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Haiwan 24th November 2019 Episode Start With Nain Tara was irked at her husband, who celebrated his victory.Randhir and Amrita happily sits for the wedding. Randhir and Amrita happily take the wedding rounds. Randhir happily ties the Mangal Sooter.

Gia sat in her lab, distressed that she was defeated by Randhir. Govind scolds her and tells her to stay calm, anger and rage can’t get everything. They must let Randhir celebrate things, he has defeated himself. Although, her experiment wasn’t complete and she could only inject half of the solution. This won’t turn him into a complete Haiwan, but he will get the worst of world’s habits.

Amrita happily wish a congrats to Randhir after they had taken blessings from elders.

At night, Nisha made the bed for Amrita. She tells Amrita she never liked her, but all the misunderstandings are clear now. She is happy Amrita got the one she loved. They were waiting for Randhir.

Randhir was in the lab with Baby. They solidified the security protection around Ansh, and increased the voltage of the passage. Ansh wakes up. Randhir tells Ansh he will have to stay here until he gets cured. Ansh shouts he doesn’t want to get cured anymore. He only wants to stay as the Haiwan. Randhir warns Ansh to even take the name of Amrita, he is married to her. All at once, Randhir’s eyes flash green, his body also turns blue. Ansh celebrates Gia’s magic card game, and mixed the evil serum in Randhir’s body. He laughs and fore looks the time till Randhir remains as a good will ambassador. He would now see how long Amrita stays in love with Randhir. Baby comes to Randhir who screams of agony. Randhir replies he is fine, it seems he had some internal injury. He rushes to go to Amrita, as she must be waiting. Ansh stops Randhir still laughing at his condition.

Amrita was waiting in the bridal attire when Randhir comes to the room. He pours himself a glass of water. Amrita hugs him from behind. She asks what took him too late. Randhir says he was checking for the security of Ansh. Amrita says he must be extremely tired, and take rest. Randhir promises her a surprise, as it’s their first night as husband wife. He brings her to the terrace and uses a remote. The two flies on a flying carpet, above the valley of Shimodra. He tells Amrita it’s his latest invention, there are some ice cube sized motors beneath these carpet. Amrita tightly hugs Randhir and asks what if the motors fail. Randhir tells her not to doubt his invention, he thought about doing something new on their first night; away from the world, closer to the stars, a very special kiss. Amrita turns to him, then says she is afraid of height. Randhir tells her to hold him tight. They discuss how pretty Shimodra appears from here. She was now afraid. Amrita asks how he always make their moments so special. If he has some formula, or some magic. Amrita had closed he eyes while Randhir moved to her for a kiss. At once, his eyes flash green once again. He turns away at once. Randhir was tensed and says he doesn’t feel fine, it’s strange and different. Amrita says it’s alright, he is only short of oxygen. She uses the remote to get back home.

Gia packs her bags. Chetan tries to stop her, as she doesn’t need to accept defeat from Randhir. Gia says it’s just another beginning.

Randhir stood in the window, tensed about whatever happened in Gia’s lab and then Ansh’s claims. Amrita comes to him and consoles that Ansh can now be cured. He must go and take a nice shower.
Chetan tries to stop Gia. Gia says she will keep in touch, but right now there is no space for Chetan, wherever she is going.

Randhir comes to the bath. Amrita had lit a few candles, and hands him aroma tablets. Randhir holds her arm to stop her, saying they won’t be different anymore. They get romantic and celebrate a few cozy moments together. Randhir pulls Amrita into the bath tub. He gets aggressive, while his eyes flash green. Amrita resists his grip and says he is hurting her. Randhir gets away, wondering what he is doing; his body turns green. Amrita convince Randhir that it’s alright, her mistake. Randhir drapes himself in the shirt and leaves the bath. He wonders how he can hurt Amrita, he must stay away from her. He goes downstairs into the lab.

In the lab, the machine detects that there is a devilish solution in the blood sample. The level is 25%. Dharam comes to wake Randhir up, but his eyes and body still flash green. The lights of the house go out. Baby comes looking for Amrita. Amrita was tensed and looks for Randhir. Baby says he was behaving weird since evening. Baby goes to fix the lights. Amrita comes to the lab, Nisha also looks around for Randhir.

