Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th July 2022 Episode starts with Hritik asking Chamchi if she has any news to get rid of boredom. Chamchi says due to exams, I am not going anywhere and that’s why I couldn’t do backbiting. A boy comes there.

Hritik stops him to talk. The boy says his Papa is IT officer and whenever he raids, the video becomes viral. Hritik says my father is a special Inspector and people get afraid of him. Chamchi says our Papa is more famous than your Papa. The boy searches Happu singh on the net, and couldn’t get any info. He smiles and goes.

Rajjo serves dinner to everyone. Amma asks did you get bangles? Happu says with much difficulty, I have diverted the topic. Rajjo says there is a good news, alliance came for Kat. Kat is shocked and says she don’t want this marriage. Malaika says until you agree, your marriage will not happen.

Rajjo says the guy is good and earns well. Kat says I am young and have many dreams. Rajjo asks her not to take tension and hope that you shall get a good saas for a happy life, else you will cry. Amma says all bahus’ destiny are not like you, who gets such a lovely saas who loves you so much.

Happu says ok, we will talk. Kat asks why you want me to go from here. Happu says until when we will hear your English, make others also hear your English, laughs. Rajjo asks shall I give you paratha. Happu says no.

Amma dislikes the paratha. Rajjo says your son got the tummy and tells that her parathas get easily digestible. Amma and Happu used to praise the former’s paratha. Amma kisses Happu and says she will make gobi paratha for him and says others can’t feed you like your mother. Happu says no doubt. Rajjo goes upset.

Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir come to the temple. Chamchi says I came for our Papa. Ranbir says we want you to make our Papa famous. Hritik says he don’t deserve to be famous, but we want him to get famous. Ranbir says we want people to make film on him.

Chamchi asks God to make him famous. Hritik says help us else I will break my head on this wall. Ranbir says break it. Just then the flower falls down near Chamchi. Chamchi says God said that Papa will be famous and gets happy.

Happu combs his hair and looks at Rajjo, asking why is she angry? Rajjo says my face is such. He asks why is she upset? Rajjo asks him to go and ask Amma, and says you are dying to make paratha made by Amma.

Happu asks her to keep hand on her heart and say that Amma’s paratha is best. Rajjo says I don’t give you ghee paratha thinking about your health. He says when you make paratha, I want to eat you with it. She says I want to suffocate your neck hearing this and secondly I want to…He tries to romance with her.

Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir come there. They tell that they had gone to temple. Rajjo says if you get less marks then you will not be saved. Hritik says we have passed this time and says God sent this flower for Papa. Happu says I have everything. Hritik says we had gone to temple asking God to make you famous.

Happu gets glad and tells Rajjo that they are diamonds. Hritik says you couldn’t stand on your feet, you didn’t do anything to become famous. Ranbir says we thought you might be having some qualities which will come out, but nothing came. Chamchi asks him to keep the God’s flower with him. Happu says I don’t know if I shall cry or laugh. He goes.

Kat comes to meet Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks why the glow is gone? Kat says my heart is crying. Kamlesh asks her to do yoga. Kamlesh says if I tell you, then you will not get back the breath and you will bury inside the ground. Kamlesh asks her to say. Kat says a guy is coming to ask for my hand.

kamlesh says shake hands with him. Kat says he is coming to marry me. Kamlesh gets shocked and says this is not possible, I will not let this happen. Kat says Mother thinks that daughter is always someone’s money. Kamlesh says if you don’t want then nobody can force you. Kamlesh says I will stop this alliance. Kat asks him to get an idea.

Happu comes to the PS and sits on the chair. He calls manohar and hits Resham Pal. He sees Resham Pal and gets up from his chair. Resham Pal sits on the chair. Manohar comes there. Resham Pal tells that many people are jealous of him and couldn’t believe that he is hardworking and catches criminals.

Happu says we work hard day and night and catch the culprits for the country, but people don’t know about us. Resham Pal asks what he wants to say? Happu says your bravery story shall be known to everyone. Resham Pal asks if fame really matters. Happu says publicity is important. Resham Pal asks how it will be possible.

Happu asks him to splash this matter with his superiors, and then many people will come and take interview. Resham Pal says Manohar. Happu says I want to be famous. He hits Resham Pal by mistake and he falls down the chair. Happu says sorry. Resham Pal sits on the chair again and says he will apply in the Ministry.


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Amma serves Parathas to Happu. Happu eats it and later he rushes to the public bathroom, when he finds the door locked. He relieves himself in the isolated place. The video gets viral.

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Telecast Date:11th July 2022
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