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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th June 2021 Episode starts with Amma asking Rajjo to call Malaika or Kat if she feels pain. Rajjo says they are kids, my shoulder pain will take time to go. She asks did you have something. Amma says no. Rajjo orders food. She asks Amma to order whatever she wants, as Commissioner will pay. Amma tells that she is worried for her, as she is weak and have shoulder pain. She tells that she shall eat much here and get healthy, so that she can serve tea and food to her on time. She asks how did you get this pain? Rajjo says your son pulled me and it happened. Manager comes to take order from them, tells that it is his duty to take care of her.

Amma says my son is here to take care of my bahu. Manager says it seems time came for your drink. Amma asks him to bring English wine. Manager says husband ditched scotch for you. Rajjo asks if there is something desi in food. Manager asks what is your order? Amma and Rajjo tell him about the dishes. Manager says if you eat so much food then your figure will get unshaped. Amma asks him to get the food. Even the kids order food. Kat does Kamlesh’s make up. Ranbir orders food.

Chamchi threatens to tell Commissioner that Kat seeks their help to break Rusha’s marriage, if they don’t agree to her sayings. Malaika asks Hritik to do as she said. Kamlesh asks Kat, why are they acting like beggars. Hritik tries to pull Kamlesh’s wig. Kat threatens Hritik to leave Kamlesh’s wig. Hritik adds something in the eye liner. Kamlesh’s eyes start burning. Kat asks her siblings not to eat much and says even your stomach will get gastric problem. Hritik asks her to concentrate on her plan. Chamchi asks Kat not to tell anyone about their over acting. Kamlesh tells that her siblings are bad. Kat warns him.

Happu and Resham Pal are in the bathroom. They talk about Rusha and Praful. Happu jokes about Praful and says he is so down to earth that he looks poor, although claims to be so rich. Resham Pal asks him not to judge anyone by the looks. Happu asks about his promotion. Resham Pal promises him. Kamles comes there as the girl. They tell that it is gents’ toilet. Kamlesh tells that she is searching her husband’s father in law. Resham Pal asks what is her father’s name? kamlesh says Luccha Shaitani.

Happu asks what is your name? Kamlesh says Kalpana Shaitani. Happu tells Resham Pal that yesterday Luccha was searching his daughter. Kamlesh goes from there. Happu and Resham Pal come to Beni and call him Luccha. Beni asks him to call him Luccha ji. They inform that they met his daughter. Beni says how she can meet you. Happu says we met her in gents’ toilet. Beni says she died 4 years back and left me. Happu and Resham Pal are shocked. Beni says you people are joking with me. Happu says the girl whom we met was a ghost and gets scared. Resham Pal is scared too.

Happu comes to his room. Amma asks what happened and shows the costly drink which she is drinking. Happu says his mind is not working and asks her to tell life and death are the truth which are certain. Amma asks what is he talking about and scolds him. Happu says when a human is born, then he is visible and when he dies, he couldn’t be seen around. Amma asks what is he saying? Happu tells that something has happened with him and asks her if she sees dokar at home, or if she acts or imagines.

Amma slaps him and says I see him in reality, this is the strength of my love, that he comes to meet me, talk to me and flirt with me. She gets emotional. Happu asks why Pita ji is not visible to me? Amma asks do you love him? Happu says I really love him a lot and respect him. He says he saw someone whom he didn’t know ? Amma asks whom? He says I saw Kalpana Shaitani. Amma slaps him for imagining some other lady. She asks who is she? Happu goes. Amma says I will drink and will scold him for taking my husband ditched scotch.

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Telecast Date:16th June 2021
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