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Haiwan 11th January 2020 Episode Start With Disha pulls Amrita and twists her down on floor wanting to speak to her. Amrita applies her trick and get herself freed. Disha throws her down on bed again, clutching her neck. She says the game has just begun. Amrita dares she won’t let Disha succeed and applies her martial arts. She says they will resolve the rest of matters in police station.

In the hospital, the doctor says they have given Nisha an injection and she is asleep right now. Randhir was of view that someone has applied hypnosis over Nisha. The doctor accepts Randhir’s expertise but he considers the tests as important. Randhir gets a call from Amrita, but Ansh had come to Amrita and cuts the call.

Randhir comes to the room looking for Amrita. In the room, Randhir doesn’t find Amrita’s clothes in the room. Their photo from the frame was also missing. He goes downstairs. Amrita was in the kitchen. Randhir comes to hug her but Amrita slaps her and wonders how he can touch her like this. She looks towards Ansh and smiles saying he is her husband. She walks to Ansh and holds his hand. Ansh place a hand over her shoulder. Amrita feels uncomfortable but forces a smile on her face. Randhir walks to Ansh and says the person who controlled Nisha and everyone’s brain is Ansh’s partner. The person altered Amrita’s brain as well. Amrita recalls being trapped by Ansh and Disha. She had understood Disha and Ansh were together. Disha hypnotized Amrita. Amrita doesn’t let Randhir pull Ansh’s collar, and asks why he is being mad. Randhir tells Amrita that they are married and love each other, Ansh is only playing with her brain. Ansh attacks Randhir and takes him in the corner, he says now Randhir will feel how it feels to be betrayed in friendship. Randhir counter attacks and tells Ansh there is a difference, his love and marriage are both true. Before Ansh could stop Randhir he throws a vase towards him. He forces Amrita to look in his eyes and realize the voice of her heart, he is Randhir her first love. Amrita says Ansh is her love, she has always loved Ansh, since the days of their college. Randhir is crazy about her love and a Richie, but he is the true enemy of their love. She blames Randhir to have bought everyone’s favor. Ansh was now conscious. Amrita cares for the bruise on his head. Dharam and Dadi come downstairs. Ansh doesn’t let them close to Amrita and takes her to the room. Dharam and Dadi were shocked to see this.

Chetan and Gia try to help themselves out. Gia tries to unlock the room with the pin. Finally, the door opens, it was Nain Tara and JK. Chetan goes out and hugs her. Nain Tara says they have been calling Gia for long. Gia says they had been locked in the room. Nain Tara and JK inquires if Disha works for her, as Nisha is behaving like crazy since she came over. Govind wanted to work in his lab.

In the lab, Gia says they need to bring Disha to their team. She has the ability to control minds. Chetan was pessimistic and suggests about leaving the city. Govind speaks up that he saved a blood sample of Ansh and it’s now time to create a new monster. He decided to mix the blood of Ansh with those of teleporter. This monster will be able to move like teleporter. That monster will get control over Disha, and then Disha will help them achieve the red diary. Nain Tara cries that their games have spoilt her daughter. Gia tells them not to panic, and instead keep an eye over Nisha and Disha. Chetan asks whom they will experiment then. Gia teases Chetan that they will do it on her, then grabs a scientist working in her lab.

At night, Randhir stood in the window. Outside was a stormy night. Dadi wasn’t ready to believe if hypnosis actually exists, it was myth of old times. Dharam cries and requests Randhir to heal his daughter. Randhir was crying. Baby says it’s not easy, it is linked to the brain directly and brain is sensitive. Dadi says its Randhir’s duty to fight any problem that hurdles Amrita’s life. She suggests about speaking to Amrita and try to get her memory back. Randhir silently cried in the corner then turns to go upstairs.

