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Haiwan 30th November 2019 Episode Start With Gia comes to the room and finds a scene of fight in the lab. She wonders where Baby and Randhir have been, they were coming for CCTV. She plays the footage and was happy to see Randhir attack Dharam. She copies the proof, deletes the file and was happy that she has a proof that Dharam was attacked by Randhir.

In the room, Amrita asks Randhir if he could find out what Gia wants. She was concerned that all the problems have attacked altogether, attack on Papa, Ansh’s matter and now Randhir had also gone. She hugs Randhir and requests him never to leave her side. Randhir silently thinks he is sorry for keeping a secret that Gia injected the devilish solution in his body. Amrita gets a call from hospital as Dharam’s pulse rate was decreasing. She leaves Randhir home to look after Gia.

Gia tells Chetan about the footage. She says she came to find Ansh, but got a jackpot in hand.
Randhir comes to the lab looking for Baby. He finds the accident spot. He then looks for Baby. Baby tries to grab his attention as a tiny being. Randhir holds Baby in his hand. Baby was confused and irritated, he says he came to get the CCTV, someone attacked him and turned him into a tiny being. How is this possible? Randhir says there is a lot of empty space between the nucleus’s of our atoms. If the space is removed, a whole human race can be encased in a match stick. Randhir notices the foot steps towards the tank, and realizes it was only the mark of his own customized shoes with an R. He wonders why he doesn’t remember anything. Randhir goes to ask Ansh about their plan.

Ansh laughs at Randhir for coming to meet him. Randhir inquires his plans with Gia, who attacked Dharam and why he doesn’t remember anything. Ansh says the solution has started to work, he will get used to all this in a while. Randhir tortures Ansh with electric shocks but Ansh gets faint. Randhir removes the electric protection and goes to hold Ansh’s head in his lap. Ansh wakes up and clutches Randhir’s neck. Baby comes as Randhir’s protector, ignites the rays towards Ansh while engaging his escape with a helicopter. Randhir had freed himself by the time and locks Ansh back in the cell, chained on a chair. Randhir speaks to Baby that it seems Ansh doesn’t know about the attack.

Aditi comes to Amrita in the hospital and says they have a proof of attack. There was no entry or exit, someone from the family attacked Dharam. Amrita wonders who would attack Dharam in that house.
Chetan discusses with Gia that it will now be easy for them to make Randhir confess. Nain Tara and husband discuss who could attack Dharam. Gia says it’s important for them to track Ansh now, she spots Nisha and speaks to her about Ansh. She tells Nisha only she can save Ansh from Randhir and Amrita. Amrita comes home in the police uniform, she gathers everyone including Gia. She says its better the attacker accepts himself, else she might use other ways. Gia tells her not to include her as she wasn’t in the house when this happened. Randhir escapes hearing all this. Nain Tara and husband objects that this may be a revenge from being on Gia or Ansh’s side. Amrita goes inside looking around the rooms in spite of serious objections from Nain Tara and others.

There, a masked man enters the room and places various objects in a room’s cupboards. Amrita and team finds a blood stained shirt in the room, a knife hidden under a door rug. Randhir’s watch was found near the window, but no one accepts it. Downstairs, Randhir comes inside and inquires what’s going on. Amrita says they found proofs against Nain Tara and take her. Randhir was relieved that he was pointlessly blaming himself, while the attack was done by Nain Tara. Gia speaks to Nisha that it seems Randhir attacked Dharam and planted evidences against Nain Tara. Randhir questions how dare she. Gia tells Nisha she injected a serum inside Randhir. Randhir warns Nisha to stay aware of Gia by all means.
Upstairs, Randhir place Baby on the side table. He asks why Gia is so sure. They wonder what Gia is planning.

In the investigation room, Nain Tara repeatedly asserts she doesn’t waste her energy on things that have no benefits for them. Amrita receives a phone call that Dharam is conscious. Amrita says now her father will speak himself who attacked him.

