manohar burps.

Vimlesh and Beni come to the Tantrik. Beni says I am a lawyer. Tantrik tells about his University. Vimlesh asks him to check his Kundali. Tantrik checks his kundali and wears chillies and lemon garland.

He says he didn’t see such an inauspicious kundali and his laptop caught the virus. The tantrik gives him book of black magic and asks to give 10000 Rs. He says if you follow the vidhi well, and if the candle don’t set off then think that your work will be done. Vimlesh asks if the candle sets off. Tantrik says then evil power will come out.

Happu and Amma are walking. Amma says I would never get indigestion. Happu says Rajjo makes delicious food. Rajjo comes to beni and Vimlesh’s house, and sees them about to get black magic.

She tries to stop them. Beni says it is not bad. Vimlesh says she asked him to do this, as she wants so much. She says they are doing for Beni’s job. Rajjo says she will sit for Happu’s promotion. She sits. Happu and Amma are still walking. Beni asks Rajjo to open page no 10. Rajjo reads while Beni lights the candle. They hold hand and make a wish.

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Telecast Date:18th July 2022
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