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Gupta Brothers 25th January 2021 Episode starts with Aditi packing her stuff and telling Alok that she is leaving the house, as she can’t see her baby dying here. Alok says it is your mistake and says if you had obeyed Bhabhi maa and eaten the food, then this wouldn’t have happened? Aditi blames him for trusting them and says thank God, I am leaving from this house and says I can’t stay here in this hell like house anymore. Alok asks her to go and not to show her face to him. He says even if I take out my heart, then also you will not like it. He says we were not even married for 2 months, but you have problems with everyone and Jaya. He says he has changed completely for her, so that she gets happy. He asks her to go and says Veeru is doing good, taking divorce, I think I shall do the same. Aditi is shocked.

Jaya looks at her bridal dress as she packs her bags, and recalls Veeru telling that their marriage will end. Ganga comes there and says you was looking very beautiful in this and asks why you want to go away from Veeru, as you started liking him. She asks why are you going away from your love. Jaya says because I can never get love. She says whom she had loved since childhood, that person never loved her. She says when she has started loving Veeru, he has decided and selected these guys for me, as he hates me. Ganga tells that Veeru loves you and that’s why doing this. She says this time your love is just yours. Jaya says you are saying this, so that I don’t leave the house. She says I will take my own decision and says I will divorce Veeru, as he wants and go away from his life. She says this is my last decision.

Shiv and Veeru come home. Ganga confronts Veeru for his decision and asks if you know what you are doing? Veeru says it is better for us to separate in an unwanted relation, says Jaya is very upset, he don’t want to give her pain. Ganga says you are giving her big pain and saying this, asks him to look in her eyes once. Alok says Veeru said right that they shall end the relation, if it is just a compromise. He says you got Veeru married, we all thought that it is good, now we can see his pain and tells him that he will stand for his decision. He asks him to come with him and says if I stand here for more time, then I don’t know what will I say. They leave. Shiv says our family is breaking Ganga. Ganga says I can’t see our family breaking.

Shiv comes to Aditi. Aditi asks did you come to blame me and say that I am wrong. Shiv says no. Aditi says I don’t want to stay here, if I stay here then my child and I can lose our lives. Shiv asks what are you saying and says whoever had tried to harm you, is not part of the family. He promises that they all will love her so much. Aditi says what love and tells that Alok shouted at me today, I have nothing in this house now. He is talking about divorce. Shiv asks Alok? Aditi says I left my family for me and what I got in exchange, hatred? She says I am pregnant and my husband is talking about going far from me, what is left here. Shiv says I will talk to Alok and says this house and family are all yours. Aditi says this is a lie, neither Alok nor this family is mine. I am taking my baby with me, before someone snatches it from me.

Ganga comes to Alok and asks him to talk to Aditi and make everything fine. Alok says he is tired of trying and says since I got married, I am trying to make her understand and believe that I am just hers, but she is not listening. He says he is suffocating and dying so that she stays happy. He says how to make her understand that I am not wrong, Jaya is also not wrong, but she herself is wrong. Ganga asks him to save this relation. Alok says if I try to save the relation, then I will die. He says though I love her and our baby, but I can’t stay with her. This is the right decision, if I change my decision then I will not be alive. He apologizes to her.

Aditi and Jaya come out of their rooms with their bags. Shiv gets upset and tries to make them understand not to break their marriage. He asks Alok and Veeru to apologize to their wives. Ganga asks if Jaya and Aditi haven’t done any mistake, even they have troubled them. Shiv says they are my brothers, I know them better than you. Ganga says you don’t know them better and asks what is Alok’s mistake, he shouted at her once. She says Jaya had developed feelings for him, but taunted Veeru so much. Shiv tells that jaya has done so much for the family. He says Aditi is pregnant and mood swings is natural. Ganga tells that Aditi’s behavior is such since the beginning and says even Veeru married Jaya for me. She says if Aditi and Jaya want to leave then can go. He says a woman can make the home as heaven or hell. Shiv shouts enough and asks why are you making our heaven like house as a hell and blames her. She says you are blaming me. He says yes, as you are responsible and asks why did you ask Aditi to have food as you say, and says if you had not insisted then Alok and Aditi wouldn’t have fought. He says Jaya and Veeru also got married because of you. He blames her for everything. Ganga says today you have shown what is my place in this house. She says she will not stay here anymore and will leave the house. Shiv says it would be better? He says seeing your thinking, I feel you shall leave.


Gupta Brothers 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Alok and Veeru think to talk to Shiv. Jaya and Aditi go to Shiv while Alok and Veeru go to Ganga. Ganga says she has decided and asks them to decide what they want to.

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Telecast Date:25th January 2021
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