The masked man comes to the hospital. Dharam was all alone in the room. He plugs off the oxygen mask from Dharam’s face and tries to kill him by suffocating him with a pillow. A ward boy tries to stop him but was killed. Amrita comes inside but the masked man successfully escapes. They reach a dark room. Randhir opens the lights of the room. He explains to Amrita that he came to pay the bills but there was no light. Amrita tells him someone tried to kill Dharam and left the hospital. Randhir calms her and takes her to the room to check if Dharam is fine.

In the car, Gia shows Nisha the proof that Randhir attacked Dharam.

Amrita orders entry and exit point security. Dharam was terrified while the doctor tries to speak to him. Randhir requests to speak to him all alone. Dharam was afraid of Randhir with wide opened eyes. Randhir promises Dharam the security is tight, nothing will happen to him. Dharam speaks he brought Randhir up and would never go against him.

Gia demands Nisha to help her find Ansh, she will help her with Nain Tara’s release. Nisha replies she knows where Ansh is, but she won’t take them to Ansh. Gia orders Chetan to stop the car. She says she isn’t used to hearing a no.

Dharam tells Randhir something happened to Randhir and he attacked him. Randhir turns evil and shakes Dharam, asserting he didn’t do it. Dharam had wide opened eyes and was still. Randhir calls help from doctors. The doctors announce he has gone into comma.

Chetan tries to stop Gia but she calls the Haiwan who attacks Nisha. Baby jumps out of the bag in the car.

Amrita speaks to Randhir that she won’t leave this attacker at any cost. Randhir was tensed thinking about Gia inserting the solution and Dharam’s last words with him. Amrita was taken by the doctor. Randhir wonders if that solution is controlling him, all black outs and loss of memory. He thinks he needs to find the truth. He can’t hurt those who love him, or whom he loves. Baby dials Randhir’s number from Nisha’s phone. Baby tells Randhir to listen what’s happening here. Gia warns Nisha to take her to Ansh, or this Haiwan will kill Nisha. Chetan tries to stop Gia but was slapped. Nisha accepts taking her to Ansh. She asks for water and Chetan gets her. Randhir was determined he can’t let Nisha take them to Ansh.

In a godown, Nisha tells Gia and Chetan this is where Ansh has been kept. Baby crawls out of the car and wish Randhir reaches here soon. He looks around. A lizard teases Baby and chases him.

Chetan and Nisha were stopped by Gia. Gia says they need to deactivate the ray security on Ansh. They deactivate the rays and reaches the chair. It was only a projection of Ansh. Gia questions Nisha why she lied to them. Nisha says she knew this location only. Randhir comes there and forbids Gia to dream of winning over him. Gia threatens she would show an interesting video to Amrita. Nisha tells Randhir about the video and claims it’s fake. Baby also speaks up that its fake. Nisha inquires what happened to Baby. Meanwhile, Randhir’s eyes blink green and he leaves.

Amrita orders Aditi to keep the security tight. Randhir reaches Amrita and hugs her. He was out of breath. Randhir says Gia wanted to take Ansh out but he saved him. He asks her to be cautious, Gia is very shrewd. Randhir thinks Gia can’t create misunderstandings between them. Amrita walks to the balcony. Randhir brings food for her and requests her eat a little. They finally eat with each other’s hands. Randhir tells Amrita sometimes everything isn’t what it seems to be. God only testifies those who are worth it, time changes soon. Amrita claims Randhir is an angel for her, he won’t let things ruin. They hug each other. Randhir was still worried about all proves going against him. His face turns green, eyes blink while he cough. He turns to go and find water for himself.

Gia reaches hospital to show the video to Amrita. Amrita goes looking for Amrita. Someone attacks Amrita and her guard, punching her at the back of her neck and steals the drive. Gia finally wakes up and comes across Amrita. Gia tells Amrita she came to meet her but Randhir just attacked her. She says she knows who attacked Dharam.

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