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Gupta Brothers 7th January 2021 Episode starts with Ganga telling Bansal that he is the first father who wants to ruin his daughter’s home. Bansal says what did she get? a small room. He tells that neither that house nor the family is suitable for her. Ganga tells that may be their house is small, but there is a peace in her house. She tells that his Palace is lifeless without family. She says now I understood why Aditi fell in love with Alok? Bansal asks do you agree to my condition? He says either your home will break or your Shiv Gupta’s ego. Ganga says I thought you are a good man and cares for your daughter’s happiness. She says Alok and Aditi will stay with them only and her family is just one always. She walks out. Bansal says I will see how you get saved from me. He says if all the family members don’t bend down infront of me then my name is not Bansal. Aditi comes there. Bansal is shocked.

Jaya packs tiffin for Alok and calls Veeru. She says I didn’t want you to go to jail and says I will pray to God that fake case shall be resolved and Alok returns home soon. She asks him to take food and water for Alok and asks if he is fine? Veeru says he is fine and asks her to take care of Bhabhimaa and herself. Jaya gives water bottle and tiffin to Veeru. Veeru holds her hand and smiles at her. He thinks of her words and smiles.

Bansal says you are here? Aditi says I didn’t come late that I don’t see the truth. Bansal says I will make you understand. She says I have heard everything and understood. Bansal says I am doing this for your betterment. Aditi says even now you are doing business, and says you are betraying me to snatch Alok and wants his family to do deal with you. Bansal asks her to trust him. Aditi says I trusted you, but not them. She tells that they gave me pain, but didn’t hurt me like you. Bansal says I have done this for your happiness and says I didn’t want your marriage to happen in that family and says they are not suitable for you. Aditi says wrong and says whatever Ganga bhabhi said and whatever you said, I am not suitable for them. She tells that they have understand, support and love between each other. She says Bhabhi was right and says Shiv bhaiyya was also right that they have good values. She says you didn’t do right and says I used to feel big support, as you was with me, but today I am feeling alone as if there is nobody here. She says today I am missing my mother for the first time and says even she would have done the same like Ganga bhabhi. She says that is my family now, and says their house is small, but not their hearts. She tells that she will try not to remember this day and warns him not to do anything against her husband.

Shiv tells Ganga that he has made arrangement of 1 lakh rs and says we have time till tomorrow. He says if charge sheet is filed then…I won’t let this happen. He says I will go to the people with the money and gets drowsy. He is about to faint, when Ganga holds him. Shiv says he is feeling scared and helpless. He says Alok was looking at me, with hope, like he used to look at me in childhood. Ganga gives him courage and says you will not let anything happen to Alok.

Aditi comes to Alok and says God knows what Shiv Bhaiyya will do. Alok says you don’t know what he will do. Aditi asks why did you take Veeru’s blame on yourself. Just then Veeru comes there and tells that Jaya sent food for you. Alok says he is very hungry since morning. Veeru opens the tiffin. Alok asks Aditi and Veeru to have food. Veeru asks him to eat and says we will have food at home. Alok tastes food and coughs. Veeru gives him water. Alok says it is very salty. Veeru tastes it and spits the food. Aditi says I will order food for you from the hotel. Constable says meeting time is over and takes Alok with him. Aditi and Veeru are shocked and upset.

Veeru goes home angrily and asks Jaya if she made food or poison. He says my brother couldn’t eat even a single bite. Jaya checks the taste and is shocked. Veeru says I thought you have done something good for the first time. Jaya says I didn’t salt intentionally. Veeru blames her for ruining his life and asks her to leave them alone. Jaya cries.

Shiv puts something in the pockets. Ganga asks him to have food. Shiv says he don’t have time. Ganga asks how you will handle yourself and asks him to eat to make everything fine. She says I will feed you food. Aditi comes there and sees Ganga feeding food Shiv. She claps and says my husband is in jail and you are showing love to eachother. Ganga says Shiv ji didn’t have food since morning. Aditi says even Alok is hungry, who will think about him.


Gupta Brothers 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiv and Veeru apologize to the customers who had brought expired products. Later Jaya sees Ram Mishra with Amba and gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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