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Haiwan 1st December 2019 Episode Start With Gia hits Amrita in the corridor. Randhir also reach behind them. Gia tells Amrita she came to meet Amrita but Randhir stopped her. She knows who attacked her, and even got the CCTV footage of lab as proof but Randhir stopped her. Amrita was angry that Gia won’t be spared if she finds out Gia’s hand behind all this. Gia now inquires Randhir till when he will stay hidden. Gia leaves. Amrita questions what Gia wants, she always take his name. Randhir says he himself doesn’t know what she wants. Amrita had to take a few items from home. Randhir goes to take the car, while Amrita had a sign a few files. Someone brings the body guard’s dead body to Randhir’s car back seat. Amrita comes looking for Randhir who didn’t respond to her phone calls. Amrita asks what has happened to Randhir, he isn’t responding. They drive back home.

Nisha comes to the room. Ansh shouts at Nisha to spare him. Baby maximizes the security beams through Nisha’s help. He says even at power breakages the beams won’t go out. They will be connected to solar energy. Nisha tells Ansh he betrayed her, but she still loves him. She can’t let him go till he is cured. Ansh shouts at Nisha, calling her crazy. Nisha grabs the bow and arrow machine and says she has seen Baby and Randhir use this. Baby requests Nisha not to use this, but Nisha turns the security off and moves towards Ansh. Ansh grabs Nisha’s neck and orders Baby to let him go. Ansh leaves the room. Baby urges Nisha to go and tell Randhir.

At home, Amrita was still confused who attacked her father and why. She receives a call from Dadi. Dadi says Amrita was recently married. She must have done her GrahaPravesh but at least Amrita must pray in the temple, and cook something sweet for Randhir then. She is here and will take care of Dharam. Randhir feels upset for not being able to do anything for Amrita. Amrita says she will go and take a bath. They must follow the old traditions, it might bring a good luck to them.

Ansh ran across the streets of Shimodra as Haiwan.

Amrita comes downstairs looking for Randhir. Randhir sets some flower petals and a pot of rice for her GrahaPravesh ritual. Randhir was apologetic to Amrita that he couldn’t welcome her to home well. He doesn’t know much about all the rituals, but he still planned this. He doesn’t her aarti looking deep into her eyes. Afterwards, Amrita steps inside with Randhir, leaving her red foot prints on the floor. Randhir now throws rings in a bowl of milk and play finding the ring. Randhir wins. Amrita says she has written her name after him, he must always take care of it. Her heart isn’t as strong as she is, he needs to take care of it always. She held his heart now. Gia watches this from outside the hall and leaves irked. Gia comes outside to Chetan. She says whenever she watches Randhir and Amrita together, she feels jealous. Randhir cursed that she can never get love, now he can’t as well get the love. Randhir thinks he must tell Amrita about the solution. He often faces black outs, and then Dharam was also terrified of him. He comes to Amrita now. Amrita asks if he has another surprise on her birthday. She doesn’t want any surprises, and only wish her father gets well soon.

Aditi comes to give some files to Amrita and tells Dev to stay outside. Gia and Chetan meet them outside. Gia calls her Haiwan who held Dev captive. Aditi agrees to help Gia but she must spare her husband.

Inside, Amrita prepares Gajar Ka Halwa for Randhir. Randhir offers to cut the carrots, and instead marks a cut on his hand. Amrita sucks his bleeding finger and goes to get the band aid. Randhir’s eyes blink green. Amrita receives a phone call from Aditi. Aditi says she got the reports of finger prints on the knife; it’s not Nain Tara but Randhir. Amrita assures she would come soon. Randhir comes to Amrita and inquires what’s wrong. Amrita was irritated and says it’s nothing, some work information. Randhir turns around and says it’s alright. Amrita silently thinks she must figure out why Aditi is blaming Randhir. She holds Randhir’s face and says she never hides anything. Randhir hugs Amrita, Randhir assures everything will soon be fine. All at once, Randhir slaps Amrita and holds her on tip of knife, inquiring what she knows. Amrita says she knows his truth. Randhir realizes he had been day dreaming, and Amrita just came downstairs in her police uniform. Randhir cleans the sindoor on her forehead. Ansh watches this through a window, then reaches a desserted place and roars that Randhir and Amrita’s love story can never exist.

In the car, Aditi requests Gia and Chetan to leave her husband. Gia laughs and says her husband will be with the new Haiwan till Amrita kidnaps Randhir.

