Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th February 2021 Episode starts with Resham Pal waiting for Amma outside. Happu calls him and asks him to wait and get Amma’s blessings. Resham Pal says ok, I will wait for Amma. Your Amma is like my Amma and you makes me emotional. Kamlesh comes there. Resham Pal hides seeing him. Kamlesh says party all night and dance. Resham Pal comes infront of him and asks where is he going in night? Kamlesh says for combined students…Resham Pal asks why did you get ready so much and asks if he is going to party. Kamlesh says we will do group studies and then we get tired, we will have party. Resham pal says I understand everything and will get you arrested for harassment. Kamlesh goes from there.

Happu tells Rajjo that your son kept the bathroom tap open. He gets Resham Pal’s phone and he informs that Amma didn’t come till now. Happu says she didn’t beat you even now, I mean blessing. He comes to Amma with Rajjo and finds her sleeping. Dada ji says she is drunk and will not get up. Happu goes to Amma and the latter slaps him even in sleeping. Resham Pal sees a lady and thinks she is Amma. He asks her to bless him. The lady slaps him repeatedly, steals his watch and wallet and runs away. Resham Pal gets in shock. Happu and Rajjo come out. Resham pal scolds them. Happu says Amma is sleeping here. Resham Pal realizes she is the lady thief who stole his wallet and watch. He blames Happu for his carelessness. Happu promises to arrest that lady. Resham Pal says he will go now. Rajjo asks him to take Amma’s blessing. Resham Pal refuses and goes.

Happu and Rajjo are in the room arguing, when Amma comes there. Rajjo hides beside the bed. Amma slaps Happu and goes. Happu asks if I am ghuya’s inspector. Rajjo tells Happu that she will come with him and plead infront of Resham Pal to come again.

Next day, Resham Pal’s condition is bad. He tells Happu that the matter have become serious and I got the orders from the head quarters to rusticate you. Happu says don’t say this, come home and take Amma’s blessings, I promise that I will catch that lady and her gang. Resham pal refuses to come to his house. Rajjo comes there with kids and asks him to come to their house on their insistence. Ranbir and Chamchi plead infront of him. Rajjo says you are like Amma’s elder son and asks him to come there. She says she can’t see her husband beaten up by Amma daily. Manohar brings pakodas etc. Rajjo asks if it is hot? Manohar says yes. Rajjo says I will not eat anything until you agree. Resham Pal agrees.

Happu, Rajjo and the kids come home. Amma talks to Pandit ji and asks him to do paat as there is so much trouble in the house due to bahu. She tells everyone that Cheni Prasad from Kashi, will do the paat today. Happu asks why? Amma says as you people are doing trouble. She says she has kept paat in the night and everyone will wake up. Rajjo says how she will slap Resham Pal there. Kamlesh tells that they will stop the Cheni prasad and tells something. Golmaal song plays……Happu likes his idea and shakes hand with him.

In the night, Kamlesh runs out of Happu’s house and collides with Cheni Prasad. He asks Cheni Prasad to look inside and tells that someone wants to take his life and asks him to look at the ghost. Happu comes there indisguise of a ghost and sings. Cheni Prasad, Kamlesh and Kat looks on.

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Telecast Date:18th February 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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