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Haiwan 17th November 2019 Episode Start With Gia and Chetan stood with Ansh. Randhir was under his invisibility cloak and sends Gia a message. It reads, yellow suits her. They look around cautiously. Randhir texts her to leave the money at the left side of statue near them. Ansh sends Chetan to his position. He himself goes to Gia. Randhir speaks to Amrita on the ear piece that they have their eyes on the bag, she needs to distract them. Amrita comes to Chetan and asks him to go and meet Preeti, she is the gorgeous green eyed beauty. She goes to tackle Gia and Amrita now. Nisha now comes to Ansh and Gia. She wants Ansh to come along but Ansh wasn’t ready. Gia notices the bag had vanished. Ansh was irked and goes to Gia. Gia says she fixed the tracker. They notices the bag was somewhere outside.

Outside, Baby removed the tracker from the bag and thinks now the bag will reach where it was meant to be. Gia and Ansh were going outside. Randhir in the old man’s avatar stops Ansh and insists on him to take him to washroom. He climbed his back.

Gia comes across Chetan at the main entrance. They overhear Amrita speaking on phone that Ansh is sure he can get 50 crores from Gia easily. Then they will get married. Gia and Chetan come inside. Gia recognizes the same old man came to her room, this means he works for Ansh. They go to Ansh’s room. Baby had brought the bag to Ansh’s room. Gia and Chetan find it and the teleporter in a corner. They untie his mouth. The teleporter says Ansh kidnapped him. Chetan finds the hard disk, like the one they had received. Gia understands that Ansh is the blo*dy black mailer. He is playing games with her. he challenged the wrong person, he will now see what she does.

Nisha stops Ansh and says Randhir is alive. Ansh was shocked to hear this. He says this is impossible, he saw Randhir’s dead body. Nisha asks what if she proves it.

In the terrace, Amrita removes the moustache and beard off Randhir’s face. Randhir steals a moment to kiss Amrita’s face. They share a deep eye lock. Baby looks away and clears his throat once they were about to kiss. Randhir removes the fake beard and moustache and wish he finds Dharam and Dadi.
Nisha brings Ansh to the terrace. Ansh turns green all at once. Before he could furiously charge over them, the teleporter comes to take Ansh along. Nisha goes looking for Ansh. Randhir grabs Ansh’s cell phone and says this phone will take them to Dharam and Dadi.

The teleporter carries Ansh inside the house. The teleporter stops him from shouting. Gia and Chetan come there. The teleporter left with Ansh. Gia thinks she activated the tracker and will soon know where he is.

Randhir notices there are video calls on a number from Ansh. Amrita says he made a few video calls to blackmail her. Randhir creates a fake image of Ansh, so that the people on video call feels it’s the real one. He orders the team there to send the location where he needs to send Nisha. They receive the location. Randhir smiles that he got the plan to save Dharam and Dadi now.

The teleporter takes Ansh to an unknown location. Ansh tries to punch him but he vanishes each time, then reappears. Finally, Ansh was able to clutch his neck. Gia and Chetan reached the location by then. Ansh tells Gia that Randhir is alive. They have seen Randhir, but teleporter brought him. Gia blames Ansh for the blackmailing. It was her biggest mistake to trust him, and she never repeats her mistakes. She promises to pay the teleporter double than Ansh, he must finish Ansh. The teleporter punches and kicks Ansh and vanishes each time, dodging him. Ansh turns into Haiwan.

Randhir, Baby and Amrita reach a godown. Randhir fights the new Haiwan with his arrow bullets. The Haiwan fell on the floor.

Ansh grabs the teleporter and throws him down on the floor. He roars and turns into the Haiwan. Gia and Chetan watch him beat the teleporter. The teleporter vanishes, and returns flying from behind. Haiwan roars at him. He attacks once again, laughs hysterically and challenges Haiwan.

Baby reaches inside the godown and sends a shell of gas which faints everyone protecting Dadi and Dharam. Amrita and Randhir wear protective masks. They untie Dadi and Dharam from the chairs. Baby assures they are unconscious because of gas and will be find. Amrita hugs Randhir saying I love you, thank you so much. Baby teases that they start their romance anywhere. Amrita hurries them to leave before everyone wake up. Ansh beats the teleporter. Ansh clutches Gia’s neck and says Randhir is alive. She will know everything in a while. Gia receives a call that Randhir’s dead body is rotting. It’s something unusual, may be a robot. Ansh tells Gia that teleporter is with Randhir. The teleporter tells Gia he found himself in Ansh’s room and thought it was Ansh. Ansh tells Gia that Randhir is playing the trick, he wants to create difference between them; divide and rule. He was worried that Randhir must have taken Amrita’s Dadi and Dharam. They reach the godown but none was there. Ansh was furious. He says wedding will take place, right away. He is enough with their planning.

