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Haiwan 16th November 2019 Episode Start With In the corner of hall, Ansh forces Amrita to do what he says. He takes her along. Baby goes to Randhir and stops him from any reaction. Nain Tara and everyone fakes to mourn. Ansh says it’s shocking news for everyone. His friend, his brother is no more in the world; he left this world. Nain Tara requests Amrita to control herself. She announces the news to all the guests, in tears. She dismisses the party and asks them to have dinner. They have decided to do the last rituals of Randhir after the wedding tomorrow. Amrita walks upstairs. Baby notices Randhir had also left the hall. He follows him outside. Randhir was tensed, still under the red cloak. He discusses with Baby their plan forward.

At home, Govind, Gia and Chetan celebrate Randhir’s death. Gia says she never wanted him to die so young and easy death, she wished he suffered in hate. They receive a parcel with a hard drive, they try to play it but it was a video with Ansh, Gia and everyone murdering Randhir. The hard drive burns itself. Gia calls the teleporter and sends him to find the biker who just left this drive here. The teleporter stops the bike but there was only a robot on it. He understands the bike was being run by a remote control. A smoke emitter dysfunction the teleporter, who fell down unconscious. It was Randhir. There, Gia was unable to locate teleporter locations and signals.

In the lab, Randhir had tied the teleporter on a chair. They give him electric shocks. The teleporter shouts in sufferings. Randhir speaks through a voice changer and tells the teleporter they have removed the tracker from his body and Gia can never reach him. They inquire about Dadi and Dharam’s location. The teleporter says Gia has hidden them at some location and the Haiwan is protecting the location, but he is unaware where it is. Randhir and Baby think of another plan. Randhir decides to create misunderstanding between Ansh and Gia and demand the help from teleporter.

Nain Tara scolds the servants for not serving lunch and mourning for Randhir only. She tells them to prepare for the wedding as well. The servant confront that Randhir is dead and they would celebrate a wedding. Ansh comes to clutch his neck tight while threatening him. Nain Tara calms Ansh down, as they are preparing for the wedding. Amrita will soon be downstairs in her yellow dress. Amrita comes downstairs in a white saree and sits in front of Randhir’s photo. Nain Tara speaks to her. Amrita says she was about to marry Randhir, she is his widow and has to wear this. Ansh asserts that Randhir was her past, he is her future as she is his wife. He drags her upstairs.

In the room, Ansh forcefully pulls Amrita’s saree and tears it into two. He says Amrita doesn’t understand what he says. He will now do what she was unable to do herself. He forces her into changing her clothes. Amrita asks Randhir if he isn’t sad for Randhir at all. Can’t he wait for his last rituals. Ansh was furious and says that’s good, why not kill her Dadi and Papa as well. All their three photos will be on a single wall. Ansh plays the video projection of Dadi and Dharam. The Haiwan clutches their necks. Amrita cries and request Ansh to stop them. She is ready to do anything he says. Ansh clutches her hair from the back and tells her to be ready and come downstairs with a smiling face.
Gia wakes up in her bed. An old man was in her room in long beard, shades and traditional clothes. Gia notices she was unable to move. He had brought a message from his boss. If she needs the video and her Gullu then they will have to pay 50 crores. He applies lipstick on Gia’s face forcefully and says it’s up to her now, if she wants her hands or the joker back she must send the money to this address. Gia feels released at once. The old man had vanished. Gia reads the address, Agnihotri House at 7 pm. She thinks its Amrita and Ansh’s wedding. If even he is blackmailing, why he invited her to the function.

At the Agnihotri house, Nain Tara asks her husband to go and change into a good dress. She was concerned for lesser guests. Her husband says their guests apologized after Randhir’s death news. He has hired a few people as guests. Nisha corrects Ansh’s clothes and inquires why he is marrying Amrita now; it was for revenge from Randhir and he is dead. Ansh replies he wants his soul to suffer as well and hugs Nisha.

In the room, Amrita cries in front of the mirror. She thinks about Randhir and says she had a dream in which she had killed herself. Today, she is also dead, along with him. Randhir comes to pin her Chunri. Amrita watches him sit in front of her. Amrita says life is strange, she missed him when he was around. When he has left, she can only see him everywhere. She promises to always keep him alive in her memories, she wonders how she will live herself. She had dreams of their wedding, and was unaware he wouldn’t be there. Randhir moves forward to wipe her tears, then refrain himself. He now covers himself with the invisibility cloak. A waitress comes to bring Amrita downstairs.

