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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th July 2020 Episode starts with Sarla trying to convince Gudiya not to go to haveli, but Gudiya refuses. Sarla asks her to be hungry until she understands. Guddu comes out to the window and shows the food plate. He starts eating it, signs her if she wants and eats the food. He finishes all the food and burps. Gudiya looks at him as he is having food. Pappu and Sweety take the food from the kitchen for Gudiya. Radhe takes food for Gudiya and wakes her up. Bantu also brings food for her. Gudiya gets happy. Sarla looks at Bantu and Gudiya as they have food together. Gudiya tells Bantu that Guddu was laughing at her, as she was hungry. Bantu says Nani told that Ballu had sold the haveli to them. Gudiya tells that she couldn’t believe. Bantu goes to brush his teeth as told by his mummy. Gudiya couldn’t stop thinking how to trouble Guddu. Guddu comes back and tells that tooth paste fell on his tshirt and not removing from it. Gudiya gets an idea. She manages to go to haveli with Bantu and spoils Guddu’s clothes with toothpaste in his cupboard. Bantu asks Gudiya to come as they hear him coming. Gudiya’s dupatta get stuck in the cupboard and she falls down. Guddu hears the sound, but runs to bathroom. Gudiya and Bantu come back home.

Sweety tells that tooth paste is gone somewhere. Radhe says it doesn’t have legs. Sarla says it doesn’t have wings. Sweety says it is a big tragedy and asks Pappu to search it. Pappu asks her to clean her teeth with salt. Sweety asks him to keep his mouth away. Gudiya comes near the water tub and throws the empty toothpaste. Guddu opens the cupboard and finds his clothes all messed up with toothpaste on all his clothes. He says he will settle the scores today.

Radhe asks Pappu to come out from the bathroom. Guddu comes there holding his clothes in hand. Radhe says he has to go to bathroom. Guddu says he will not talk to ladies and shows the clothes, says someone spoiled all his wardrobe with toothpaste. Pappu asks did you see Gudiya there? He says he heard someone entered his room when was in bathroom. Pappu asks did you see her? Guddu makes faces. Sweety says how can Gudiya apply toothpaste on your clothes as our tooth paste is missing since morning. Guddu says your paste is missing and it is applied on my clothes. Gudiya shows the empty toothpaste to him. Guddu says he will go to Police station. Gudiya asks him to take Bantu to Police station as even he wants to complain. Guddu leaves from there and thinks he will not leave her.

Badi Amma comes to meet him. Guddu gets happy and hugs her. She says you have become so lean. Guddu says he didn’t have food made by her since days. Badi Amma opens her tiffin and makes him eat food with her hand. She says she can’t stay there. He asks her to come here. She says it is not easy to wrap up everything there, but they are trying to come here soon. She asks him to have food and says she will leave now. She tells that she forgot to tell him about Gabbar’s alliance. He asks did they know about Gabbar. Badi Amma says once I meet the girl, I will tell her if she can handle such marriage. Guddu says he prays for him to get fine soon. Badi Amma says what to do?

Matayi brings tea for her. Badi amma asks him to bring saucer and says it seems you don’t take care of my son. Guddu says he is taking care of me. Badi Amma asks him to work hard. She then asks Guddu to take care and asks if he has any problem? Guddu thinks of Gudiya and says no. She leaves. Gudiya eats Pani Puri and spits its water on badi amma’s face. badi amma is shocked.

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Telecast Date:24th July 2020
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