Gupta Brothers 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update


Gupta Brothers 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gupta Brothers 26th November 2020 Episode starts with Ganga saving Alok, Veeru and Rajat and fainting as the burning log falls near her. She faints.

Few mins before:

Shiv talks to Ganga on call and tells that he has paid everyone’s debts, but Bansal’s 10 lakhs are remaining, which will be paid soon. Rajat comes and hugs Ganga. Ganga says I will making your favorite vegetables. Alok and Veeru call Shiv. Amba hears her from outside the kitchen and recalls Ganga’s words. She says now see my courage and you will not be saved. She says Shiv has done my shradh, I will do both of your last rites in this kitchen right now. I will burn both of you alive, now see my courage. She gets inside the kitchen. Alok and Veeru ask about Shiv. Ganga says he didn’t come till now and asks if they want to say anything. Veeru says we will talk to him, you don’t need to come inbetween us. Amba thinks the other three brothers might be sleeping by now, and Ganga or Shiv might come to the kitchen to make food. She thinks my conspiracy and people will think that cyclinder exploded. Rajat confronts Veeru for talking bad to Ganga. Ganga stops them. Veeru says we will never have relation with us. Ganga asks Rajat to come to kitchen with her. Alok says bhaiyya didn’t have food, we shall make something for him. Veeru says we will apologize to him and he will forgive us. Ganga smiles hearing them. Alok says we will have food together after many days. Alok asks Ganga, can they use the kitchen. Veeru says why you are asking her, it is our home. Rajat goes behind them. Ganga prays to God and thanked them. She asks God to unite them and says I don’t want anything now. Rajat comes to kitchen. Veeru asks him to go to his bhabhi. Rajat asks why are you talking like this and confronts him for talking bad with her. He says Bhabhi has saved me. Veeru says it is her conspiracy, she came to light fire to our house. Alok asks Veeru to light the matchstick. Veeru lights the match stick and the cylinder blasts. They fall down in the kitchen. Ganga hears the cylinder blast. The neighbors gather outside and see the fire. Jaya and Amba come there. Amba hears Alok and thinks she wanted to kill Shiv, but the three brothers got in danger.

Ganga covers herself with blanket. She comes to Alok and helps him get out. She asks him to go out. She then makes Veeru gains consciousness and helps him get up. She sees wood log about to fall on Veeru and pushes him. The wood log falls on the ground. Ganga asks them to go. Alok asks about Rajat. Ganga realizes he is inside and says she will bring him out. Alok and Veeru come out and tell that Rajat and Ganga are inside. Ganga comes to the kitchen and finds Rajat legs stuck under the furniture. She lifts the furniture and asks Rajat to pull out his legs. Rajat pulls out his legs. Ganga helps him get up and asks him to jump over the fire along with her. They jump over the fire. Ganga covers blanket on Rajat and asks him to go out. Just then wood log falls and she pushes him to safety. She asks him to go out fast. Rajat refuses to go without her. Ganga gives her promise to him. Rajat goes out and tells Shiv that Ganga is inside, and faints. Shiv asks his brothers to hold Rajat and runs inside the house. He calls Ganga. Ganga faints and a wood log falls on her. Shiv comes to her and lifts the wood log. Alok asks if Ganga ji is fine. Shiv brings her to the hospital and she is rushed to the ICU. He says if anything happens to her. Alok says nothing will happen to her. Veeru says she has saved us, now we won’t let anything happen to her. They hug Shiv and cry. Rajat hugs them. Jaya cries seeing them crying. Shiv keeps his hand on her head.

They all see Ganga struggling with life. Shiv thinks you can’t leave me and go, my family united because of you and is incomplete without you.

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Telecast Date:26th November 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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