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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 21st July 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 21st July 2020 Episode starts with Guddu seeing Gudiya there and chants hanuman’s mantra. Gudiya calls him shameless to see her fallen down and asks him to apologize to her. Guddu says I will not apologize to you and asks Matayi, how did he let this girl enter haveli? Gudiya says you have used bad words for me. Guddu says it is a sin to talk to her and says this haveli is mine. Gudiya calls him lootera. Gudiya asks him to stop and she runs from there with Bantu. Guddu looks on. Bantu says bad thing have happened with you. She says we had gone to teach him a lesson, but you got hurt instead. Gudiya touches her forehead and tells that though it is paining, but she will let him win in small fights and then she will win in big fights. She says she will take revenge from him.Guddu asks Matayi, how did the girl come inside. Matayi says I didn’t open the door and gives him tea. Guddu asks him to boil the water so that he can take bath. Matayi agrees.

Gudiya and Bantu come home. Sarla keeps hand on her shoulder. Gudiya thinks Guddu came behind her and hits at Sarla. Sarla touches her head. She says she had made her favorite dish, but now she can’t get it. Bantu tells everything. Pappu asks why did she go? Radhe says they are dacoits family. Gudiya says he was using bad words. Bantu says he talked to her nicely. Gudiya signs him. Bantu says he hit broom on Mausi’s head.

Radhe asks Gudiya not to go there again. Sarla tells Bantu that it is wrong to go to someone’s house in night. Bantu asks her to listen. Radhe comes to kitchen and serves food to Bantu. Bantu takes food for Gudiya.

Putli Bai is shown, applies tika to herself and calls Guddu. Guddu picks her call and greets her. She asks how is he? Guddu says though he is fine, he is troubled by a girl since he came. Putli Bai says she is happy to know that a girl troubled him. Guddu says he is bal brahmachari and no girl can enter his life. He tells that he had decided to follow hanuman and tells that his badi amma loves him a lot. Putli Bai asks him to say why the girl is troubling him. Guddu says I said that the haveli is in my captivity and that’s why she is behind me. Putli Bai asks if she is mad? Guddu says yes. She tells about the problems there and tells that they will come there soon. Guddu says he is getting late for college. Matayi thinks to teach a lesson to Guddu one day.

Gudiya asks Sarla to give her food. Sarla asks her to sit and asks her why is she troubling bal brahmachari. She says Ballu has sold the haveli to that guy. Gudiya tells Bantu that they have to do the work and return home. Bantu asks Sarla to make Kadi for him. Sarla says nobody can make kadi like her and tells the recipe. Gudiya manages to go out. Bantu also goes out. Gudiya and Bantu come to the cowshed. Gudiya asks him to take the cow dung in the basket. He takes the dung in the basket. Matayi calls Guddu and tells that he made aloo parathe as per his likings. Guddu says smell is not coming. He tastes it and says aloo is not there. Matayi says it is having aloo in it. Guddu asks for curd. Matayi says there is no curd at home. Guddu threatens him taking Dadi’s name. Matayi says I will bring and thinks when I will get rid of him. Gudiya and Bantu come to haveli. Bantu smears dung on the surface of the ground. Matayi comes out. Gudiya warns him not to step on the dung. She says this arrangement is for Guddu. Matayi says he will bring curd for Guddu and goes out. Sarla calls Bantu and Gudiya. Matayi comes back and gives curd to Guddu. Sarla tells Sweety that it seems Gudiya went to haveli again. Guddu eats the breakfast and is coming out. Gudiya waits for him to step on the dung.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
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