Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th June 2021 Episode starts with Malaika finding a hair in the food and calls Manager. Kat asks Rusha to have food and tells that she put her hair in the food so that they can talk. She tells that their plan 1 is successful. Manohar and Resham Pal come there. Kat greets them. Rusha asks why did you come here? Resham Pal says to play table tennis. Rusha asks why are you replying wrong. Resham Pal says I came to have food. Manohar says he doesn’t know how to play table tennis. Resham Pal asks Rusha to meet Praful who is waiting for her. Rusha says I will not feel comfortable if meet alone. Kat offers to go. Resham Pal asks Rusha to meet him alone. Rusha convinces Resham Pal. Resham Pal asks Rusha to take Kat with her. Rusha goes with Kat. Malaika comes back and gets angry on Manager. Praful meets Rusha and Kat. Rusha calls him Praful Bhai. Praful asks her to call him Praful. Rusha asks him to come to the chair next to him. He asks what is the name of Rusha? Rusha says soft, velvety.

Praful asks do you have any boyfriend? Kat starts shaking up and up. Rusha asks Praful to do something and says she is scared. He asks are you fine? Kat slaps him multiple times. Praful goes from there shocked. Rusha appreciates her acting. Kat says Plan 1 is fine. Manohar tells Resham Pal that he wants to have three more masala dosa. Zameen Chandani comes there and asks waiter to bring breakfast. He sits downstairs. Manohar and Resham pal also sit down. Chandani says you are also grounded like me. Resham Pal asks do you have any hope? Chandani says I don’t believe in hope as it is like an illness, and asks them to relax. Praful comes there and cries. He says Kat slapped me 4 times. Chandani asks what happened? Praful says I was talking to Rusha when Kat slapped me many times. Resham Pal apologizes to Praful and says Rusha haven’t slapped you. Praful says Kat was with Rusha and slapped me 4 times. Zameen Chandani asks Praful to get up and tells that they will not do this alliance. Resham pal shouts Happu singh.

Rajjo talks to Avdesh and tells that her shoulder is fine. Happu comes there. Rajjo blames him for pulling her hand and hurting her shoulder. Resham Pal comes there and says your daughter Kat has raised hand on Praful. Happu and Rajjo don’t believe him. Manohar says you shall know as she is your daughter. Rajjo says there is a big misunderstanding. Kat comes there. Rajjo asks did you slap Praful. Kat says I will tell you everything, and acts as getting possessed by the ghost and slaps Manohar twice. Beni asks where are you my daughter? Kat says Papa, I am here (in changed voice). Beni shakes her up and asks who are you? Kat says she is Kat, Happu’s daughter. Kat comes to the room and scares her siblings. Ranbir says you scared us. Kat laughs. Hritik says I got scared of your voice. Chamchi says you will be beautiful witch. Kat asks did you have food? They ask what is she doing? Kamlesh says they are like their father. Malaika scolds him. Kat shares her plan with them. Golmal song plays….

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Telecast Date:17th June 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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