In the room, Randhir acts furiously and throws everything from the cupboard down on floor. He then cried, laying on the floor. He remembers his father and prays that his love for Amrita is saved.
Ansh and Amrita were in the room together. Amrita shows Ansh a book that stated that fasting for her love will protect her love and their life partner. She says until the fast goes on, they won’t get close. Ansh says it doesn’t matter much, still he can do this for her. He says I love you to her.
In the room, Dadi convinces Dharam that he is worrying pointlessly. Dharam was worried that Amrita considers Ansh as her husband. Disha comes to the room and inquires about Amrita. Dadi scolds her to mind her own business, and be a nurse to her patient. Disha apologizes for being absent, she went to hospital to report to the doctor. Disha silently thinks she is minding her own business. Her bruises are soothed as she sees Dharam suffering. Now is the time to accomplish her mission.

Randhir was busy in his lab. He discusses with Baby that only the one who controlled Amrita’s brain and undo it. Baby asks how they will know who did this hypnosis. Randhir was determined to find the person.
At the breakfast table, Ansh remembers Disha wanted something in return of her favor. Amrita served breakfast for him. Ansh tries to give her a bite. Amrita was fasting and reminds this to Ansh. Randhir watched this from upstairs as Amrita reminds Ansh to stay away from her. Randhir was thankful for this bliss. He and Baby go to the room, where Baby was happy that Amrita and Ansh won’t get any close.
Ansh spots Disha go outside and decides to find out what her intentions are.

Amrita slipped in the corridor while taking the breakfast tray. Randhir holds her there. She complains of a twisted foot and calls Ansh for help. Randhir looks for the muscle strain. She calls Ansh and was reluctant. Randhir tells her to trust him, he can fix her foot. He carries her upstairs in his arms upstairs and holds her foot. He wonders how he must remind Amrita that they have been married. Amrita wonders why she feels happy to see Randhir if he is so bad. Randhir asks Amrita to try, how it feels. She moves her foot and says the pain is gone. Randhir leaves the room.

Outside, Ansh stops Disha and asks what she wants. She hurt Randhir is ways he never could. Her personality clearly depicts that she won’t help anyone without any intentions. Disha asks Ansh to dance with her then. He denies this. Disha stops a schaffer and makes him dance for five minutes. Ansh scolds the schaffer and tells him to go. Disha tells Ansh that he gave her a motive; her focus lies only on her goal. Ansh thinks he needs to find out what Disha is up to.

Randhir was in the back yard and loudly thinks the person who performed the hypnosis can only heal Amrita. Disha speaks from behind the wall in a robotic voice that she is the one who performed the hypnosis. Randhir was cautious and tells the voice to come to front. Disha makes a deal with Randhir to give up the map for reaching Ashvadhyama Ratan. She knows he got the half map. Randhir asks who told her about the map. He was terrified now and demands her to reveal. Disha says she would come to his front, but then he will get his wife back. Randhir accepts she doesn’t reveal herself. Randhir falls to the floor and requests Disha to return Amrita and he would do as she says. He cautiously opens the window panes. Disha had jumped down in time.

Govind activates their new monster Haiwan. Chetan was happy that this is like their old Haiwan and can even teleport. Govind planned to teach Ansh a good lesson, while Gia was determined to control Disha’s mind now.

Amrita wasn’t ready to accept what Dharam and Dadi said. Disha heard Dadi convince Amrita that Randhir is her real husband. Amrita blames that Dharam and Dadi are only behind Randhir’s money and wants to connect her name with Randhir. Dharam was annoyed for the blame. Amrita apologizes but wasn’t convinced.

In the lab, Baby asks why Randhir didn’t jumped off the window and followed the girl. Randhir says if the girl wants the Ashvadhyama, why she hypnotized Amrita and not him. What she is going to achieve by separating them. Baby says the person will have two motives.
Disha silently thinks she came to revenge Dharam and it feels soothing to see Dharam in pain. She turns to walk back. Dharam goes inquiring about her foot. She says it’s just a muscle strain. Dharam asks her to be seated, he will call the doctor; such minor injury may turn to fracture. Disha was furious why he always thinks negative about her.


Haiwan 12th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Randhir speaks to Ansh about his deal with the girl. Ansh fights Disha for betraying him. Disha tells Ansh to think of Randhir’s trap to disunite them. In the room, Disha says that Ashvadhyama ratan is the end of their problems and she must get it anyways.

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