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Gupta Brothers 5th January 2021 Episode starts with Ganga gives kheer to Shiv and says Jaya’s Veeru is changed and says she must be feeling respect for him and their relation will begin now. Jaya and Veeru have an usual fight in their room. Veeru makes Jaya fall and laugh at her. Jaya asks him not to laugh else he will fall so badly that he can’t even get up. Veeru asks her to look at him and say. She lies down on the bed. Veeru asks her to be quiet and talk to him with respect. Aditi tells Alok that Jaya came to our room today and asks him to see her guts. Alok says she came for our betterment and you are thinking her wrong. Aditi says I am mad to love you and can’t bear anyone else to look at you. Alok asks her not to think like that and says even I love you. Aditi asks why didn’t you stop Veeru and tells that she will not ask any help from her Papa. She sleeps.

Next day in the shop, Shiv and his brothers sell the stuff to the customers. Shukla asks Shiv for the tea packet. Shiv praises Veeru for the increased business. Some guys come there and inform Shiv that they are from healthcare department and came to know that they are selling expired products with new labeling. Veeru says this is wrong. Shiv asks Veeru to check on the packet. Veeru checks on the packet and finds label beneath the label. He takes it out and tells that it is 2016 packet and expiry is 2018. They get shocked. The health care department checks the stuff and finds the quality bad and the stuff expired. Shiv, Veeru and Alok gets shocked. Shiv says we don’t know how did this happen. Health care department official asks them to come out and says we have to seal your shop and takes the samples for testing. He asks the customers to move out of the shop. Shiv says we don’t know these stuff are brought in the morning. The officials take them out and seal the shop.

They come home and call Ram Prasad, but he is unreachable. Shiv says we have to reach him anyhow. Ganga says if someone gets unwell then? Alok enquires and finds out that there is no shop of Ram Prasad in Azam garh. He informs Shiv and others. Veeru gets furious and says he did this intentionally, I will break his head. Aditi taunts him. Alok asks her to say please. Aditi says it would have been good if you have requested my Papa. She says my Papa never gave cheap and wrong stuff. Veeru calls Ram Prasad still. Aditi says everyone talks bad about my papa. Ganga says we are already worried, don’t talk all that. Veeru feels helpless. Alok says that’s why I asked you not to trust strangers and says you would have talked to Bhaiyya after he comes home. He asks what happened in the night that you thought to do this deal. Veeru recalls his conversation with Jaya. Shiv asks Alok to stop it and says now we have to think, how to get rid of this big trouble. Veeru breaks the things in the room. Jaya scolds him and asks him if he will do deal with a wrong guy again to show her. Veeru asks her to show. Jaya says your brothers have raised question on you, and says if Police case is filed then your brothers will hate you. Veeru is about to hit her, but she moves and he himself falls down. Jaya taunts him and asks him to get habitual to sleep on the floor, as in jail. Veeru says you will be happy then. Jaya says I will bring food for you and will be sad. She says if someone advices you, then you shall listen and calls him stupid. Ganga asks Shiv to have food. Shiv says shop is sealed, bau ji’s name and respect, our honesty etc are questioned. He says he don’t know what to do? Ganga asks him not to worry and says Ram Mishra will be found soon. Shiv says you don’t know what can happen as people have filed criminal complaints against us. He says if something happens to anyone, then? Police Inspector comes there and calls Alok.


Gupta Brothers 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector arrests Alok and takes him to PS. Aditi cries and shouts Alok. Shiv says we will come there. Ganga comes to Mr. Bansal and asks him to help Alok. Bansal says I will help you, but either your home or Shiv Gupta’s ego will break.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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