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Haiwan 4th January 2020 Episode Start With Amrita drives Randhir to the café and cleans his bruises. Randhir recalls his times with Amrita while she looked tensed and upset. Randhir says he never felt any pain when Ansh was hurting him, and now while she applies the medicine all his bruises ache. Amrita says one only feels pain and discusses it when there is hope of care.

The lady in makeup reaches the hospital to meet Dharam. She says her papa has changed a lot in years. Her mother had a single photo of his. He wronged her mother and if Dharam doesn’t recover, she will take revenge from his daughter. Dharam moves his hands a bit, she urges him to keep trying. A nurse comes to the room and inquires who she is. She hypnotizes the nurse so that she doesn’t remember their meeting and takes care of Dharam well. The nurse faints while the lady leaves the room. She wakes up and finds Dharam’s hand move.

Amrita and Randhir discuss about the red diary. Randhir says there are a lot of secrets and information in the red diary.

Aditi was inquiring Gia and Govind. Their boss comes and orders for their bail. Later, he tells Gia and Govind that someone got their bail, and she will take care of rest of things. Govind discusses with Gia that the diary is burnt. Gia says she has arranged something to help Govind.

In the lab, Randhir stood with the diary and thinks about the secret in the diary. Amrita brings coffee for them, and for Baby in her doll set’s cup of his size. Randhir finds an old parchment in the diary. He reads a scan. Randhir says this means there is surely a map, but wonders where is the rest of the map. Baby says it seems his father has hidden it somewhere. Randhir says he needs to find the Ratan and hide it protectively. Amrita objects as there are enough problems in their lives, why invite new ones. Randhir convinces Amrita that no one can harm them till they are together. They hug each other. Randhir tells her not to take any tension, Govind must be thinking the diary has been burnt.

Govind was watching the footages through a secret camera in the lab. He was elated that the diary is still safe. They have known half of the map. They will have to wait for the time Randhir finds the rest of the map. Gia was in deep thoughts and wonders who made commissioner give them a bail, they must find out who the girl is, and what she wants.

Ansh walks on the roads of Shimodra thinking about Amrita’s love for Randhir and her threats to kill herself. He cries shouting why she never understands his love. The lady in makeup stood over the roof of a car nearby and tells Ansh he can’t get him love by merely shouting. Ansh replies he wants Amrita. The lady smirks and says she can get him his Amrita. She forwards her hand to him but Ansh was reluctant. The lady smiles saying holding her hand won’t burn him. She steps down the car. Ansh inquires who she is. The lady introduces herself as Disha. Ansh boasts about being powerful enough to do anything. Disha says she got a talent which no one has. She inquires about any of his favorite spot around the city. They reach the café. Disha looks around, then asks Ansh to choose a couple from the restaurant. Ansh points towards a happy couple. Disha walks to the girl and requests a few minutes from her time. Disha tells the girl she works to break the houses and relationships. Disha transfers the blue waves into the other girl’s eyes, then instructs her to go and slap her boyfriend who is a cheater, then break up with her. The girl abides by and they leave fighting. Disha boasts about her abilities in front of Ansh. Later she stood with a guy and requests him his watch. She makes him look into her eyes and work her magic. The boy happily takes his watch off and gives it to Disha, as all that’s his belongs to her. Ansh follows Disha and inquires what she does. Disha says she is a hypnotizer, she can control the brains and minds. Amrita can forgive Randhir and be Ansh’s, she can fall in love with him as well. Ansh inquires what are her demands. She replies her wish list is large and he would be tired. She promises to change everything in next twenty-four hours.

Amrita and Randhir were watching a movie. Randhir stared at Amrita. Amrita was irked and tells him to watch the movie like a normal couple; and stop being distracted by his diary thoughts. Amrita argues and inquires the last dialogue. Randhir didn’t know about it. There was stormy weather and they go to shut the windows. Amrita gets a call from Aditi that commissioner released Gia and Govind. Amrita was tensed but Randhir asks her to calm down.

Chetan sat with his friends playing guitar outside the cafe. They make fun of him that he will get his name in Guinness world record for receiving most slaps. Disha comes there and offers Cholay Batoray to one of the friends. Disha says their mothers were friends and wanted their friendship to convert to relationship. The guy wonders how it is possible, his mother died ten years ago. Disha offers the guy to go on a side and speak there. In the restaurant, Disha asks the guy to look into her eyes, people usually complement them. She hypnotizes him. Chetan comes inside and wonders what’s happening. Disha instructs the guy to cause destruction around the café, as everyone here is an enemy. The guy gets furious and goes beating everyone around the restaurant. Chetan wonders what is happening. The café owner tries to stop him. Disha makes a call to police station and files a complaint.

Amrita and Randhir were asleep. Ansh carefully holds Amrita’s hand in their room and thinks these are last moments of Amrita with Randhir. In next twenty-four hours, everything will change for her and she and Randhir would only be strangers to each other. Amrita’s phone bell rings. Ansh smirks that this is going to change everything now.

The next morning, Randhir wakes up and notices it is 11am already. Amrita gets a call from Aditi then and inquires Aditi what problem was there in the café. She goes to check. Randhir goes to meet Dharam. Ansh stood outside their room.

Amrita reaches the café. Aditi asks what is happening here. Aditi says this guy had gone hysterical and started hitting people around. Amrita instructs Aditi to take victims to hospital and the guy to police station. She goes to look inside the café. Disha passes by hurriedly and goes to a corner. Amrita follows Disha while trying to stop her. Disha was sobbing in a corner. Amrita comes from behind and offers help to Disha as SP. An inspector comes from behind with Randhir’s phone call. Amrita goes outside. Randhir was happy and says Papa is conscious, he just opened his eyes.

Chetan tells Gia and Govind about the girl playing magic on the guy. Gia says this isn’t possible without any gadget. Govind says this is possible, it’s called hypnosis; power to control someone’s mind. He wonders what if this is the same girl who hypnotized commissioner and got their bail. Chetan says he lost track of that girl. Gia slaps Chetan again for not using his brain in time. Govind says the girl may benefit them. Gia was conscious that she can be dangerous as well. They need to find out where the girl came from, and what’s her motive.

In the café, Disha wishes she had got two more minutes. She could hypnotize Amrita and controlled her brain. Randhir called at a wrong time.


Haiwan 5th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Amrita discusses with Randhir who is behind all this, Gia or Govind. Randhir thinks its someone else. Disha comes to Agnihotri house as a nurse for Dharam. Later, she comes in Amrita’s room and asks if Amrita won’t even say a hello to her elder sister.

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