Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Radhe telling that he is not scared of anyone and was worried about her respect. Sudha says leave respect, just make me drink a cup of tea. Pappu tries to stop Radhe. Radhe says I have decided and goes to kitchen. Sarla is grinding the ginger and tells that she wants strong tea. Radhe asks why? Sarla tells that she got a dream that nain matakka Sudha was climbing up the stairs, I tried to catch her, but she escaped.

Radhe gets shocked and imagines Sarla beating Sudha and asks her to leave her. Sarla tells Radhe that he couldn’t see his Heer beaten up even in dream. Gudiya comes and asks if her name is Heer. Sarla asks what do you mean? Radhe says she was talking about Heer Ranjha. Radhe shows peanuts to Jia and asks if she would like to drink tea. Jia says yes. Sarla says you drank sweet tea twice. Nanhe lal comes there. Radhe hugs him and asks Sarla to make tea for him also.

Radhe goes to Nanhe lal and tells him everything. Nanhe lal says I didn’t expect this from you. Radhe asks him to help him. Nanhe lal asks who had seen Sudha? Radhe says Pappu, Gudiya and me. Nanhe lal asks him to wait and goes to Sarla. He says I always saw you in kitchen and says you are traditional woman who comes in my mind when I think of any. He tells that he is stuck in a problem and tells that he needs help from Sarla and jia. He says his far away uncle’s daughter is coming to stay in his house. He says as there is no woman in the house, Can I take Sweety with me.

Sarla tells that this house is yours also and asks him to just order. Radhe says did you forget what happened during Saroj’s time. Jia says Nanhe’s relative will stay here. Gudiya comes there and says wo sudha…Radhe says Vasudha and says it is good name. Sarla asks how do you know the name? Radhe says you had told me. Pappu says I heard you. Nanhe lal says he will call her. Radhe tells Nanhe lal that he trapped him. Nanhe lal says he thought that he shall spend time with Sudha seeing spark in his eyes. Radhe says spark in my eyes…Nanhe lal says just as you saw it in my eyes few days back. He asks them to pretend to bring them while he engages the ladies of the house. Radhe gets worried about Gudiya. Pappu says he has handled her.

Pappu asks Radhe, why is he scared and asks if there is thief in his heart. Nanhe lal calls Gudiya and Jia to the hall and thinks he is doing this for his betterment. Radhe tells Pappu that he will bring Sudha. He goes to Sudha and tells her that he did a planning and will make her tea in the hall with respect. He says I couldn’t tell Sarla about you. He says Sarla knows about my madness for you and that’s why she gets irritated. Sudha asks really, you was mad about me? Radhe asks any doubt?

Nanhe lal plays cards with Jia, Sarla and Gudiya while Pappu stands outside the hall. Sarla gets up to go and bring something for him. Nanhe lal says they can have something after his sister comes. Pappu signs Radhe and Sudha to come. Just then Sweety and Saroj come back home. Pappu stops them and tells Sweety that she is looking as Kareena Kapoor. Sweety gets happy and says everyone said this. Pappu takes them to room and lock the door from outside. Radhe takes Sudha out and closes the door. Pappu opens the door and says Vasudha ji came. Nanhe lal tells about her. Gudiya says from where she came? Pappu says from papa ji’s house. Sweety says she is not Papa’s sister, I haven’t seen her before. Sarla taunts Sweety and asks Sudha to come. Nanhe lal asks Radhe to come and meet his sister. He says Sudha and then says Vasudha. He introduces Radhe and Sudha to each other. Gudiya asks why you are introducing them. She says babu ji knows about Vo Sudha/Vasudha.

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