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Haiwan 1st February 2020 Episode Start WithRaghbir packs his bags. He speaks to Baby that it’s a moment he has waited for whole year. His life started with the moment when Amrita had accepted his love, he wants to keep it in front of his eyes even when he dies. Dharam comes to Randhir and offers his help in the mission. Randhir requests him for prayers. Dharam says Amrita knows Randhir is her husband. Disha told her that she is her elder sister and got her hypnotized.

There, Amrita was still chained. She wish Randhir realizes somehow that Ashwini isn’t any scientist but he is Ashvadhyama.Randhir watches a photo of Ashvadhyama and the visiting card of Ashwini, Amrita’s words echo in his mind who tried to hint on him. Randhir tells Dharam that Amrita had tried to point towards some connection between Ashwini and Ashvadhyama in her last call. Baby suggests about checking the CCTV footage of the whole house.

Ashvadhyama was in the room. He says soon, he will get his Ratan back with all his powers. Disha jumps into his room. Ashvadhyama was angry and asks why she took such risk to come here. Disha replies she loves to take risks, the family is already silly. She encircles his neck with her arms and says she wants to accompany him on the journey and wish to see him get his powers back.

Dharam and Randhir play the footage of Disha and Ashwini together in the corridor, then Disha jumping in the window of guest house. Randhir was cautious and says it’s possible that Ashwini and Ashvadhyama are name of same person.

Disha says soon Ashvadhyama will turn to a God. Ashvadhyama was determined that once he gets the powers he will make the God’s world suffer. It was the God who cursed him and left him to suffer in the forests with wild animals. They hear someone cry outside. Ashwini goes to check outside. Downstairs in the hall, Dharam cried in pain. Baby requests Ashwini to come and help Dharam as he had a muscle strain. Ashwini comes to help Dharam and was indulged.

There, in the room Randhir comes behind Disha with a syringe of anti-hypnosis serum. Randhir questions Disha what connection she has with Ashwini, he just saw them together in the CCTV footage. He warns her not to perform hypnosis over him as he has already prepared for it. Disha fights Randhir with expertise of a gymnast. Randhir twists her arms behind her and injects the serum at the back of her neck.

Downstairs, Ashwini hears Disha’s cry. Baby says the frequency of the voice must have changed and it is surely Dharam. Ashwini applies the balm, then runs upstairs. Disha wasn’t there in room. Ashwini comes downstairs but Dharam and Baby weren’t there. Nain Tara tells Ashwini that she spot Dharam, Baby and Randhir go outside. Ashwini follows. Later, Dharam appears from behind the couch and thanks Nain Tara. Nain Tara says she is only interested in the person who gets the Ratan, she would save her daughter from her craziness then.

In the laboratory, Nain Tara was with Randhir, Dharam and Baby. Disha sat on the chair. Randhir tells Disha that he used science to hypnotize her and injected the serum. Now, her brain is in their control. Randhir asks Disha what is her connection with Ashwini. Disha was drooling, but says that she wants revenge. She can’t be the good girl whom her father would love. She requests Dharam to get closer and bites on his hand. Randhir injects some more medicine to overpower the effects of medicine.

Gia was flying a robotic fly in Randhir’s laboratory with hidden camera. They direct it to the table where Randhir works, and spots the map there.Disha tells Randhir that Amrita and Ansh are in Rani Palace.In the captive, Ansh tries to turn to a Haiwan and requests Amrita not to hurt herself. The gamma ray machine doesn’t let him turn to a Haiwan. Amrita says that’s his reality, he is a Haiwan. Ansh says he had turned to a Haiwan because of her and Randhir. The pole with which he was chained falls because of his force. The machine was broken. Ansh walks to Amrita and says he turned to a Haiwan for her love only. He turns himself to Haiwan once again. Ashwini comes there, clapping. He speaks to Haiwan that they have seen these worldly people. They never let Ansh get what he longed for. He can look at himself, they turned him to a Haiwan. He promises the Haiwan that they can pair up, and they will rule the world once the Ratan is found. Amrita convince Ansh that he is only provoking.

Randhir was headed towards the Rani Palace on his bike. The old man who had just saved the protector’s girls’ group has flashes of Ashwini.Ashwini tells Ansh that he is the Ashvadhyama of this generation. His beloveds snatched his love from him. He promises to get Ansh whatever he would want. Amrita stops Ansh and warns him not to repeat his mistake. The Haiwan walks to Ashwini. He was happy and raises his hand. Ansh shakes the hand but only to throw Ashwini up in the air. Amrita requests Ansh to unchain her. Ashwini stops him. He uses the power in his hands, reads a mantra on the arrow and bow that it appears. Ashwini says none was saved from his power, and stand his attack. He hits an arrow towards Haiwan who falls on the floor at once. Ashwini watches him recover and stand up once again. Randhir had just entered the palace and hits his bike with a pole, resultantly pushing Ashwini behind a broken wall. Amrita was excited to see Randhir. They hug each other while Amrita cries. The Haiwan turns to Ansh once again. Ashwini appears from beneath the pile of bricks, gets his bow and arrow and reads the Mantra. Randhir creates a wall in front of Amrita and Ansh jumps in front of them both. The arrow couldn’t reach them and was hit by a magical arrow instead. It was the squad of Ratan’s protectors who attacked with magical powers and encages Ashvadhyama. The old man hurries Randhir and Amrita to come along. Randhir request Ansh to join them as well. Ansh finally holds Randhir’s hand. The three jump in the cart and disappears from Rani Palace. Ashwini threatens that he will punish Randhir badly.

As they fly above the skies, Randhir tells Amrita to calm down, he won’t let her hurt. He also offers Amrita his own jacket as she felt cold.The old man tells Randhir he had taken his father as well, to the valley where they have been protecting Ashvadhyama Ratan for centuries.Disha wakes up in the lab. Ashwini stood there. Disha hugs him and apologizes for messing it all up. She hands him a knife to kill her. Ashwini throws the knife away. He says there should be no mistake in love and war. He still suffers because of his own mistakes. He can’t bear to lose that Ratan. Gia comes there and says their intentions are same; why not work along. She inquires if he is the real Ashvadhyama whom they have heard about. Ashwini says every narrator is the hero of his story because a lion can’t narrate. He wasn’t ready to team up because Gia is useless and helpless. The Monster appears to everyone’s excitement. Govind tells Ashvadhyama that they got the map and also his family. Nain Tara, Dharam and Baby were inside the cage.

Gia tells them that Randhir had handed the map in Baby’s protection when he went to save Amrita. Ashvadhyama asks why they need him. Gia says people who protect Ratan have stayed undefeated for centuries. They would need Ashvini’s expertise and powers, combined with their science. Ashvadhyama says the Ratan only belongs to him. Gia suggests about figuring some way to utilize most of the Ratan’s benefits.
In the car, Ashvadhyama directs the way to Chetan. Gia offers Ashwini a chocolate but Disha takes it.

Randhir was brought to the valley. Baba tells Randhir that 25 years ago, he had a fight with Ashvadhyama and he fall deep in a forest. Deepak was there and treated him. He told him about his research on metaphysical powers. He was interested in Ashvadhyama story.
Ashvadhyama reaches a spot to take the rest of journey on foot. Disha and Gia have an argument over their abilities.Baba takes Randhir to the waterfall where the Ratan was resting. Randhir recognizes the place. Baba says he had gifted this water as gift to Deepak. He requests him to create a creature who can face Ashvadhyama powers. He now recognizes Randhir can do, what Deepak could never achieve.

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