Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th January 2021 Episode starts with Dada ji in Rajjo’s body calling his friend, but the latter ends the call. Happu comes there and greets Dada ji. He asks if he is trying to come out of his wife’s body. Dada ji says I will not stay here for more time and tells that someone told Chitragupt that I am in someone’s body here, and says once I go back then they will scold me. He says I have some questions and asks why do you drag the scooter rather than riding it. He asks him to buy it with the bribe which he gets. Happu says he will bring. Dada ji questions him about whisky. Happu says he drank it. Dada ji slaps him much. He then goes to sleep in Amma’s room. Malaika beats Kamlesh for the mishap which he did using Planchet. Kat tells that she will not support Kamlesh. Kamlesh says I don’t know how to make the ghost go from the body. Kat asks him to go and find the solution, run faster than the shatabdi express.

Amma thinks today she couldn’t sleep. Dada ji says I am not with you. Amma is shocked to see Rajjo. She asks Dada ji why he entered Rajjo’s body. Dada ji says now he can touch her. Amma asks him to go and sleep and lies down on the bed. Dada ji says he will sleep here. Amma says now we can’t sleep on this bed together. Dada ji says he wants to talk to all children and asks her to call everyone. Amma calls everyone. Dada ji tells that he is very happy to see them all and talk to them. He slaps Happu and asks why is he sad? Happu says I am happy and smiling. Dada ji tells that even he used to do the same thing like her. He tells about a neighbor and tells Ranbir that his voice is good and asks him to sing. Ranbir sings the song.

Happu asks Ranbir to stop Ranbir. Dada ji tells that he wants to see Ranbir singing on TV. Happu says he sings all day. Dada ji slaps him. Dada ji tells Hritik that he was mother’s puppet in his childhood. Amma tells that she is very sleepy. Dada ji says he is still talking and blesses Malaika for her decision to join Haryana police. He tells Kat that he saw many apsaras in the heaven, but there is just one angel here and that is her. He tries to talk to Amma, when she hits him. Dada ji goes out of Rajjo’s body. Rajjo talks in her voice. Everyone gets relaxed and go to their rooms. Happu comes to room and calls Rajjo as Dada ji. Rajjo hits him and asks if I do something. Happu says when Pita ji is in you, he had beaten me so much. Rajjo says I didn’t know. Happu says he wants to romance with her and asks her to come in mood. Rajjo says I missed you so much. Happu asks her to come under the blanket. They cover themselves with blanket. Rajjo slaps him repeatedly. Dada ji comes in her body and tells happu that he made his face wet with kisses. Happu says I thought you are my wife. Dada ji slaps him again.

In the morning, Happu hugs Rajjo and asks who will make tea? Rajjo says he is Dada ji now. Happu asks why did you enter your bahu’s body. Dada ji says I didn’t like it, but what to do. Amma brings tea. Dada ji gives her flying kiss. The kids come there and greet him. Ranbir says my friends want to meet you. Malaika tells that the soul is of Dada ji, but body is of mummy. Happu scolds them and asks them to go. Dada ji asks him to give 100 Rs. to each children. Happu gives the money. Hritik asks Dada ji to be in mummy’s body. Amma asks them to take the tiffin made by happu. The kids refuse and go. Happu says his hand is burning. Dada ji asks him to go to PS and get 1 lakh Rs from Commissioner, which he gave to him before his death. Happu asks when did he give? Dada ji says I will come with you to the PS.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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