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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 7th August 2020 Episode starts with Gudiya telling Bantu that where did Guddu’s body go? Bantu says Matai Kaka didn’t find it, so someone must have taken the dead body. Gudiya assumes Radhe had seen them murdering Guddu and that’s why he must have hidden the dead body. Bantu says he was staring us when we were having food. Gudiya says we shall go and see where he had hidden the dead body? Bantu says no. Gudiya says if my Bauji leaves any proofs then I will be over. They go to haveli and find Guddu’s body hiding in the store room of the haveli. She gets shocked and runs from there. bhoot raja plays….They are about to go, when they see Guddu sitting on the door. Matai comes and asks what happened? Gudiya asks him to see on the door. Matai says there is nobody. Gudiya says guddu is sitting there. Matai says he is missing since morning. He says I can’t understand what you are saying and asks her to go, says if Guddu returns then will trouble me. He asks them to go and goes. Gudiya turns and thinks why Matai couldn’t see him. Bantu says Matai is innocent and that’s why he couldn’t see him. Gudiya tells Bantu that he is also half responsible in the murder. Matai asks them if they didn’t go. They turn and see Guddu missing. They run and see Guddu standing infront of them.

Matai is hiding and listening to them. Guddu says he is pavan putr, hanuman. He says he has entered him and gave him a new life. He asks don’t you believe me? Gudiya says I believe you. Guddu says I couldn’t see your problem and that’s why gave life to Guddu, but he can walk and make movement after only you fulfill my conditions. Gudiya agrees to his conditions. Guddu tells that Guddu will not remember anything, but if you don’t oblige his conditions then Guddu will remember everything. He asks her to obey to her parents’ sayings. Gudiya says when Guddu can walk. Guddu says just as you go away from here, he can walk. Matai comes there and asks why he didn’t ask her not to trouble him. Guddu says I can bear if she troubles me, but I can’t bear to see her troubling her family. He says he wants to live for others. Matai says I have supported you and asks shall I go to Malihabad. Guddu says what you will do there as everyone is coming here after 2 days. Matai gets happy. Guddu says if I had told you then you wouldn’t have helped me. Matai thinks Guddu is not bad at heart.

Gudiya comes back home and appreciates Hanuman ji for protecting her bhakt and tells that Amma’s God doesn’t listen to her. She says she will ask Amma to worship Hanuman ji. She tells that Guddu will take advantage of the situation and I have to obey Amma and Bau ji. She says they will ask me not to trouble Guddu.

Next day, Gudiya asks Sarla to worship the real God and takes the prasad. Sarla apologizes to God. Gudiya says she got another God who protects them. Sarla apologizes to them. Gudiya tells that hanuman ji asked her to obey her parents. Gudiya asks where did you see hanuman ji? Gudiya says in Guddu’s house and Hanuman ji asked me to obey you. Sarla asks if Guddu returned. Gudiya says Amma remembers everything and that’s why they have to check with bauji. They ask Radhe if he remembers going to haveli yesterday. Radhe says no. Gudiya gets happy and throws his watch in air. Radhe gets upset. She thinks to worship Hanuman and goes to pappu. Pappu is showing saree to a customer. Customer asks him to show more sarees. Gudiya comes there and asks him to give money for gol gappa. Pappu gives her money. Gudiya says you will get prize for this and calls Sweety to show saree to the customer. Pappu gets upset.

Matai leaves from Radhe’s house. Radhe comes and washes his face. He asks why Matai came here? Sweety says he knows everything. Sarla tells that she has blessed Guddu from her heart. She tells that he acted to be hanuman and asked her to obey us. Radhe says it is good, Gudiya shall not know and shall be afraid of hanuman ji. Gudiya goes out and buys hanuman’s idol.

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Telecast Date:7th August 2020
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