Downstairs in the lab, Amrita steps over someone and notices blood on her hand. She finds Dharam lying on the floor, injured. She sends Nisha to call the ambulance. Dharam was carried upstairs.
Randhir wakes up in the forest. He notices the blood in his hands and wonders where he got this blood. He remembers hurting Amrita. He wonders if he hurt someone. He had been with Amrita, but how he can hurt Amrita.

In the hospital, Amrita and Dadi were tensed as they take Dharam to emergency. Randhir looks for signals on his phone but couldn’t connect. Amrita consoles Dadi and assures he will be fine. She asks Baby where Randhir is. Baby replies the phone is reachable. He says there is a possibility that Randhir had spotted the attacker. He gets a call from Amrita. Amrita speaks on phone. Amrita was concerned and asks where he has been. Randhir says he felt strange, and came out. Amrita says someone attacked Dharam, he is bleeding badly and lost a large amount of blood. They are outside the OT. Randhir speaks to Baby now. He says he is stuck at an unknown location, Baby needs to track his location and reach him wish some clothes.

Randhir was unable to remember how he reached this place. Baby reaches Randhir. He notices the blood on his hands. Randhir says he doesn’t remember anything how he came here. Randhir tells Baby that Gia tried to insert a devilish solution in his body, but Baby had come for his rescue. He is unaware if the experiment failed or not. Baby asks what the last thing he remembers is. Randhir recalls being with Amrita, but then he felt suffocation and left. Baby cautiously suggests Randhir there is a possibility it’s the aftermath of solution. What if he attacked Dharam? Randhir asks how this is possible, he takes the T-shirt and goes to Amrita.

In the hospital, Amrita comes to hug Randhir and cries badly. She complains that he left without informing her on their first wedding night. Randhir apologizes, as he felt suffocation inside. He even hurt her on her arm, though she never wanted to. Amrita takes Randhir in the room. She cries who could attack her father so fiercely. Randhir promises to find out who is behind the attack. Dadi urges him to punish the wild person well.

Baby and Randhir discuss what if Gia did so. Randhir says he must tell Amrita that Gia tried to insert the solution in him. Baby says she is already tensed because of Dharam, she will be further stressed. Dadi convince Amrita to leave and take some rest, she is here and will take care of Dharam. Randhir also convinces Amrita and says they will come to hospital early morning.

Gia had shifted to Randhir’s house. She instructs the servants to get her breakfast at 7 am sharp. Randhir and Amrita return home. Gia welcomes them home. Randhir clutches Gia and questions what she is doing in his house. Gia reminds Randhir that this house is company’s asset, and she is a partner of his company now. She has a right over this house as well. She will co-reside this house with them. She now congratulates Amrita for marrying the most eligible bachelor, but it seems Gia-Randhir must have been a better couple. Amrita says this won’t affect their relation at all, these tactics are useless. Randhir tells Amrita to go upstairs and shouts at Gia to get lost. Gia says there was an attack over Dharam. But no one knows the attacker was Randhir Aghihotri. Randhir asks why he would do so. Gia says she inserted a devilish solution in his blood, and he can do anything. Randhir blames Gia instead for the attack. Gia gets close to Randhir, moving her hands over his face. Randhir warns Gia to stay away. Gia goes to take rest. Baby was tensed that Gia is here to create problems for them.

Randhir discusses with Baby to go to lab and check the CCTV footage. His eyes flash green once again. Gia overheard this and escapes. Randhir sends Baby to go and get to work, he has an important call to make. Randhir stood in front of the mirror. He watches his eyes flashing green, his skin turning green. He thinks this seems Gia inserted the solution and it’s the after effects. It’s exactly what happens to Gia.

Baby could sense someone present right behind him. He turns around cautiously but no one was there. In the lab, Baby was working with the computers. Someone in a black veil comes with a wooden rod stick and hits Baby on the back of his head. Baby was unconscious. The black dressed being now carries baby into the Tank and injects a solution, then turning the voltage. Baby’s body trembles in shock.
Randhir tries to get hold of himself, still rubbing his flashing eyes.


Haiwan 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Amrita asks Aditi if some family member attacked Dharam. Gia discusses with Chetan that before blackmailing Randhir with the attack recording, they must track Ansh. Amrita inquires about the attack. Gia blames Randhir.


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