Baby tells Nisha to go to Randhir in the lab and tell him Ansh has escaped. Randhir was tensed and frustrated. He says strange things are happening to him, he wonders why he doesn’t remember things. He left home and reached the forest, Dharam was attacked in the hospital, compounder was killed, and Gia was attacked; where he had been. He shows them the body of Gia’s body guard found in his car. He inquires Baby and Nisha if they got an explanation.

Amrita confirms from Aditi if she checked all the proofs herself. Aditi says she checked herself, all the proofs indicate towards Randhir.

Randhir tells Nisha and Baby to stay away from him. He has done all these murders. Nisha and Baby convince Randhir that Gia may have planned all this. Randhir says he needs to tell everything to Amrita. Baby convince him to at least make sure he did all this.

Gia discusses with Chetan that she needs to assure Randhir that he attacked Amrita’s father. Gia says she will separate Randhir and Amrita, like Randhir stole Ansh from her. Ansh will get Amrita while she would take over Randhir, his house and company.

Baby suggests Randhir to plant a camera and track everything. Randhir finds it a good idea. The man in mask was spying over them in lab.

Amrita releases Nain Tara from the jail. Nain Tara promises to personally take care of her father. Amrita thinks that Gia will get the benefit from all this. She hires Ganesh to help her catch a murderer and instructs him to blame that he saw Gia leave the house on their wedding night. She thinks she would pressurize Gia and get the truth, it must be Gia who as well earlier tried to part her and Randhir.

Ansh reaches Nisha and Baby as Haiwan. Baby hides himself and bucks Nisha to do it. Ansh questions if she cheated on him and helped Randhir. Nisha explains that Randhir blackmailed her and took advantage of her rage for her. The Haiwan turns to Ansh and wans her not to try being extra smart. He gets some electric shock, was tied in ropes by Randhir’s equipment. Baby appreciates Nisha and says they now need to transfer him to a safe place.

Nain Tara returns home. Gia was also there. Amrita says it’s confirmed that Nain Tara is innocent. She will reach the real attacker soon. Randhir stood upstairs. Amrita says this time she has come with an eye witness. He spot the attacker with blood stains, running out of the house while he loaded his items in the vehicle. Randhir goes to the room, tensed what if the caterer saw him. Amrita comes to the room and looks for medicine, as she had head ache. There was no medicine. Randhir makes her sit for acupressure treatment, which works faster than medicine. He gives a pressure massage on Amrita’s foot. She felt much better. He now sits close to Amrita and apologizes for all that she had to bear. A servant informs Amrita she has a guest. Amrita leaves as it must be an eye witness.
Amrita tells Ganesh not to be afraid of anyone. Ganesh says they were loading their items in the vehicle when he saw… The lights of the house go out. As the lights turn on, Ganesh lay dead. Amrita goes outside looking for the murderer. She comes across Amrita who tells Randhir that an innocent left his life because of her. He was a fake eye-witness. Gia is trying to trap Randhir, as even the knife had his finger prints. Randhir was clueless. He gets a call from Baby who calls him to the lab.
In the lab, Randhir plays the video of camera. He realizes that he killed that person. This means Gia was right, he is the murderer. He decides to hand himself to police, it’s not safe for him to stay outside. He plugs out the camera off his shirt.

Gia blames Randhir as the killer. Amrita shouts at her to shut up. Gia says someone attacked her father, the knife had Randhir’s finger prints. She herself saw the footage. Amrita says Randhir can never attack her father.

Randhir notices a crack on the camera and wonders how it took such clear footage. He decides to attack the camera to laptop.

Gia comes to Amrita and says she injected a solution into Randhir, did he tell her. Didn’t Amrita notice his odd behavior, his anger and confusions?

Randhir plays the footage at the time of murderer. It wasn’t him. Baby says this means it wasn’t Randhir. They decide to check once again. Someone was there behind Randhir in the lab. Randhir takes Baby on his hand. In the lab, Randhir speaks to the stranger to come outside, he knows he is somewhere around. The masked man walks to Randhir. Randhir inquires who he is. The man pulls off his white mask, with red lensed eyes.


Haiwan 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap: Amrita blames Randhir for attempt to murder on her father. She handcuffs Randhir. Upstairs, Randhir pulls a gun and holds it onto Amrita. Amrita points the gun on her forehead and tells him to shoot then.


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