Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 3rd September 2020 Episode starts with Guddu resisting to Gudiya’s touch and gets up, chants hanuman’s bhajan and signs her to stay far. Gudiya tells that they are now good friends. Guddu tells that he will not befriend her. Gudiya says she will befriend him with full heart and not for sympathy. She says friendship doesn’t know how it is happening as it is just friendship and asks Guddu to play with her. Guddu tries to run. Gudiya says if you don’t befriend me then I will touch you and asks how many times he will take bath. Guddu says ok, I will befriend you, but can’t play with you right now. He asks her to go and play with Bantu, as he has to study now. Gudiya tells that she will ask Putli ji if two friends can play together. Guddu says I am ready to play. Gudiya says it will be fun now and asks him to come.

Harbheji tells Putli Bai that she is feeling ashamed of her existence. Putli Bai asks her not to say this again. Harbheji says I was very small when Madhav Dacoit kidnapped me and brought me here. Putli Bai tells that she was helpless. Harbheji tells that those moment was very painful and I made Nanhi fat so as to hide her beauty, as I am here because of my beauty. She says whatever happened with Gabbar was my mistake. Gudiya and Guddu play stapoo while Matai, Pappu and Sweety look on happily.

Putli Bai asks what is your mistake in Gabbar’s case and says may be it was destiny. Harbheji says that the fire had caught her Pallu on Diwali day, and the house got burnt which is the reason for Gabbar’s condition. Putli Bai asks her to have patience and tells that she is living in hope that Sadhu will change and will respect her. Gudiya and Guddu play with marbles. She then gives him paper and color. Guddu sketches her. Gudiya looks at the sketching. Putli Bai asks did you meet any baba. Harbheji tells that she had met baba ji and tells that he said that if Gabbar is married then he will get fine, says they shall lie to get him married. Putli Bai tells that she will not let her sin happened at her house. Harbheji says a sin is not called as sin if told for someone’s betterment, asks her to think that once Gabbar gets fine, then he will massage your feet like Guddu does, and says that girl’s life will also get good.

Sarla gives lassi for Guddu and asks him not to worry, says you don’t have to bear Gudiya for long. She asks him to pray that Gudiya gets some nice guy. Putli Bai tells that she will give her a chance to try this, but then they will wait for Gabbar to become fine.

Guddu tells that he will ask Hanuman ji to get her married soon. He says one day a prince will come and will take Gudiya in the doli. Gabbar is shown, thinking about Gudiya. Guddu comes home and tells Harbheji that he has befriended Gudiya and she is troubling him a lot. He takes food plate for her and takes it to Gabbar’s room. Gabbar thinks of Guddu taking Gudiya away from there and attacks Guddu. He then hits his head on the floor, but Guddu keeps his hand on the floor and gets injury. Gabbar shouts and screams. Harbheji asks God to protect her Gabbar. Guddu hugs and tries to pacify him. Guddu makes him rests on the bed. Harbheji gives him injection and cries.

Guddu comes to her. Harbheji says Doctor had said that he can kill someone and says if he had harmed you then….Guddu says Gabbar never reacted this way. Matai says Doctor had said that his condition is deteriorating. Harbheji says this is the sign that he is recovering and tells that she will talk to baba ji. She calls Baba ji and tells that his condition is deteriorating. Baba ji tells that he can kill someone as he has kundali’s dosh and it will be fine with a girl’s kundali goodness. Harbheji thinks the girl’s family runs away seeing him. baba ji says I can just show you the way. Guddu asks Gabbar if I will ever call you as my big brother and gets emotional and teary eyes. Harbheji says Baba ji said that only a girl can treat him. Guddu asks who will give their daughter to Gabbar. Harbheji asks so what to do, shall I let my son die. I have to do something.


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Harbheji asks Doctor if they shall get Gabbar married. Doctor asks why you want to play with an innocent girl’s life. Harbheji asks Guddu not to tell this to Dadi. Putli Bai tells that she has come to know about it.

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Telecast Date:3rd September 2020
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