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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th August 2020 Episode starts with Gudiya coming to Guddu’s haveli and tells that her family have sent her here to take him home for breakfast. She asks why is he making breakfast? Matai tells that Guddu is making parathas and refused to eat daliya. Gudiya asks why he is mixing the besan then? She tells that Amma made parathas today, but she knows that he will not come to her house and eat food. Guddu says he will not come there. Gudiya says if he don’t come then her Amma will not give her food and that’s why she will eat the Daliya made by Matai. She sits and eats the daliya. Guddu gets angry and mixes more besan. He makes besan paratha. Gudiya jokes that he is making the besan paratha burnt and leaves. Matai asks him to enjoy the paratha as Daliya is over and he will not make again. Gudiya comes home. Sweety asks where is Guddu? She asks if my eyes are fine. Gudiya says yes. Sarla tells Gudiya that she will not get food now. Gudiya says she don’t want food as she had daliya kept on the table. She tells that she thought Amma will not give her food and that’s why eat daliya kept there. Sarla gets shocked and thinks to see Gudiya later. She asks Sweety to come with her and says they will call Guddu there. Radhe says I don’t think that guy will come here. Sarla says he will come, if we call him nicely. Gudiya tells Bantu that Guddu will not come here. Bantu challenges her that he will come. Gudiya prays to God and asks him to stop Guddu from coming there.

Sarla goes to Guddu’s haveli. Guddu is stitching the shirt and gets surprised seeing them. He asks them to sit. Sarla sits and tells that she will stitch the button. Guddu goes to bring water. Sarla tells Sweety that Guddu’s mood is bad. Guddu brings water and gives to them. Sarla asks him to sit. Guddu sits and tells that you have a big heart, I brought Police to your house yesterday and you came here today and stitching my shirt. He asks if everyone’s heart is so big here. Sarla asks if everyone’s heart is as good as you at your place. Guddu tells that he is feeling very bad about yesterday’s incident and tells that his pitaji had called police. Sarla tells that she knows that he has saved Gudiya yesterday and appreciates him. She tells that don’t know why Gudiya is after you and tells that there is nobody like her in the Sipri. Gudiya says there is nobody like her in the whole world. They laugh. Sarla gives him promise and asks him to come home to eat paratha. Guddu is hesitant. Sweety gives him promise as well. They come home. Gudiya sees Sarla and Sweety and thinks guddu haven’t come. She thanks God and takes the rabdi out of fridge. Sarla takes the rabdi bowl from her hand and gives to Guddu.

Guddu thanks Sarla and eats it. Gudiya says it was mine. Radhe says no and tells that I had brought it for Guddu only. Gudiya takes the bowl from his hand and starts eating it. Guddu tells hanuman mantra as Gudiya’s hand touched Guddu a bit and tells that he has to go home. Radhe stops him and asks Pappu to bring gangajal. Pappu brings gangajal and sprinkles on Guddu’s hands. Gudiya comes near him and touches his shoulder. Guddu is about to run, but Sarla stops him. Pappu sprinkles gangajal again. Sarla scolds her and asks her to go to room after apologizing to Gudiya. Gudiya refuses and goes. Sarla tells that Gudiya has become mannerless. Radhe asks Guddu to have paratha. Radhe tells Guddu that Gudiya have a clean heart. Sweety tells that because of her behavior, her marriage is not happening. Sarla taunts Sweety. Guddu asks Radhe not to worry about Gudiya, thanks them for parathas and goes. Sweety tells that Guddu bhaiya is like SRK and asks if they shall talk about Gudiya and Guddu’s alliance. Sarla tells Sweety that Guddu is bal brahmachari. Guddu comes to haveli and tells Matai that he will make Gudiya fine and make Radhe and Sarla’s life better.

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Telecast Date:4th August 2020
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