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Haiwan 28th December 2019 Episode Start With Nisha and Aditi brought Amrita to the cabin where Randhir had been kept. They find a note I love you, Amrita and Amrita recognizes the writing of Randhir.

Jadu got Randhir in the secret room of Govind. Randhir opens his gadget and begins to fly in the air. Jadu follows Randhir and fires bullets towards Randhir. Randhir protects himself from his attacks.
The car was out of order. The police van driver tells it will take 15 to 20 minutes. Aditi was with Amrita. Amrita promises Aditi that they will also find Dev after Randhir. Aditi says they need to find Redics before that, she is responsible for everything. Amrita tells Aditi that Ansh was with Redics in the café when his battery got discharged. She wishes she meets Randhir soon. The driver asks Aditi to turn the car on. Amrita comes across a group of ladies and saves one of their thali. A lady tells Amrita they are fasting and going to pray a tree so that their husbands remain protected and with them. Amrita says she couldn’t fast, but she wishes to follow them. The ladies happily take Amrita. During the Pooja, Amrita prays God to be on Randhir’s side. She passes on the thali and still prays for Randhir’s safety and protection. Randhir’s device goes out of battery and he lands on a boat. Jadu lands with him and asks what Randhir will do now. He captures Randhir from behind and asks about the whereabouts of diary. Randhir punches Jadu on his face. Jadu says a minor injection can do nothing to him. Randhir allows Jadu to torture him as much as he can, he won’t feel any pain for hours. He says Jadu can only torture him and not kill him, he needs the whereabouts of diary. They have a fight on the boat. Randhir says he has no time to waste time. Jadu takes Randhir along, flying in the air. Randhir feels terrified but was helpless.

The ladies now pray with the thread in hand. Amrita’s thread breaks under the storm. An old lady says it’s a bad omen. This shows there is great trouble over Amrita and asks her to take care of her. Aditi comes to take Amrita. They get a call from Nisha. Nisha asks Amrita why they are so late for home. She says may be Nain Tara knows about the red diary, as Govind wanted to get the diary at any cost.
Chetan and Gia were going together when their car was stopped by Ansh. Ansh turns himself to Haiwan.
Aditi drives the car. Amrita cries silently and goes into the flashback. They three of them used to be happy together. On the last day party of their college, Randhir mocked their mates around. Randhir said his plans in life are just to get drunk and party. Ansh was sure Randhir would be a big scientist as he is the son of a huge scientist. Randhir kissed Ansh’s cheek. Amrita got between them. She was crying in the car and tells Aditi she got between them. It’s because of her that their friendship was broken.
Jadu held Randhir hostage and shows him some magical tricks. He harasses Randhir physically and asks him to tell him about the diary, else he will bring Amrita here. Randhir screams out of pain. Randhir asks why he is giving him such easy death; he can make him wear electric band. He gets hold of Jadu and forces the band over his head. Randhir says he is a useless joker as he has no control over his brain. Jadu throws a bomb on the floor and tells Randhir to run away. There was a blast and Jadu lay on the floor turned upside down.

Nain Tara doesn’t accept knowing about Randhir in front of Nisha. Nain Tara says she would have told them; she holds Randhir as her son. Only Gia knows where he is.

Amrita gets an idea where Randhir could be.

Ansh sat on the wall of balcony while Gia and Chetan were hug with a wall. He says he will spare both of them, only if they tell him where Randhir is. Gia says Randhir flew from where they kept him. Ansh says their dad must surely know where Randhir has been. Govind comes to his secret room. He finds everything missing and fumes that it must be Randhir. He was determined not to spare that Randhir. He receives a phone call from Randhir. Ansh speaks to Govind on video call and turns the camera towards Gia and Chetan. He demands Govind tell him about Randhir else he will kill them. Gia and Chetan tell Govind not to play games, Ansh will really kill them. Ansh cuts the call and inquires if Govind is their real father. Chetan continues to plead Ansh. Gia promises Ansh to help him find Randhir. Ansh now steps downstairs and says it’s all lie; he can never give them any chance.

