Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd December 2020 Episode starts with Radhe coming home. Sarla scolds him and says you came so late, today is Gudiya’s haldi and you sat in the market. Radhe says a big star came to our house, and everyone wants to ask. Nanhe lal asks did you tell someone? Radhe says no, and tells that everyone wants to know. Sarla says if the media will take my interview. Sweety says they will see glamour. Rajjo says seeing your speed, I didn’t think that this marriage will happen. Guddu tells that let Pappu come and then marriage will be done. Nanhe lal says let this happen. Guddu says the marriage shall be done with careful thinking. Rajjo asks why is he interfering and says you are bal brahmachari and has nothing to do with this.

Gudiya asks him why is he jealous of her marriage. Guddu says this chamatkar is not good and playing game with you. Gudiya tells that they are playing a game and asks him not to tell anyone. Guddu says I will not let anything wrong happen with you. Guddu comes to Sandeep and asks him to come in her embrace. He runs and falls on his assistant’s lap. It turns out to be his dream and he searches for Gudiya. Assistant asks why were you running? Sandeep says we were badly trapped. Assistant says we shall run. Sandeep says how can we run, leaving the proofs and says they are very bad and their daughter is so bad. Gudiya looks at him. Sandeep says I am imagining her due to fear. Gudiya says she heard everything and asks him to accept that chorni is bigger than the chor. He agrees. She says I practiced with you and says I heard Chacha ji telling that he has to keep eye on you. Sandeep says how much he will do? Gudiya says I will tell him that you are doing rehearsal here. He refuses and shouts at her. Gudiya says she will tell, but Sandeep and Assistant stop her. Guddu comes to the window. Gudiya dances seeing him.

Sarla applies haldi to Sandeep. Radhe says haldi is applied to Gudiya and asks who will apply haldi to sandeep. Bua ji and Sweety offer to apply him haldi. Bua ji applies haldi to him. They all dance. Nanhe lal signs him to dance. Sandeep dances on the song pura London thumakda….Sandeep asks Gudiya not to tell anyone that they were doing rehearsal. He sees Radhe and says he was joking. Gudiya dances with Sandeep. Sarla gets emotional seeing them. Sandeep says I am trapped. Assistant says I know.

Sandeep sees Gudiya going and asks her to do film rehearsal. He says I have kept a packet in Nanhe lal’s pocket and asks her to steal. Guddu says we will enquire about the packet and then will steal it in the night. Sarla calls Gudiya and asks her to come. Gudiya goes. Sandeep says she is Charles Sobraj. Radhe calls Nanhe lal and tells that he felt that there is something wrong in the guy’s eyes. Guddu says I heard him talking on phone…and is about to say, when Nanhe lal stops him and says they are worrying unnecessarily. Gudiya comes and asks if he is not keeping her promise and calls him jealous. Guddu says I can’t see anything wrong happening. Nanhe lal asks Radhe not to count the mango seeds. Gudiya asks where is your stuff Chacha ji? Chunni lal says in bhabhi ji’s almari. Nanhe lal gets upset with Chunni lal.

Sweety asks Sandeep to do poetry. Sandeep tells poetry in Sanjeev Kumar’s voice. Everyone cheers for him. Nanhe lal tells Chunni lal that he is sensing something fishy. Sandeep signs Gudiya to go. Gudiya goes. Rajjo and Radhe do the poetry. Gudiya gets the proofs from Sarla’s almira.

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Telecast Date:2nd December 2020
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