Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd January 2021 Episode starts with everyone crying knowing that Neembu baba is dead. Pappu says he will take the dead body inside. Radhe says we have to call doctor for the confirmation. Amrud baba starts blaming Sarla and tells that Neembu baba died after having kheer. Pappu and Radhe take Neembu baba inside. Amrud baba says he had kheer made by Sarla. Sweety tells that she had three bowls of kheer. Rajjo says he is dead. Pappu says he will call Chunni lal. Bantu says the dead body is missing. Amrud baba gets happy and tells his shishyas that Sarla will go to jail now and they will get this house now. They laugh. Radhe comes there and tells that Neembu baba’s dead body is missing. Chunni lal comes there and asks who was here, when Neembu baba died. He asks Amrud baba about him. Amrud baba says someone might have poisoned him. Just then he sees Neembu baba in the balcony and informs everyone, but nobody sees him. Amrud baba sees him everywhere. Chunni lal says you can’t leave sipri until the dead body is found. He asks Radhe to come and give statement in the PS. Amrud Baba says even we. Chunni lal says no, as the incident happened in their house. He asks him not to leave Sipri. Amrud baba panics and tells that he is feeling like he will get heart attack now and tells that he has seen him. He has his Shishyas, if they saw Neembu baba after his death. He says no. They plan to elope from there just as they get the chance.

Radhe tells Amrud baba that he is going to the PS. Amrud Baba gets scared with the thought of ghost and come out of the room. He goes to the washroom and finds Neembu baba standing there. His shishyas tell that once they leave from here, then will get rid of this ghost. Later during the sabha, a couple comes to Amrud Baba and tells that the ghost is after us. Gudiya throws lemon at him. He sees her standing in the window and comes out. He comes out and holds Neembu baba’s neck, but it is actually Pappu. Radhe says he is Pappu, my son. Amrud baba says this is Neembu baba’s dead body. Radhe asks how can you so sure that Neembu baba is dead and his ghost is here. Amrud baba says I have killed him, and mixed poison in his kheer. Gudiya smiles. Chunni lal comes and says you are under arrest. Pappu says you have stoop low and calls yourself as Baba. Radhe says you have killed our daughter. Pappu asks him to see that this is not Neembu baba, but our Gudiya. He removes the moustache. Radhe says he had identified her. Everyone say that they have identified her.

Amrud baba says so you all was with her. Pappu says we became part of her plan, when we came to know it. Radhe says they act not to identify her. Sarla says they shall be thankful that Gudiya is saved. Radhe says if Bantu had not changed the poison with Sugar powder then what would have happened? Gudiya says she had James Bond with her, Chunni lal and Bantu. They all laugh. Chunni lal says come baba? Gudiya asks Amrud baba to think four times, before fooling innocent people and asks him to become Aam wale baba next time. Amrud baba says I will be punished and asks Sarla what she ate before her birth. Gudiya says coconut and sugar marble. Everyone laughs.

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Telecast Date:22nd January 2021
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