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Haiwan 23rd November 2019 Episode Start With Baby and Randhir struggle to get their hands freed from chair. Baby signals Randhir. Randhir asks Chetan not to try these girlish perfumes. They mock that in their party, two hot girls already commented that Gia seems to be the man while Chetan is innocent. They provoke Chetan as even the security guards aren’t under his control.

Amrita asks Nisha if she really loves Ansh. She must open her eyes and see that Ansh is marrying her; she couldn’t have trusted Randhir so blindly and must have killed him for such an act.
Chetan cries that Gia always slaps him, even when he is wrong. Baby suggests Chetan to take an action for himself.

Amrita convince Nisha that Ansh is crazy in her love, and is forcing to marry him. Nisha thinks about Ansh’s claim, and says he is only marrying Amrita as a revenge from Randhir. Amrita asks what revenge he may take by marrying Amrita. Ansh must have insisted to marry Nisha, had he loved her. Ansh doesn’t love Nisha at all. He is only using Nisha to achieve his intentions. Nisha disagrees. Amrita asks her to go and test by herself.

Chetan decides to prove to Gia now that he is smart and strong. Randhir suggests Chetan to finish off and challenge a powerful person, even Ansh. Chetan boasts about being extremely smart and give a face off to Randhir. Randhir seems a little fearful, Chetan happily unties the ropes. Randhir stabs the back of his head. Chetan falls faint. Randhir decides to tackle the security guards with brains.

In the room, the guards come to see a girl dancing on the bed. They wonder where they have left. One of the guards was attracted towards the girl. They follow her to the bath and hold her wet saree. Randhir turns on the electricity and the guards faint due to electric current. Randhir and Baby come to Chetan with a gun, and inquires about the hide out of children.

Nisha comes to Ansh and wanted to speak to him immediately. Ansh comes to a corner and convince Nisha that he loves her, marrying Amrita is only a revenge. Nisha insists on Ansh to prove it. She presents a bottle of Sindoor and convince him to fill her hairline and marry her before Amrita then. Ansh was aggressive and slaps Nisha.

Randhir comes to Amrita in the room. Amrita was concerned for the kids. Randhir convince Amrita to stay around, else they can harm the kids. She must stay around Ansh and try to delay this wedding. Amrita warns this may be the last night of her life. Randhir forbids her say so, as she is his courage.
Nisha was crying. Ansh grabs her at once and apologizes for his aggression. He promises he would celebrate the Suhaag Raat only with her, no matter whom he marries. He hugs her from behind, and silently confirms if she trusts him. Nisha silently nods. Ansh requests her to bring Amrita to the Mandap.

Upstairs, Nisha comes to Amrita with the guards. Amrita was in a disbelief. Nisha takes Amrita. Randhir was hiding under his invisibility cloak when Amrita comes to the Mandap. Ansh holds her hand. The wedding had just begun. Randhir whispers to Amrita that he would never go away from her. She must turn their love into her strength. He is leaving to save the children, but she must never forget that this Mandap belongs to them.

The Pandit asks everyone to stand up for the Vermala. Amrita faints. Ansh and everyone was tensed.
Randhir and Baby were headed to the bus location along with Chetan. Baby could see the bus and says that Gia’s creature is also there.

The doctor tells Ansh that Amrita will soon be conscious. Ansh was furious. Nisha calms Ansh down. Ansh goes downstairs looking for Gia. Nain Tara says she saw Gia going outside. In the room, Nisha asks Amrita to wake up, she knows it is fake. Nisha agrees to Amrita that Ansh is betraying her. Amrita shares an idea.

Nisha comes in a veil in bridal attire and sits besides Ansh. She recalls Amrita suggested her to change in this bridal attire and sits for wedding. Once she is married, Ansh will be bound with her.
Randhir and Baby reach the bus and try to calm the kids. The teleporter comes to take Randhir with him and transports him to Gia’s lab. Gia and Chetan come downstairs. Chetan boasts about being smart enough, trapping Randhir and kidnapping him. Randhir had been caught in a machine in Gia’s lab. Gia tells Randhir there is a Haiwan in each one of them, it wish to come out but we are afraid only. Randhir replies there is a God as well. Gia says she is going to inject Ansh’s blood sample of evil traits in Randhir. Gia asks him to chill, he won’t turn into a Haiwan. Only the pointless good will in his personality will be no more.