In the car, Baby brings water to Dadi and Dharam. Dharam says it is because of Ansh that all this happened, how he can be so evil. Dharam insists on Randhir to marry Amrita, then Ansh won’t be able to do anything. Randhir wasn’t convinced as he needs to cure Ansh. They all insist on him to first marry Amrita. He nods.

There was laser security around the Aghihotri house. The preparations for wedding were ready. Nain Tara and husband were dubious. They insist on Dharam to stop this, Ansh would be furious. Baby says Ansh can’t do any harm to their function now as they have covered the house with laser proof security. Nain Tara was sure Ansh would surely do something.

Ansh and the new Haiwan were headed towards Randhir’s house.

Randhir comes to the room where Amrita was getting ready. Aditi had an objection as the groom can’t see the bride before wedding. Randhir says it was his promise to get Amrita ready on the wedding day; he can’t break his promise. He sets the jewelry and dress, puts on the bangles, and fixes the necklace and the earrings, then the bridal Chunri. He complements, ‘the most beautiful bride ever’ and place a black mark on the mirror to protect her. Amrita makes her sit on the chair and puts on the groom’s turban on his head. Randhir holds Amrita back. She now place a black mark behind his ears. Amrita asks Randhir for some way to rub Ansh’s name from her arm. Randhir assures this name will never come between them anymore.

Ansh and the new Haiwan along with teleporter hijack a school bus. Ansh calls Gia that he has the kids. It’s her turn for the plan now.

Randhir uses a laser machine to remove the tattoo. He says she must be feeling the pain, but Amrita says she had pain when the tattoo was being done.

Nain Tara was inviting the guests. There was fool proof security arrangement at the entrance. Gia and Chetan come in a changed avatar. The security guard stop them but Gia sprinkles a sneezes spray and walks inside. The look for Randhir.

Randhir and Amrita come downstairs. Amrita slips at once. Randhir at once supports her. He requests her to let him free the dress from the hell, her problems are now his. They turn around. Amrita was suspicious of the two strangers. Gia says Hello to them. They remove their fake moustache and the turbans. Gia tells them to calm down, they are their guests after all. They show them the video of school bus children. Gia says Ansh is outside, he wants them to deactivate the laser beam else these children will be dead. Randhir feels disgusted about Gia but she wasn’t ready to hear any boring lectures.

Randhir calls Baby to deactivate the laser beam. He was shocked to see Gia and Chetan there. Ansh walks into the house. Amrita tells Randhir she would kill herself but won’t marry Ansh. Nain Tara was excited and bets her husband whom Amrita will marry, she was of view that Ansh and Amrita will marry each other.

Ansh walks straight to Amrita and says he is right here, since she was missing him. He tells Randhir he has a great idea, he will gift Amrita a bus full of children as wedding gift. He wipes Amrita’s tears and says she is upset for going away from her parents. Children are often upset when away from the parents. He drags Amrita to the stage and asks the Pandit to start the wedding rituals. The Pandit says it’s not good for the bride to stay, the rituals will start with groom. He requests Nisha to take care of Amrita. Nisha takes Amrita upstairs.

Gia and Chetan hold Randhir at gun point, forcing him to come along her; else those children will be dead. Upstairs in the room, Randhir and Baby were tied to chair. Gia leaves guards and Chetan along with them.

Ansh sat in the wedding Mandap. Gia gives him a thumbs up. He smirks during the pooja. Nain Tara was hopeful to win. Randhir tries to untie the ropes in his hands. He thinks he must do something and save the kids. Amrita wonders what she must do to stop this wedding.


Haiwan 23rd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Amrita tells Nisha that Ansh is using her, he still loves Amrita only. She provokes Nisha to let Ansh prove his love for her before this wedding. Randhir asks Amrita to delay this wedding till he finds the children. Amrita says if Randhir won’t take her out of the place, this will be the last night of her life. There, Nisha forces Ansh to make her his wife by filling this Sindoor in her hairline.


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