Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd November 2019 Episode Start With Pappu signing Saroj. Jia sees and signs him. He says nothing. Later he comes again and signs Saroj. They come to jia’s room and find Radhe sitting there. They come to the lawn. Saroj goes to kitchen, while Pappu tries to talk to her standing outside. Jia turns sleeping on the cot. Pappu goes. Saroj comes to Gudiya and asks what is she making? Gudiya says she is drawing Sweety and her. Saroj hopes that she would have got sister in law like her. Gudiya says your sister in law must be loving you.

Saroj asks for pen and paper and starts writing the letter. Gudiya goes and comes back. Saroj sees her back. Gudiya asks her if she is writing letter for her brother and then calls him jija ji. Saroj says yes. Gudiya refuses to give her letter. Saroj runs behind her. Gudiya thinks to make design on the paper to surprise jija ji. Jia asks Saroj to select saree from her side. Saroj asks why? Sarla gives money to Saroj and tells that they have a rule that they pay the money to their own shop. Sweety asks Pappu to show the sarees to Saroj. Pappu says ok. Jia asks Sweety to apply wrinkles removing cream on her face. They leave. Sarla also goes. Pappu sends baddhu to get the sarees lot from godown. Bhaddu goes.

Saroj tells him that she wanted to talk to him and wrote letter, which is with Gudiya now. Pappu says ok and goes out. Gudiya asks her to give letter to Saroj and says she draw flowers on it. Pappu says ok and takes the letter from her, but the letter slips from his hand and falls down in the hall. Nanhe lal comes and picks the letter. Pappu hides. Nanhe lal reads the letter and sees Sarla standing in the balcony. Sarla smiles seeing him. Nanhe lal keeps the letter in his pocket and is leaving. Saroj stops him. Nanhe lal tells that he has an important work to do and is going. Pappu calls him and asks what is more important than me. Nanhe lal says I have to go. Pappu says I will make tea for you. Saroj says she will make something for him. Radhe comes and asks Nanhe to play cards with him. Nanhe thinks he will win begum and tells that he needs to go. Radhe says you have to play. Sarla says you have to play ludo. Nanhe lal agrees.

They sit to play ludo. Radhe says Sarla devi is gone. Sarla signs Nanhe to lose. Nanhe lets Sarla win. Radhe and Jia tell that this is cheating. Radhe says he will not play this game again and will write a letter to ludo association. Nanhe lal says I have an important work and is leaving. Radhe says I will play game. Pappu hugs Nanhe lal and tells that he will not let him go today and feeling bad. He says I will make you drink special tea. Nanhe lal refuses. He hugs Pappu calling him son and tells that he needs to go to bathroom. Saroj asks Pappu to get the letter from him. Nanhe lal goes to bathroom and sees the letter. He thinks samdhan ji is innocent to get the flowers made by Gudiya. He reads the letter that they are in strange situation, but can’t unite, asking him to meet her on terrace. He thinks to meet her and smiles.

He comes out of bathroom and smiles looking at Sarla. Pappu takes him to his shop and makes him sit. He asks for 500 Rs. Nanhe takes out his wallet and letter comes out with wallet. Sarla calls Pappu asking him to take tea. Pappu says it is someone’s letter and tears it. Nanhe feels bad and thinks he couldn’t protect her letter.

Saroj makes chole bhature and everyone praise her. Saroj says I am fasting today, but can’t make it like her. Sweety says she helped Saroj. Saroj says yes. Sweety says I asked her to make it. Radhe asks Nanhe to stay in the house. Nanhe lal agrees. Radhe says we will sleep on terrace, but Nanhe lal says we will sleep in room and thinks to talk to Sarla under the moonlight.

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