Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 26th October 2020 Episode starts with Nanhe lal coming to Sarla’s house. Sweety hugs him. Nanhe lal wishes them happy Dussera. She tells that she felt strange that people celebrate burning Ravan and says Bapu ji said that he was very intelligent. Radhe says even though he was intelligent, he eyed other’s wife and it was wrong. Nanhe lal says he was wrong, even if I have done wrong then would have to bear the same thing. Gudiya tells that she feels that Ram ji had done mistake. Sarla asks her to keep her mouth closed. Gudiya tells that she will go to haveli and come. Sarla stops her. Radhe asks her to think. They all argue. Gudiya thinks she shall go and runs out. Nanhi is running behind Guddu and asks him to give gold. Guddu refuses. Putli Bai scolds him and asks to give the gold. Atta asks Putli bai to give gold. Putli Bai gives leaves him. Atta says if I am seeing leaves, or is it gold? Mangal says they are leaves. Gudiya comes there and invites them for Ravan dahan. She tells that today she is going in Nanhe lal’s jeep to see mela and asks everyone to come. Guddu says even I will come. They all say that they will come. Harbheji looks at him.

Later Putli Bai comes to Radhe’s house. Radhe gets happy. Harbheji asks do you have sugar, standing at the window. Gudiya asks her to come. Harbheji says she will not come to low status people house. Gudiya says you can ask sugar from us and don’t come to our house. Harbheji thinks she has put water on the Ravan when they had gone to see mela, now Ravan can’t be burnt. Pappu asks Putli Bai to light Ravan. Putli Bai lights Ravan on fire and it burns surprising Harbheji. Sweety tells that Gudiya had fallen on the first Ravan. Radhe says Nanhe lal brought this alternate Ravan. Harbheji gets upset with Gudiya.

Sarla tells that broom is breaking in just 3 months. Sweety asks her to get vaccum cleaner. Sarla asks about its price. Sweety says 5000 Rs. Sarla says many brooms come in that price and tells that sales in shop are not going well. Pappu says he will bring new vaccum cleaner. Sarla asks him to give money and tells that ration is finished. Pappu tells that he had brought ration few days before. He tells that he will play lottery and tells Radhe about his friend. Sarla asks them to go over her dead body to get lottery ticket. Radhe says who is going and asks her to calm down. Sarla tells about a relative who died due to lottery. Radhe says even I think that lottery is bad. Gudiya asks for money to buy new broom?

Gudiya comes to the shop to eat golgappa. A guy comes there and tells that golgappa seller that his daughter is unwell and he needs money. Gudiya checks the girl and says she has 50 Rs which she will give to him for the treatment, but needs another 50 Rs and looks at Guddu. She comes to him and challenges him to eat Golgappa. He says ok. She says if you eat 20 golgappa then I will give you 50 Rs else you have to give me 50 Rs and shall also pay the gol gappa seller. They come to the Golgappa seller and asks him to make spicy golgappa. He starts having spicy golgappa and gives up. He gives her 50 Rs. Gudiya comes to the guy and gives him 100 Rs. Guddu asks why you are giving the money to him. Gudiya says she bet with him for this. The guy asks her to take lottery ticket else he will not take the money from her. Gudiya hesitates and says it is ban in my house, but the guy insists. Guddu and Gudiya looks on.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2020
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