Hamari Bahu Silk 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update

Hamari Bahu Silk Written Update

Hamari Bahu Silk 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update,Hamari Bahu Silk Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Hamari Bahu Silk 31st October 2019 Episode Start With Mosmi discusses with Pakhi that Naksh felt something. May be he recalled something. All at once, everyone feels dizzy and goes to their rooms. Pakhi comes to take the glasses when Rimjhim attacks from behind and place a handkerchief over her mouth.

In the room, Pakhi was tied to the chair with ropes. Rimjhim says today she will do to Naksh what Pakhi can’t even dream of. Pakhi was afraid and terrified. She shouts and asks what Rimjhim is up to. Rimjhim as she screams for Ketan, Mosmi and Mamta. Rimjhim says none will hear; she mixed alcohol in the Mock Tail. They must be asleep, except for Naksh. Naksh must be waiting for her. Rimjhim asks how she looks like, dressed like Pakhi. Pakhi was furious and asks what she is up to. Rimjhim takes Pakhi’s earrings. Pakhi retreats as Naksh gifted these.

In the room, Naksh smiles thinking about his good times with Pakhi. His head bangs, and he smiles thinking about Pakhi. At once, Pakhi opens the room door. Naksh straightens up. It was Rimjhim instead of Pakhi. Naksh murmurs Pakhi’s name. Rimjhim applies scent while Naksh assumes her to be Pakhi. Rimjhim sits besides Naksh.

The next morning, Rimjhim gets ready in front of the dresser. Naksh wakes up, astonished to find himself in the vest. Rimjhim sits beside him and was about to kiss the back of his hand. Naksh angrily questions what this is. Rimjhim asks if he does is fine, if she does becomes offensive? She tells Naksh it was a beautiful night. Naksh clarifies to Rimjhim he doesn’t love her, and it could never happen between them. He can never lend her a right of a wife. Rimjhim says he spent a high night, and forgot everything in the morning. She thought he may have fallen in love with her. Naksh jerks her away. Rimjhim cries pleading not to reject her now. She shows him marks on his neck, and says her body has similar marks of his love. She cries and requests Naksh not to trust her, but not leave her midway. If she would tell everyone that her husband turned his back towards her and their relationship. Naksh tries to rub each mark off his body.

There in the room, Mamta wakes up. She hears Pakhi’s screams from the room. She finds Pakhi tied to her bed in the room and unties her. Pakhi asks Mamta about Naksh. She says Rimjhim mixed sleeping pills in their juice, she goes out looking for Naksh.

Naksh was coming downstairs and steals looks from Pakhi. Pakhi stops him and asks about last night. She finds him disturbed and crying. She holds his face and requests to speak to her, what’s wrong. Naksh shouts whatever this happened is because of her. He was stuck in the situation because of her lies. She insists on him to talk about the matter. Naksh claims, his love for her was a mistake, he should have known what kind of girl she is. Naksh at once slips off the stairs and hits the back of his head.
Mamta and Pakhi run to him.


Hamari Bahu Silk 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : The doctor observes Naksh and says the case is worst. There is a danger Naksh may suffer from a complete memory loss.


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