Hamari Bahu Silk 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Hamari Bahu Silk Written Update

Hamari Bahu Silk 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Hamari Bahu Silk Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Hamari Bahu Silk 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Pakhi serves Naksh and thinks it seems something has changed, his face shows helplessness instead. Rimjhim comes to say that Naksh is now fine, she is there to take care of him. Rimjhim insists upon feeding Naksh herself. Mamta says Naksh is fine and can eat on his own. Rimjhim place a hand over Naksh’s hand and asks if he also thinks the same. Naksh says Rimjhim is his wife, what’s the problem if she wants to feed him.

In the kitchen, Pakhi discuss with Mosmi that Naksh was tensed because of Rimjhim. She had seen a helplessness in Naksh’s eyes, it seemed as if he wanted to say something.
During the aarti, Naksh prays for Pakhi’s safety. Pakhi and Naksh silently speak to each other. Pakhi wonders what he is hiding. Naksh thinks he is helpless and will have to face this problem on his own. After Naksh had left, Pakhi prays to God to show her some way to the truth. She can see something in his eyes, but he is surely hiding something.

Naksh comes to the room. Rimjhim sat on the bed in yellow dress wearing earrings. He recalls a few memories with Pakhi when she wore dress of same color. He had unpinned her hair, then put a black mark under her ear. He had said he fears his own bad-eye might catch her beauty today. He cheerfully calls Pakhi talking to her in a day dream. Rimjhim was at once alert and asserts she is his Rimjhim. She murmurs when he will get over Pakhi’s ghost. She asks him to get ready as they have to go. Naksh says he doesn’t want to go, and he won’t. Rimjhim says he will have to come, else how everyone will know he has accepted her. Naksh was assertive, but Rimjhim reminds he has no other option.

Later, Naksh comes upstairs and hears Pakhi’s cough from her room. He goes inside to check. Pakhi was hiding behind the door, she holds Naksh close to herself and circles her arms around his neck. Naksh backs up shouting what is this behavior. Pakhi says his voice is bitter, but she is sure he wants to say something to her. Naksh silently thinks this is unfair, she can’t read his heart so easily.

Pakhi says she loves him so much, she can sense he has something to say. Naksh thinks that’s most important for him, her life. He is going to his real wife, Rimjhim who loves him truly. Pakhi gets a cough again. Naksh gets her medicines as the doctor had said her tonsils would worsen otherwise. Pakhi asks how Naksh knows she had tonsils. Naksh says her cough depicted that. Pakhi sense this was about his memory from the time of their second marriage. Naksh shouts at Pakhi what’s the huge matter, it seems Pakhi has lost her mind. Pakhi asks why he is irritated, because of Rimjhim. Naksh interrupts Pakhi not to fool him, she may take the medicine if she wish to. Pakhi says it was never difficult for her to read his face, he himself is well aware of the fact. Naksh silently leaves. Pakhi thinks her doubts are turning to reality.

Outside the room, Naksh wipes his tears and thinks he can’t tell her the truth, else he might leave them all. In the room, Mamta had severe head ache and looks for migraine pills. She tries to pick the glass up but fell off the bed. She crawls outside the room to get water from the table. Rimjhim walks to Mamta with a glass of water but with a laugh she playfully sits down. She says she worked hard to get her to this position, at least she wants Mamta to suffer a bit. Mamta craves for water. Rimjhim tells her to follow her for water. She takes a seat.

Pakhi comes there to help Mamta. She runs into the kitchen and brings a glass of water for her. She takes her head in her shoulder and curses Rimjhim for her inhumane behavior.
In Naksh’s room, Pakhi tells Naksh to at least think about his mother. What if something had happened to her. Naksh spots Rimjhim behind Pakhi. He shouts at Pakhi to stop lying and blaming his wife. Pakhi insists on him to open his eyes. Naksh says the truth is, she is the liar one. He drags her out of the room. Pakhi comes across Rimjhim. Rimjhim boasts about Naksh’s love for her. She tells Naksh to take rest, she will show her the right place.
Outside the room, Rimjhim warns Pakhi for one last time. Naksh is hers and will always remain so. His memory will never be back.Pakhi wonders how Naksh knows that Naksh’s memory won’t be back. There is surely something.

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