Randhir tells Baby Gia will surely come with the money. Baby asks if he is sure this would work. Randhir says they have no other option; they have to make this work. Amrita already suffered a lot because of her. Nain Tara welcomes the to-be couple. She suggests a couple dance before the Haldi ritual. One of the guest’s object. She replies its 21st century and everything works here. Amrita was uncomfortable while Ansh forces her into difference vigorous dance moves. The old man had come to the function. Baby stood in a corner.

Amrita takes her seat recalling the video of their wedding Randhir had created, her engagement and all the beautiful memories with Randhir. She cries thinking about her Dadi, Dharam and the threats.
The old man stops the waiter and says he must have mixed everything in the Haldi for bride, but not the blessings of elders. He mixes a solution in it. Nain Tara performs the Haldi ritual of Ansh.

The old man walks to Nain Tara and complements him flirtatiously. Nain Tara laughs with a blush on her face. Ansh feels irritated with the Haldi application. One of the ladies sense he had an allergy. He goes to wash his face.

Randhir takes the bowl of Haldi from the waiter and takes it to Amrita. The old man comes to Amrita and speaks to her with utmost love and care. He asks why she is sad, it doesn’t matter Dadi and Dharam aren’t here. He can apply the Haldi on her face. Amrita watches him intently, thinking about Randhir. The old man’s moustache comes off. He says it seems her couple isn’t made by God, its surely made by Devil. Amrita silently says Randhir. Gia and Chetan had come to the wedding and looks for Ansh. The old man had vanished. Amrita leads the stage.

Gia and Chetan come to Ansh and questions why he is ignoring her calls. Gia says someone knows they killed Randhir and filmed it. He needs the cash worth Rs. 50 crores. They have kidnapped the teleporter as well. He invited them here with the money. They doubt Baby but Ansh wasn’t ready to believe this. He says there must surely be someone behind all this, Baby alone can’t plan this out. Gia says none should know Ansh killed Randhir. Amrita had reached outside the room. Ansh curtly replies to Gia that not him, they all planned Randhir’s murder. He can still remind her about the deal. Amrita’s dress was stuck with a lamp. She runs outside. Ansh sensed someone was outside. Gia decides not to stress each other, they will see who is challenging them.

Amrita walks downstairs into the laboratory. She decides not to spare Ansh, he killed her Randhir. She takes a gun from the drawer and checks the bullets in it. Baby tries to stop Amrita. Amrita cries and screams that Ansh killed Randhir. Baby yells from behind that Ansh is really powerful, how she will do it. She stood aiming at the back of Ansh with the gun. The old man pulls her from behind and takes her into Randhir’s room. Ansh senses someone was there.

In the room, Randhir removes the fake hair and moustache. Amrita hugs Randhir, kisses his cheeks and cries asking where he had been. She doesn’t get away from him. Randhir tells Amrita he is alive, right here but she needs to listen to him. He explains to Amrita he was just faking his death. Amrita shouts why he did all this. He doesn’t understand what she went through, he wasn’t even there. She aggressively complains she is dead, what he wished to prove. Randhir says it was his plan. He wanted to separate Ansh and Gia. He knew Dharam and Dadi were kidnapped, and Ansh was blackmailing her. It was necessary to do this drama. Amrita says she wished to tell him everything but she couldn’t. Randhir hugs her and says a sorry. Baby comes upstairs with Randhir’s cloak. Randhir wears his invisibility cloak and vanishes. Baby gives the glasses to Amrita. Randhir tells her about this invention of his father. Amrita hugs Randhir and takes a promise he will never leave her. Baby had his back to them, he says two people can go invisible.

Randhir tells Amrita they have to part Ansh and Gia in any possible way. Amrita will have to help. Nisha watched them together. She decides to tell this to Ansh.


Haiwan 17th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Gia overhears Amrita speak on a phone call that Ansh was sure to get Rs. 50 crores from Gia; that’s why she is marrying him. The seed of doubt was sown. Nisha brings Ansh to the balcony. Amrita and Randhir were marrying each other.


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