Hamari Bahu Silk 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update

Hamari Bahu Silk Written Update

Hamari Bahu Silk 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Hamari Bahu Silk Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Hamari Bahu Silk 1st November 2019 Episode Start With doctor cautions the family that Naksh got injured at the same spot second time, he might suffer a complete memory loss. He warns them to wait for 2 hours, if Naksh doesn’t wake up he is in danger. Rimjhim accuses Pakhi for playing shrewd.

Pakhi goes to temple complaining to God about Naksh’s conditions and testimonies in her life. How the family would suffer and what explanations they will give to Baa then. She burns a thread on her palm and says God must prove their presence through a miracle. She has been testified, but it’s God’s testimony.

In the room, Naksh wakes up, moving his hands and holding his head. Mamta goes out to bring Pakhi and throws the burning thread off her palm. She informs Pakhi that Naksh is conscious now. Pakhi happily goes to the room. Rimjhim

goes to get water for Naksh. Mamta sits with him. Naksh asks what happened to him. Mamta says his foot twisted. Rimjhim brings water for Naksh while Mamta gives him the medicine. Rimjhim says she is happy that Naksh is conscious. She asks everyone to go out and let Naksh take rest. Mamta says they aren’t going out of the room. Rimjhim says Naksh’s mind shouldn’t be pressurized, she hopes they don’t want to stress him. Pakhi signals Mamta to go out. Naksh nods.

In her room, Pakhi was tensed and discusses with Mamta what to do. Mamta says Pakhi’s prayer has been answered, he will soon regain the memory as well. Pakhi accuses herself for all of Naksh’s tensions. Mamta forbids her and says she is the best choice for Naksh. Pakhi was tensed about his worry. Mamta asks her to have faith on Naksh, Rimjhim is cunning but can never snatch him from Pakhi.

In the room, Rimjhim sat with Naksh on the bed. Naksh asks how she creates a new drama every day. He stands up and says he has regained all his memory, her game is finished now. Rimjhim says Naksh got hit on his head and lost his memory. She will show him the photos of their wedding. Naksh snatches the album and says these are Pakhi’s photos. Rimjhim questions why he was silent in front of everyone, why he didn’t call police. Naksh says he didn’t want to worry everyone, he wanted to know her trap first. Now he knows she is back in the house only to kill Pakhi. He was about to dial police call. Rimjhim warns everyone will know about their night together, what everyone will think. Naksh says he doesn’t care what everyone would think.

Rimjhim says he would care for Pakhi, Pakhi knew she got him drunk. She plays a recording of the night in her cell phone. Naksh trembles out of fury. Rimjhim says his family has already been disgraced because of Pakhi, what they will do if they find their son’s video now. He must continue his memory loss acting to save Pakhi’s life, else first she will kill Pakhi and then make the video viral. Naksh twists her hands behind. Rimjhim tells him to let it go as it’s been. He got time to think. Naksh asks if Rimjhim is blackmailing him. Rimjhim laughs he is already a white mail. She is blackmailing, she feels jealous when Naksh is with Pakhi. Imagine, Pakhi is a wife, how she would suffer his loyalty then. Naksh clutches her neck. Rimjhim’s choked, then warns Naksh that her men have orders to upload the video on social media if she doesn’t check every hour. She tells him to keep showing love for her, Pakhi will be safe. He can show love even when alone, he will get used to her in some time. Naksh feels helpless.

Naksh and Pakhi come across each other in the corridor. Naksh looks towards Pakhi helplessly. Pakhi walks into her room and cries. Naksh cries thinking about his love for Pakhi.

The next morning, Naksh stared at Pakhi while on the breakfast table, then turns his face away. Pakhi serves rice in his plate. She wonders why it seems something is changed. He isn’t shouting, or being angry. His face shows helplessness, not the hatred.


Hamari Bahu Silk 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Rimjhim comes to dining table. She offers to feed Naksh with her own hands.


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