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Gupta Brothers 6th January 2021 Episode starts with Shiv telling Ganga that if something happen to anyone, then criminal case will be filed against them. He says we don’t have any money now after paying Bansal. He says we can’t ask our customers whom we had given the stuff on credit. He feels helpless. Ganga asks him not to worry and says we will do something surely. Police comes there and calls Alok. Shiv, Ganga, Alok and others come downstairs. Inspector asks who is Alok Narayan Gupta? Alok says I am Alok. Inspector says there is a complaint against him and asks Constable to arrest him. Shiv checks the warrant. Veeru asks what is the crime?

Inspector tells that many people is admitted to the hospital due to food poisoning and are critical. Aditi says that stuff was ordered by Veeru and not Alok. Shiv asks Inspector to arrest him. Veeru asks Inspector to arrest him as he has taken stuff from Ram Prasad. Alok says no, I will be arrested and tells that if Bhaiyya gets arrested, then we can’t do anything and says Veeru is younger than him. he says he is sure that bhaiyya will help Police catch Ram Prasad. Veeru feels guilty. Alok asks him not to feel guilty and reminds him of Shiv’s words. Veeru cries. Alok asks Inspector to come. Aditi tells that she won’t let Alok arrested? Alok signs Jaya and Ganga to hold Aditi. They hold Aditi, while Police arrests and take him. Shiv tells Alok that they will come there as soon as possible. He asks Veeru for the keys and asks him to come. Jaya comes there. Veeru says what you had said that my brothers will raise finger on me, question me and will hate me. He asks if you got your answers now and says I did a mistake, my brother has gone to jail on my behalf. He says when you fall down, then nobody will help you get up. He says neither you can understand nor you can become this family’s part.

Ganga comes to Bansal’s house and tells that her Alok is in jail. She tells everything about Ram Mishra’s cheat. She says she came to him as he is very influential and asks him to help them take out Alok from the PS. Bansal folds his hands and asks what are you doing? He says I will call Commissioner, Alok will be out and that fraud will be caught. He asks why did Police arrest Alok?

Inspector tells Shiv that he knows that Supplier has trapped your brothers and that’s why I didn’t file any chargesheet against your brother. Shiv asks about the way. Inspector says if all the people take out the FIR then the matter will be resolved. He says you have to pay compensation to the people for the damages. Lawyer says yes and says even your shop licence shall be cancelled.

Bansal says Shiv Gupta is the head of the family, so why he is not arrested. He says either Shiv or Veeru shall be arrested, but why Alok? Ganga says Alok did this for family, says he is your damad. Bansal says why to help him, when he didn’t think of me. Lawyer tells Shiv that 3 lakhs are needed for the compensation. Shiv and Veeru are shocked. Shiv asks Alok not to worry. Alok asks him to tell Ganga that he is fine and asks him not to let Aditi come here. Shiv says Ganga will take care of her and asks him not to worry. Ganga says don’t say this, Alok loves your daughter so much and respects you. She asks will you not help your son in law? Bansal says I will help him only if he stays in my house with my daughter. Ganga is shocked. Bansal says either Alok will stay in jail or here in my house. He asks did I say wrong? he says my daughter will be happy with Alok here and your family will be happy in your house, I will start supply. Ganga says I didn’t know that you will talk about breaking my family. bansal says you have broken my family by snatching my daughter. Ganga tells that she will never let her family’s happiness get less. She says you are the first father who wants to destroy daughter’s home.


Gupta Brothers 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Constable don’t let Alok have food. Aditi blames Shiv and Ganga for spending time together while Alok is in jail. Later Bansal’s truth is revealed before Aditi.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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