Baby tells Amrita and Nisha that he has reprogrammed Redics completely. He will now follow their commands. Amrita gives Redics a few commands. Amrita orders Redics to call Gia’s dad and tell him that they found the diary. Redics calls Govind who was happy to hear from him. Redics tells him that he found the diary. Govind tells Redics to reach the location he will just send; he will be there soon. Amrita wished to arrest Govind before he can take any false step.

Randhir tries to find a lift for himself but none of the cars stop for help. Randhir thinks he must reach home. A strange lady stalks Randhir.

Redics reaches the venue with Amrita and police. Redics comes forward to face Govind. Redics sends the signal to Amrita. Her team checks that it was only a doll there on the wheel chair. Soon, smoke scatters around. Amrita and her team falls faint. Govind comes there and shoots Redics. He tells Amrita he knew Redics wasn’t loyal when he couldn’t connect him. Amrita will now be a source for him to reach Randhir.

Randhir returns home. Nisha asks Randhir why he didn’t connect to Amrita yet. She tells Randhir Amrita has gone to arrest Govind. She receives a video call from Govind and finds Amrita had been held by him. Randhir speaks to Govind that their enmity is with him and not Amrita. Govind demands the red diary.
Randhir and Nisha come to the lab. Randhir wonders what’s so special in the red diary that everyone is behind it. Nisha asks Randhir where the red diary is. Randhir turns his computer on and loads the secret vault password. It was under a tile. Randhir now dials the password of vault lock and opens it up. There lay the red diary. Randhir says this fight isn’t only to save Amrita. He needs to find out what’s the secret behind this red diary. He wonders what secret Govind had been talking about.
Gia and Chetan return home with Ansh. Gia says they placed a tracker on Govind’s wheel chair and Ansh can track him. Chetan wonders what kind of dad he got, he is ready to give up on his children for the sake of a diary. Ansh leaves as Haiwan. Gia was angry over Chetan but he says his father is smart enough to deal Randhir or Ansh.

The lady stalking Randhir was dressed in heavy jewelry and makeup. She asks a lift from a young guy. He was flirtatious instead and offers her to come with him. The lady stares into his eyes and hypnotizes him. The lady says the man who considers woman as weak has to face such ending. He will now turn into a monkey who has just entered a city. The young man fell on the floor and wakes up as a stranger. The lady drives his car and speaks to himself that Amrita must be ready now, as she is coming to meet her.
Randhir comes to Govind and Amrita. Govind asks Randhir to give the diary and take Amrita. Randhir inquires Govind the secret in the diary first. He has seen the photo of the lake, and his father’s photos there as well. He hands the diary to Govind. Govind says it’s not a simple lake, but a lake of powers of eternity. His father took the formula for making the Super Human from the same lake. Randhir didn’t want to believe that stupidity. Govind says he wants to get the eternal life. Randhir says he can’t let Govind achieve such success and peace. He snatches the diary and burns it all together. He frees Amrita and says today, he has finished the red diary. The secret will now remain a secret. Amrita arrests Govind right there to spend the rest of his life in jail.
Haiwan clutches Randhir’s shoulder from behind and takes it. Amrita runs behind them. Govind lay on the ashes of burnt diary.

Aditi picks Amrita in a police van. Dev was with them. Aditi tells them how they saved Dev. Haiwan carried Randhir to the place where their friendship had started. Ansh says today, their friendship will end at the same place. He will take Randhir’s life. Randhir says it’s not as easy. He has to turn Ansh into his friend again. Ansh was determined not to leave Randhir alive. He punches Randhir’s face. Randhir questions if he would kill his brother. Ansh says Randhir has always taken care of his friendship. He turns himself to Haiwan and continues to beat Randhir.


Haiwan 29th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Randhir tells Amrita that everyone must be thinking that the red diary is burnt. There was a secret camera in the lab and Govind cheers that the diary is still there.

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