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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th July 2020 Episode starts with Guddu coming to Sarla’s house and gives their kheer bowl. Sweety checks the bowl and says it is her favorite chocolate. Guddu says my badi Amma tells that they shall not return empty tiffin. He says my badi Amma tells that they shall take neighbor’s help. Radhe comes and talks about politics. Guddu says my bade Papa will be happy to talk to you. Radhe says yes and tells Pappu that bade papa means Madhav dacoit.

Guddu says I need your help and calls Sarla as Chachi ji, and Sweety as Madhuri Didi/Dixit. Sweety gets happy and blushes. Guddu gives her compliment and says when he looks at her, it seems like he is seeing Madhuri Didi. He asks them if they can feed them food until his family comes here to stay. He says he can’t digest hotel food as his Matai’s hand is hurt. Sarla says why not? We will make food for you. Guddu smiles at Gudiya and thanks Sarla. Gudiya says don’t thank as I haven’t approved your request. She asks him to leave. Sarla beats Gudiya. Guddu asks her not to beat her. Pappu says Gudiya is habitual to get beaten. Guddu asks Sarla to leave her. Gudiya tells Guddu that he will not get food from her house and runs to the terrace. Guddu apologizes to them for Gudiya’s behavior. Radhe says we shall apologize. Pappu says your food will be made here, this is decided and folds his hands. Guddu asks why you are folding hands, I will eat food here. Gudiya gets angry.

Matai asks Guddu, how he will digest the food from neighbors’ house. Guddu asks him to take out the bandage from his unhurt hand and says he wants to talk to Dadi. He calls Dadi and tells that Matai Daddu is fine. Dadi asks him to send matai and says she is sending someone else to cook food for him. Guddu says he has arranged food for him. Radhe tells that he will bring good vegetables etc. Sarla praises Guddu and tells that he is so simple and good at heart. Radhe says he became brahmachari though, says we don’t know how is inside. He says their family is strange, dacoit and lawyer are both in the family. He says Putli Bai’s son is a lawyer.

Sarla asks then who is Madhav? Radhe says Madhav is first wife’s son. He says Putli Bai’s son never lived her to be dacoit and that’s why she left her work for her son’s love. She says the opposition people got against her. He says her son Sadhu is a lawyer now. Sarla says Guddu is like his father and tells that Gudiya shall have their values. Radhe goes to the market. Bantu and Gudiya get sad. Bantu says Guddu is very clever than us. Gudiya says I can cut his wings and asks Matai to tell Guddu that he is fine. Matai says Guddu knows everything and says tells that my hand will not be fine until Guddu agrees. Gudiya says she will tell the truth to her family.

Guddu comes and asks her to tell. Gudiya asks what he does with the books? Guddu says illiterate people don’t know any alphabet. Radhe brings the vegetables and tells that he couldn’t bring some vegetable. Sarla says you had already brought many vegetables. Gudiya tells Sarla that guddu is a bad guy. Sarla asks her to stop her misbehavior and goes to her house to ask him. Gudiya asks Matai to listen to her. Matai says because of you people, my lanka came. Gudiya asks do rebellious people say like this. Sarla comes to haveli. Gudiya asks Matai to tell something. Sarla asks what Guddu likes? Matai says Ghuyan…Sarla goes. Bantu asks if Guddu likes it. Matai says no and tells that he hates it and can’t eat it. Gudiya says when he spit the ghuyan, then Amma will kick him out. Guddu reaches home and talks to Badi Amma. Badi amma tells that Nandini didn’t like the ghuyan and ate kaju katli from fridge. She asks how you will eat food now? Guddu tells that a neighbor will cook food for them, says the taste of Kheer was good and tells that they make tasty food. Matai thinks he will enjoy Ghuyan.

Gudiya asks Sarla to serve Ghuyan to Guddu first. Guddu comes there. Sarla asks if Matai haven’t come. Guddu says he will bring hotel food for him. Sarla serves ghuyan in the plate. Guddu clicks the pic. Gudiya smiles. Guddu tastes the food happily and stops.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2020
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