Amrita calls Baby. Baby tells Amrita the kids are safe, he dropped them to school. Randhir has been kidnapped by the teleporter. Amrita was at once tensed.

Gia orders her team to start the process. Gia asks Randhir to calm down, as soon as the solution gets inside his body he won’t have any problems with her. He will be greedy and selfish. All at once, the machine gives an error. Chetan notices a gadget in Randhir’s hand. Gia decides the procedure will take place today.

Amrita takes the revolver from Randhir’s lab. She calls Baby and Aditi to reach Gia’s house, she is coming there.

Dharam comes for the Gathbandhan. Nisha was tensed what if Ansh recognizes the fake tattoo on her arm.
Amrita leaves the house in glasses and veil. She hits Nain Tara on her way, but was able to escape.
The tattoo washes off Nisha’s face. Ansh stops the pooja and pulls the veil off. Everyone was shocked to see Nisha under it. Ansh aggressively removes his Chunri. He clutches Nisha’s neck and holds her flying in the air. Everyone goes to Nisha’s rescue. Ansh deters to kill her if Amrita doesn’t come to stage.

Amrita had just reached the car. She hears Ansh shouting her name. She pulls the trigger of revolver but Ansh stops the bullets with his hands. He walks to Amrita who stood there helpless. In the hall, Ansh threatens Amrita that he will kill his father and Dadi if she doesn’t come here in the bridal attire. Dharam and Dadi allow Amrita to leave, and not care about them. Ansh now decides to kill everyone in the hall otherwise.

Aditi argues with the security guards of Gia who won’t let them inside. Baby comes there but was stabbed and easily fainted by the guards.

Inside the lab, Gia begins the procedure. Randhir struggles to stop Gia. Gia says Randhir has no idea what she is capable of. They provide him with electric shock. Randhir faints thinking about Amrita.
Amrita was brought downstairs in the bridal attire now. Ansh forces her to sit.

Randhir gets electric jerks and shouts Amrita’s name meanwhile.

Baby wakes up and was at once tensed for Randhir.

The machine had stopped at once. A smoke bomb was thrown into the lab. Everyone gets the cough. Baby had come inside in his invisibility cloak and saved Randhir. Gia sends the guards, but they fire bullets at the guards and escape.

Outside, Baby gives a high five to the teleporter and says the teleporter is their side. Randhir tells Baby he only works for money. The teleporter says he was working for Gia. But then he realized Gia was trying a dangerous experiment over him. There has to be some fun, but the good must always prevail in the world. He takes a leave from the Randhir as he was headed to a different world. Randhir was in a hurry to go and marry Amrita.

Ansh forcefully pulls Amrita to stand for wedding rounds. Amrita pulls a dragger and says she had vowed she won’t marry Ansh. Ansh throws the dragger towards Dadi. Ansh says next time, it will go straight into Dadi. Randhir and Baby come inside with a huge machine which fires some electric rays towards Ansh. Ansh fells far from the stage but still stares in rage. Amrita goes to hug Randhir. Ansh walks towards Randhir, and clutches his fists to attack. Everyone run out of the hall. Baby evacuates the house. Amrita forces Dharam and Dadi to leave as well. Ansh turns himself into the Haiwan. Randhir was throws away by his single kick. He manages to stand up but the Haiwan punches his once again. Baby throws a ball at Randhir. Randhir throws the ball inside the fire, thus troubling Ansh. Randhir now uses bundle of rays on the Haiwan. It turns to Ansh who was unconscious. Randhir says it was enough of stubbornness, now Ansh will do what he wants him to. He carries Ansh on his shoulders and vows to treat him. It’s not only about their friendship, but also his love. He can’t allow Ansh remove his love.
They carry Ansh into the vessel and locks him inside. Randhir pulls the controls. Ansh’s body was electrified. He trembles and screams out of pain, screaming that he doesn’t want to get cured. He only wants Amrita. Randhir complains it’s the most important day of his life, and here his brother stands as an enemy. It is because of the evil solution in his body. Randhir says he has only two important people in life, Amrita and Ansh. He wants them both back. He will cure Ansh in any possible way. Ansh roars in the vessel helplessly. Ansh thinks it’s impossible, because the solution will turn him devilish.


Haiwan 24th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Randhir shows symptoms of the evil solution injected in his body.


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