Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th October 2021 episode starts with Kamlesh and his uncle bringing unconscious commissioner to police station and complaining CID inspector that he murdered a man. Commissioner wakes up and reveals his identity. Kamlesh says he saw Commissioner murdering a curly hair man.

Manohar says he is that curly hair man and reveals whole story. CID officer shouts at CID officer and says he is under arrest for trying to murder a man being a commissioner. Commissioner says he can’t arrest him. CID officer puts him in jail with Happu and Manohar.

Vimlesh restlessly waits for Beni to return home. Beni enters home via window. She is shocked to see him emerging suddenly and gets romantic. Beni says Happu is still in jail. She says she doesn’t care. Rajesh enters and hearing that confronts her. Vimlesh says Rajesh is married to Happu since 20 years, but she married Beni just a few days ago, so she cannot stay away from Beni. Rajesh continues crying.

CID officer continues humiliating Happu, Manohar, and Commissioner. Happu gerts an idea to escape from jail. Manohar asks if he will dig a tunnel. Happu gets jail key and escapes with Manohar. They hear thieves stealing a house and discussing that its good Happu is in jail or else would have sought a share from them.

Happu gets an idea and grabs them. CID officer catches them. Happu says these are real thieves and asks him to check their bags. CID officer finds moneya nd jewelry in their bag and arrests them.

Happu returns home. Amma vents out her anger on CID officer. Amma says lets forget CID officer. Rajesh says he suffered a lot in jail and asks him to find Beni as Vimlesh is crying for him. Commissioner enters. Happu says he really didn’t do anything. Commissioner says he came to give him medal for catching thieves and claps for him.

Rajesh calls children and shows medal. Commissioner says Happu is a lazy inspector, but swiftly caught thieves. Amma praises Happu and asks children to learn from their father. Rajesh says truth always pays off. Children says they realized that path of truth is tought but takes them to a right place. Commissioner asks Happu to follow his own advice given to children, reach police station on time and stop taking bribe.

Happu agrees. Commissioner tells children that wrong path takes them to jail. Rajesh says everything is back on track. Amma says its her good upbringing and a mother is behind every successful man. Rajesh says its a wife instead. Amma agrees frowning. Beni enters hiding hearing a siren and asks Amma to hide him. Happu says case ended and its an ambulance siren and case has ended. Amma says her son got a medal for his bravery.

Amma returns home after jagran. Rajesh and Vimlesh asks how was her jagran and if she brought prasad. Amma says she prayed got for their happy life and them serving her whole life. Rajesh says she prayed for herself then. Vimlesh asks which mata did she pray last night. Amma says Skand mata and explains her significance in detail.

Kat in her room feels disappointed with Kamlesh’s lies. Malaika asks her to chill and leaves room. Kamlesh enters via window as usual. Kat says he was boasting about his honesty, but is a coward in real. Their drama continues.


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Telecast Date:15th October 2021
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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