Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th July 2022 Episode starts with Dada ji asking Amma to see Happu. Amma says you are behind my Paratha. Dada ji says your paratha has a record, whoever eats it, their stomach gets upset.

Happu returns home. Dada ji asks Amma to see how he is walking? Amma asks Happu to sit and asks if he has a bad stomach and tells that your father said that whoever have paratha made by me, upsets stomach.

Happu praises her Parathas, and his words get stuck. Dada ji says I don’t believe him and asks Amma to take his test and hits Happu on his stomach. Amma hits on Happu’s stomach. She asks did you feel pain? Happu says I am habitual to it, you can hit me again. Amma says his digestion went on me.

Dada ji goes behind her. Happu rushes to bathroom. He gets tired and weak and comes to the room. He sleeps on her lap. Rajjo asks what happened? Happu says if I tell you, then you will make fun of me. She asks what happened? He says Amma’s parathas proved costly. He runs to bathroom.

Rajjo is standing out of the bathroom and asks if he is fine? He says Amma’s parathas proved costly. He says it had love and her affection too. Rajjo asks if tonight plan is cancelled. Happu says he is unwell. Rajjo asks him to ask Amma to make paratha again. Happu runs to bathroom again. Rajjo thinks why the parathas are not digesting.

Groom and his family come to see Kat. The groom’s father says they have cancelled his alliance as the bride’s father was a corrupt. Happu coughs. The groom mother says what they want is respect. Amma says we shall fix the alliance. The guy says the girl haven’t come. Rajjo calls Kat.

Kamlesh tells Kat that her alliance will break. Kat says this is not a child play. Kamlesh says I can do anything for my best friend and asks her to wait and watch. Amma asks Rajjo to bring her. Kamlesh tells Kat that he did a wrong work. Kat asks what did he do? He asks her not to count the seeds, and just enjoy mango.

Rajjo comes there and tells Kat that the family is good and the guy is handsome. Kamlesh says it can’t happen. Rajjo scolds him and takes Kat out. Kat keeps the tea tray on the table. Rajjo says she is Kat? Kamlesh says she is one in lakhs. Rajjo says he is like Kat’s brother. Kat is shocked.

They ask what she does? Kat says I will spend the money earned by Papa, and will enjoy. Happu says she wants to become a doctor and is joking now. Everyone’s phone beep and they all watch Happu relieving himself in the bushes. Everyone gets shocked. Beni watches the video and says Happu became famous. He sends him video. Happu is shocked and says happy to meet you. The groom’s family leave.

The kids see Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi and laugh. The boy says your Papa has become famous. Hritik and Ranbir praise Happu. Chamchi says our papa has a style. They ask behind the bushes. Ranbir says he goes behind the bushes to arrest the goons. Hritik also says the same. The boy asks him to watch the viral video. They watch it and laugh.

Amma asks Happu, why did he lie to her? Happu says what I would have said. Dada ji says I had told. Amma says Rajjo is jealous and don’t know what she made him eat that made him unwell. Rajjo blames Amma and her ghee parathas.

Amma says she showers her affection in the food. Happu says I shouldn’t have gone there. Rajjo blames Amma and says Kat’s alliance couldn’t happen. Amma says I will make such a paratha which will make him get constipation. Rajjo says Amma always blame me. Happu asks if all the varieties are like this in your place. He runs to bathroom.

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Telecast Date:13th July 2022
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