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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th March 2020 Written Episode , Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari  24th March 2020 Episode Start With Gudiya keeping hand on Nanhe lal’s eyes. Nanhe lal asks why you are joking with me samdhan ji. Gudiya says you couldn’t identify me. Pappu makes Vishal and Murkhi Devi leave. He then asks Nanhe lal to go to bathroom. Nanhe thinks he wants to see her smiling always. He comes out of bathroom. Gudiya asks did you find Churkhi Murkhi inside. Radhe asks her to make his pic. Nanhe lal tells him about the group who came to Sipri and wants to kidnap young girls. Jia asks if they are mother and son. Nanhe lal says yes. Sarla taunts Jia. Jia goes. Nanhe lal asks them to be careful. Sarla says our samdhi is inspector, who will mess with us. Vishal and Murkhi Devi plan to kidnap gudiya tomorrow itself. Radhe and Pappu talk about hiding from Sweety and Nanhe lal. Sarla asks Sweety if she didn’t go to beauty parlour. Sweety tells something. Gudiya asks Radhe and Pappu until when they will play this game of surprising Nanhe lal. She says they had entered the bathroom together and says their points will increase. Jia asks why did they enter the bathroom together.

Radhe asks Sarla, did you ask them to hide from Nanhe lal. Sarla says no. Radhe and Pappu tell that even they didn’t tell. Jia says something is wrong, then why did they hide from Police. Pappu says something is wrong surely. Jia tells that Radhe and Sarla are stupid not to think this. Jia says I heard him talking to someone and telling about the girls. Gudiya says he was talking about the doll’s business. Pappu says we shall take Papa ji’s help. Sweety says yes. Radhe says we have to think why they hide from Nanhe lal. Murkhi Devi comes there and tells that she forgot her bag yesterday. Gudiya says yes. Jia asks why did you get scared of Inspector. Murkhi devi runs inside crying. Sarla and Sweety run behind her. They come out. Sweety says she will tell. Sarla says it needs to be told in short. Gudiya asks Sweety to sign while Sarla says it. Sarla tells the fake story as told by Murkhi Devi. She tells that Vishal gets scared of police since childhood and that’s why she ran into bathroom with him. Sarla asks Murkhi Devi to call Vishal.

Murkhi Devi pretends to make call to him and says Vishal is coming. Pappu tells Sweety that this alliance is happening without her Papa’s help. Vishal talks to someone and tells that he will kidnap the girl and will send her to Nepal’s border. Nanhe lal comes to the shops and alerts the people nearby about the group targeting girls and sending them to Nepal. Vishal hides. He comes to Gudiya and gives her toy. Gudiya asks where is that toy which has small toy in her hand. He says it is under approval. Murkhi Devi asks Gudiya to come with them to have golgappa. They are about to leave with Gudiya, when Jia stops Murkhi Devi and asks her to sit with her and talk, until Vishal brings Gudiya back home. Murkhi Devi takes Vishal to side and asks him to bring Gudiya back. He tells that he will free her (Murkhi Devi) later. Murkhi devi threatens him and asks him to return. He goes with Gudiya. They hide from Nanhe lal. Gudiya asks him not to be afraid of her chacha ji. He asks her to come with him to see toy house. She agrees.

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : No Precap.

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Telecast Date: 24th March 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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