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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 31st July 2020 Episode starts with Radhe asking Gudiya if she has stolen Guddu’s books. Gudiya says no. Radhe praises her and tells that he will tell Sadhu that his books are not with them. He says he will ask Nanhe lal to search in the house. Gudiya tells that she is not yet over and tells that she had taken his books for reading. Radhe is shocked. Sarla says I knew it and asks her to return the books. Gudiya refuses to give the books. Sweety says that guy brought the file. Sarla says he must have come here because of his father. Pappu says he shouldn’t have done this. Gudiya says Guddu came to talk to me, but I showed him the door. Sarla gets angry on gudiya. Gudiya says you don’t see that cruel man’s mistake and blames him for snatching Ballu’s house. Radhe says she took this thing on her mind. Gudiya asks them to promise her that they will not tell the truth to anyone. Sarla says I will tell now itself. Radhe stops Sarla and tells that if she gets theft stamp on her life then…He says they shall handle the matter? He asks where are the books? Gudiya says in my room. Guddu tells that he doesn’t think that his books are here and that they shall leave. Radhe tells that he is sure that the books are not stolen by gudiya. Guddu says let’s leave, although he has doubt on Gudiya. Sadhu tells that when Police is here, we shall get the house searched. Pappu asks Bantu to get up and tell about the books. Bantu gets up and asks whose books? Pappu says Gudiya has accepted that she has taken the books. Bantu says I will not agree. Sarla cries and asks Nanhe lal to check in her room first. Nanhe lal tells that he is helpless.

Guddu asks Sarla how they can check in her room and says it this happens then I will take Samadhi right here as I have eaten their salt. Gudiya says you have eaten my salt too. Guddu gets up and tells his father that he don’t want to get the house searched for his books. Radhe says when the police and lawyer came, then the house shall be searched. Sarla takes him to side and asks what nonsense? Radhe insists. Sadhu asks Nanhe lal to search in Gudiya’s room. Guddu tells Gudiya that he asked her to return the books, but she didn’t agree. He asks her to suffer. Pappu signs Radhe that the books are not found. Radhe acts to have stomach pain and tells that it seems he will die. Sweety cries. Radhe tells that he will go to his bed by walk and will die there. Gudiya runs to her room and asks why didn’t you give books to Pappu. Bantu says how to give without your permission. Gudiya tells that they are trapped badly as Police came. Sadhu tells that he will call the doctor. Pappu tells that his call couldn’t be connected to the doctor. Gudiya tells Bantu that they shall take Matai’s help to return the books. Sadhu calls Doctor and asks for the address. Radhe tells the address. He then says that he don’t need doctor and asks them to sit by his side. Matai signs Gudiya to give the books to her.

Sweety asks why Babu ji is lying to be unwell. Sarla gives her lipstick promise. Sweety keeps finger on her lips. Radhe tells that his pain is shifting down. Sadhu asks what type of illness is this? Nanhe lal says this disease gives false alarm many times. Nanhe lal asks Sweety to bring the water. Guddu sees Matai taking books from Gudiya. Matai stops seeing Guddu watching them. Sadhu is about to go out, but Guddu stops him and signs Matai to take the books. Matai takes the books and goes inside. Guddu looks on. Pappu looks at Matai taking the books and relaxes. Sweety brings water and gives to Radhe. Radhe drinks water and tells that he is feeling fine now. He says it seems he had gas problem and got saved. Doctor asks how did you get saved? Nanhe lal says you are Doctor and not yamdoodh. He says patient is saved surprisingly, you will get your fees and we will give you a chance again. Gudiya comes there and tells that books are not in the room, now check the room.

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Telecast Date:31st July 2020
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