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Hamariwali Good News 18th January 2021 Episode starts with a thief snatching a lady’s purse and running away. Navya runs after the thief and catches him. She beats him a lot. Everyone claps for her. A man comes and praises her. She asks do you also want a beating. He says no, I know to identify diamonds. Preeti takes Renuka to the hospital. She asks Renuka not to worry. The man says I think you are trained. Navya says yes, I m a trained PT teacher. He says I m Rupesh Gupta, this is my card, my training institute is nearby, I need a good trainer, if you can leave the school job and join my institute, I can give you a good package. She says thanks for the offer. He asks her to work part time. She thinks to ask Adi.

Adi is sad. He says I have to stop giving interviews if this goes on, what will I tell Navya, I will not answer the calls. Preeti takes care of Renuka. Gautam says Adi, I have a job for you. Adi hugs him and thanks. He says I knew you will help me, what’s the job. Gautam says its not in my office, I don’t know if you will do it. Adi says I will do, low salary is okay, tell me what to do. Gautam says you have to give MBA proxy entrance exams for students, can you do this. Adi asks are you mad, its wrong. Gautam says I m seeing money.

Adi says its illegal, its fraud. Gautam asks what did you do that you went to jail, you need money, I will not force you, last decision will be yours. Adi says no, what will I tell mummy and Navya. Gautam asks what’s the need to tell them. Adi says I didn’t hide anything from her, I will not hide this. Gautam says I can’t do this. Doctor says Renuka’s bp is low, her pregnancy is risky. Preeti recalls Alok’s words. She says Renuka is already 47 years old, its a risk in this age. Doctor says I didn’t ask you to decide to abort the child, its Renuka’s decision. Preeti asks why, I m her daughter, my family doesn’t want this pregnancy, please help me. Doctor says I understand, but we can’t do anything without the baby’s parents consent. Preeti says I will get the consent. She says sorry mummy, I know you will understand why I m doing this.

Sumitra calls Alok and says I don’t trust Preeti, she is a fool. Alok says yes, but she will not dare to support her mum again. Mukund is on the way. He sees a boy in front of a speeding car. He runs to save the boy. He holds the boy and falls aside. Preeti asks Renuka to sign on the consent form. Renuka signs.

The boy faints. Mukund asks where are his parents. He asks for nearby hospital. He takes her. Preeti says you will be fine. Doctor asks is Renuka ready. Renuka is taken to the OT. Mukund comes there with the boy. She asks the doctor to check the boy. Preeti says I will end this problem today. She calls Mukund. She asks where are you. He says a little boy was meeting an accident, I got him to the hospital. She says I m also here, where are you. He says I m in emergency room. She says okay, come out and talk to me. Mukund goes out. He asks what are you doing here. She says I had to get a small test done, Alok is busy, he can’t come, sign on the consent form. He says show me. She says it will get late, please sign on it. He says let me read it. She says nothing serious, just sign. Nurse says boy got conscious, he is crying. Preeti insists. He signs on the papers and goes.

The boy cries for his mum. Preeti gives the papers to the nurse. Renuka is in OT. The boy’s mum thanks Mukund for saving the boy. Mukund says I will go, you take care of the boy. He calls Preeti. She disconnects and hides from him. Alok calls Preeti and asks why did you take Renuka to the hospital. Preeti says calm down, you will happy to know it, I have ended the problem, I will come home and tell you everything.

Preeti brings Renuka home. Mukund pushes Preeti and asks her to apologize to Renuka. Sumitra asks what happened. Mukund says Preeti did a sin, which no daughter would have done with her mum. She asks what did she do. He says I will tell you. FB shows Mukund seeing Renuka’s name on the surgery board. He goes to see in the OT. Ward boy says you can’t go there. Mukund says I m Renuka’s husband, her abortion is happening, how can I wait here, how can she do this.

He goes in and stops the doctor. He says I m Renuka’s husband, did she give her consent. Doctor says we have your consent also. Mukund says my sign was taken by cheat. He asks Renuka is she fine. FB ends. Navya consoles Renuka. Everyone gets shocked.


Hamariwali Good News 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mukund says that baby is mine, Renuka didn’t do any sin, I will take the baby’s responsibility, the baby will come in this world, the house partition will not matter now.

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Telecast Date:18th January 2021
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