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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th March 2020 Episode Start With the mysterious person trying to color Kat’s face, when Happu and Rajjo hold his hands at the right time. Happu asks him to touch Kat and challenges him. Rajjo taunts him. Amma slaps him. Beni asks Happu to slap him. Hritik, Malaika and others hit him. They throw water on his face. Kat says this is Bhoja and tells Kamlesh. Kamlesh says he studies in our college. Kat tells Happu that he was following her since some days. Bhoja says I wanted to befriend with you and want to play holi with her, but she said that she will not play holi with donkey. Happu slaps him and asks him to take admission in some other’s college. He tells that people can call me anything, but I am a responsible father and says if you eyes my daughter then I will not bear. He beats him. Kamlesh takes him out while beating. Kat gets emotional and hugs Happu.

Happu talks to Bua and tells that he has solved the problem with much difficulty. Manohar tells that he couldn’t celebrate holi nicely as he colored his neighbor lady by mistake and his wife got angry. He asks him to tell solution to him. Happu says he don’t know else his band wouldn’t have played at home. Resham Pal comes there with color on his face. Makwana comes there. Resham lal says that mysterious person has applied color to my face and asks them to catch him, says he wants result in 1 hour and 30 mins. Happu says I am very upset and asks him to clean his sweat, else color will fall on his face. Makwana gives his handkerchief and keeps the color packet on the table. Happu, Resham Pal and Manohar look at the packet. Makwana asks Resham Pal not to feel bad and says it is holi. Resham pal, Happu and Manohar laughs.

Rajjo comes and wakes up Happu. Happu says he needs to sleep for some more time. Rajjo says if some crime happens in the city and asks him to get up. Happu gets up. Rajjo asks him to sleep early and wake up early. Happu holds her and says you don’t make me sleep. Rajjo hits him and says I am making Poha. Happu says he don’t want it. Rajjo asks shall I make your liver? Happu says I wanted such mischievous wife always and asks her to make omelette for him. Rajjo says ok. She runs out.

Rajjo comes to lawn and asks Beni if he is spitting inside their house. Beni says no and tells that he is just standing near the wall. She asks if he wants to have omelette. Beni says yes and asks her to bring it. Rajjo goes. Beni gargles and spits inside Happu house. Rajjo comes to beni and asks if he has onion in his house. Beni says he is bachelor and says she shall keep everything in stock. Rajjo says it was there in night and asks Amma if she had it in night. Amma says no. Rajjo says where did onion go? Hritik is keeping onion under his arm while Ranbir checks his fever and tells that it was Ayushman’s idea. Hritik is thankful to Ayushman. Ranbir asks him to give science book to Ayushman. Ranbir says you have 103 degrees fever. Hritik tells that today is cricket match which he don’t want to miss. Ranbir takes him out.

Malaika asks Kat until when she will set her hairs. Kat says still an hour. Malaika says she will keep her hairs short. Kat says you will look like peeled egg. Malaika asks her to get ready fast and tells that Kamlesh will come there. Rajjo tells that she didn’t get onion to make omelette. She asks Chamchi to call hritik and Ranbir. Ranbir brings Hritik there. hritik tells that he is feeling warm. Ranbir says he got the fever. Beni asks from where. Happu checks and says it is much. Ranbir says I checked him, he has 103 degrees fever. Rajjo calls Doctor. Happu kisses on his forehead. Beni asks shall I bring thermometer and asks Happu to check properly. Rajjo says she has called the doctor and asks him not to go to school today, but hritik insists to go to school. Rajjo asks him to rest. Just then onion falls down from his shirt. Beni says this is the onion which was there last night. Hritik tells that he will take bath and come, asks Chamchi and Ranbir to wait. Happu scolds him. He then picks the onion and asks Rajjo to make crunchy omelette. Beni asks her to wash it first.


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajjo tells Happu that she wants to go to her mayka. happu asks her to go for few months and tells that kids will be happy. He asks her to go and enjoy at Avdesh’s place.

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Telecast Date: 13th March 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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